from Port Hope, Bowmanville and Cobourg Industrial Edition 1907
The first white man who took up his abode on the site of Port Hope, with a view to permanent residence there, was a Mr Myndert Harris, a UE Loyalist, who removed thither from Port Royal (now called Annapolis), in Nova Scotia, in the year 1792. He made the journey from Nova Scotia to Upper Canada through the state of New York, and upon his arrival at Newark (Niagara) he was entertained for some days by Governor Simcoe, who had not then removed to Little York. By the governor's advice Mr Harris determined to settle at Smith's Creek, whither he was dispatched in a gunboat commanded by Captain Jonathan Walton, a gentleman whose name is familiar to all old residents of Port Hope, and whose name is perpetuated in the designation of the principal street of the place.

On the 26th August, 1797, a crown patent of the land on which the present town of Port Hope stands was granted to Elias Smith and Jonathan Walton, subject to the condition that the patentees should with all reasonable diligence erect a grist mill and a sawmill on the site. The condition was fulfilled, and not long afterwards both mills were in full operation. The grist mill, then erected, was on the west side of Mill street. The sawmill was on the east side of the creek, not far from the confluence with the lake. About the same time Messrs Smith and Walton laid out a village plot, which continued to be held by them, under their patent, until the 25th July 1815, when they divided the land between them, each giving a quit claim deed to the other for the portion relinquished.

In 1817 a postoffice was established under the name of Smith's Creek, and in the spring of 1819 a public meeting was held for the purpose of fixing upon a permanent and definite name for the village. The late G S Bolton, then a resident of the place, suggested the name of Port Hope, which suggestion was unanimously assented to, and the place has been so designated ever since. The name was confirmed by the legislature of Upper Canada on the 6th of March, 1834, when an act was passed to define the limits of the town and to establish a police therein.

Port Hope is one of the prettiest towns in Canada; why not visit it and see its beauties for yourself? Built on the shore of Lake Ontario, in the valley of the Ganeraska, and upon the hills on either side of that river, the temperature is always lower than among the small inland lakes, the nights being especially cool.

As it is situated at the junction of the Grand Trunk main line and the Midland division, it is possible to take many trips into the interior and among the Kawartha Lakes, returning to Port Hope at night. In fact it is the natural entrance to this district with all its wealth of fish and game.
Fishing may be had from the docks of the town, while speckled trout abound in the streams and ponds of the surrounding country. The bass and maskinonge of Rice Lake furnish magnificent sport for the disciples of Izaak Walton, and it is only nine miles to the lake, over a fine road, through a beