Port Hope Business Directory 1862

Port Hope, C.W. -
A thriving incorporated town, beautifully situated on Lake Ontario, in the township of Hope, county of Durham, at the junction of the Grand Trunk Railway and the Port Hope, Lindsay and Beaverton Railway. The country back of Port Hope is noted for its rich agricultural products. There is a large trade carried on here in grain, lumber, &c. Distant from Cobourg 7 miles, Toronto 63 miles, Peterborough 29 miles, Lindsay 42 miles, Kingston 98 miles, Montreal 270 miles. Mails daily. Population about 5,000.

Anderson, J., baker, John.
Anderson, William, dry goods, Walton.
Bailey, Christopher, confectioner, Walton.
Baird, Jas., Books & Stationery, Walton (see card).
Barnett, S., manufacturer of cigars and importer of whip-lashes, &c., John.
Barrett & Matthews, carriage and waggon makers, Cavan.
Bennett, W., dry goods, Walton.
Benson, T. M., barrister, Walton.
Berry, Edward, barber, John.
Blackham's Hotel, R. G. Blackham, proprietor, Blackham (see card).
Braund, W. H., boot and shoe maker, John.
Brent, Charles, chemist and druggist, Walton.
Brown, W. L., billiard saloon, Church's Hotel.
Budge, R. & Bro., merchant tailors and clothiers, Walton.
Burnham, Dr., office, Ridout.
Burnham, Silas, agent, British and American Express Company, Walton.
Calcutt, James, proprietor Protestant Hill Brewery, Armour.
Cameron, Dr., office, John.
Cameron, Hugh, Job Printer, office, Mill.
Carson, John, grocer and provision dealer, Walton.
Cawthorne, C. W., watchmaker and jeweller, Walton.
Chalk, R., carriage and waggon maker, Cavan.
Chisholm, Dr., office, next door to the Registry Office, corner Cavan & Walton.
Church, W. Y., proprietor Church's Hotel, Mill.
Church's Hotel, W. Y. Church, proprietor, Mill (see card).
Cochran, J., saloon, Queen.
Commercial Bank, Walton.
Coombes, C. H., grocer, Ridout, Englishtown.
Coot & Curry, boot and shoe makers, Walton.
Coulter, George, grocer, Walton.
Craick & Gillespie, dry goods, Walton.
Craig, Wm., tannery, Ontario.
Crawford, D., dry goods, ready-made clothing, & millinery, corner Walton and Queen.
Curry, James, grocer, saddle and harness maker, John (see card).
Day, John T., clerk of Division Court No. 3, office, Walton.
Dewar, Dr., office, Ridout, Englishtown.
Farmers' Inn, J. White, Julia, Englishtown.
Ferguson, F. manager P.H.&P.R.R., Peterborough.
Furby & Jobbitt, cabinet makers, Walton.
Furby, G. M., notary public and insurance agent, Walton.
Gale, John, dry goods, Walton.
Gibson, William, grocer, Armour.
Gillett, H., dry goods, corner Walton and Queen.
Gray, E., ticket agent P.H.L.&B.R.R.
Griggs, Dr., office, Queen.
Hagerman, Jas. H., grocery and bakery, Walton.
Hales, H. B., saddler and harness maker, John.
Hastings Hotel, J. W. Hastings, proprietor, John.
Hatton, Samuel, grocer, Mill.
Hay, Morice, books and stationery, Walton (see card).
Hayden, Thomas, foundry, Cavan.
Hayter, A. E., editor and proprietor "Port Hope Weekly Messenger," Walton.
Hayter, Benjamin (lieut. R.N.), professor of French, King.
Henchy & Dodd, grocers, provision, wine and liquour dealers, Walton.
Henry, E. E., ambrotypist and photographer, Walton (see card).
Hetherington, J., saloon, John.
Hiland, William, fruit and confectionery, Walton.
Hoffman, J., tobacconist, Walton.
Hooper, Joseph, marble yard, Walton.
Howell & Co., dry goods, ready-made clothing, crockery, groceries and provisions, 
                         Walton (see card).
Ireland, Mrs. H., milliner, Walton.
Jane, B. & H., grocers & fruit merchants, Walton.
Jewell, John, boot & shoemaker, Ridout, Englishtown (see card).
Johnson, J., tobacconist, confectioner & barber, Walton (see card).
Jones, W. E., grocer and provision dealer, Walton.
Keane, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, Walton.
Kerr, Robert, carding and cloth dressing, Cavan.
Kimble, B. R., superintendent P.H.&P.R.R., office at station.
Knight, John, saddle and harness maker, Mill, near Church's Hotel.
Knox, G. A., grocer, Walton.
Lang, James, Jr., wholesale and retail dry goods and groceries, Walton.
Langford, Mary Ann, fancy store, Walton.
Lees, John, dealer in, and manufacturer of boots and shoes, Walton.
Lithgow, Mrs. S., milliner and dressmaker, Walton.
Lithgow, Wm., carpenter and builder, Walton.
Little, Thomas, boot and shoe maker and dealer, Walton.
Lydon, J., grocer, John.
Marshall, David, groceries, provisions, wines, liquours, crockery, glassware, and baker, Walton.
Marshall, John, boot and shoe maker, Walton.
Mathews' Hotel, Wm. Mathews, proprietor, Ontario.
McCasland, James, proprietor Tyrone Inn, Mill.
McIntyre, R., grocery and liquours, Walton.
McLennan, D. & J., hardware dealers, Walton.
McLennan, D. J., grocer, Ridout, Englishtown.
McLeod, Duncan, insurance, valuating, and general agent, office, Walton (see card).
Menhenitt, Thomas, grocer, Ridout, Englishtown.
Moore, J., boot and shoe maker, Walton.
Morse, F. W. & Co., druggists, Walton.
Mulligan, John, hardware dealer, Walton.
Mulligan, R., notary public and broker, John.
Nattrass, J., dentist, office, Walton.
Noble, James, clerk, Church's Hotel.
North American Hotel, Hamilton Uins, proprietor, Walton.
O'Neill, J. & R., general merchants.
O'Reily, P., boot and shoe maker, Walton.
Parsons, W., shoeing and jobbing, Walton.
Patterson, Stanley, telegraph operator, office, Walton.
Perks, D., office, Walton.
Perry, H., watchmaker and jeweller, John.
Pollard, Phillip, foundry and machine shop, Ontario (see card).
Port Hope Iron Works, Thomas Zealand, proprietor, near Town Hall .(see card).
Port Hope Messenger (Weekly), Alfred E. Hayter, editor and proprietor, Walton (see card).
Protestant Hill Brewery, James Calcutt, proprietor, Armour.
Quay & Maguire, groceries and provisions, salt, plaster, and waterlime, broom manufacturers, 
                         corner John and Walton (see card).
Quay, W., dealer in stoves, and manufacturer of tin and copper ware, Walton.
Quinlan, C., dealer in stoves, and manufacturer of tin, copper, and sheet iron ware, Walton.
Rapalje, W. S., seeds, agricultural implements, and commission merchants, Walton.
Reed, John, clothing, boots and shoes, Walton.
Repson, John, baker and confectioner, Walton.
Reynolds, J. S., saloon, John.
Ridout, Thomas, manager, P.H.L.&B.R.R.
Robertson, James W., Jr., tannery, and leather merchant, John.
Rose, H. M., manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, Walton.
Ross, Lewis, dry goods, Walton.
Rowland, W., paper hangings, glass and paint dealer, Walton.
Rubidge, A., agent Canada Life Assurance Co., Walton.
Russell, H. C., cabinet maker and upholsterer, Walton.
Russell, J. L., grocer, Walton.
Ryan, Thos., boot and shoe maker, John.
Saunders, W. H., druggist, Walton.
Sculthorp, S., attorney and solicitor, office, Walton.
Sherin, Robert, carriage maker, Cavan.
Simpson, J., saloon, John.
Slibby, E., watchmaker and jeweller, John.
Smart, D., postmaster, office, Walton.
Smart, David, books & stationery, Walton.
Soper, Hiram, veterinary surgeon, Ridout, Englishtown.
Spaulding's Brewery, John P. Spaulding, proprietor, Ontario (see card).
Spry, Thos., general blacksmith, Walton.
Stephenson, J. & G., tin & copper smiths, gas-fitters & dealers in stoves, John.
Stevenson, W., merchant tailor, Walton.
Stewart & Lough, civil engineers, office, John.
Thomas, J. B., ambrotype artist, Ridout, Englishtown (see card).
Truscott, Thomas, proprietor Western House, Walton.
Tuck, George, groceries, &c., Walton.
Tyrone Inn, James McCasland, proprietor, Mill.
Uins, Hamilton, proprietor North American Hotel, Walton.
Union Engine House No. 2, Ridout.
Victoria Hotel, N. Winters, proprietor, Mill.
Walker, J., cabinetmaker and undertaker, Ontario.
Wallis, Col. Wm., crown land agent, office, John.
Walters, J., bookbinder and stationer, Walton.
Waring, George, ticket agent, P.H.&P.R.R.
Western House, Thomas Truscott, proprietor, Walton.
White, J., proprietor Farmers' Inn, Julia.
Williams, A. T., superintendent P.H.L.&B.R.R., office, at station.
Wilson, N., merchant, and agent Sewing machine, Walton.
Wilson, William, tannery, John.
Winters, N., proprietor Victoria Hotel, Mill. 
Wrigley, H. J., hat and cap furrier, Walton.
Zealand, Thos., Port Hope Iron Works, near Town Hall.

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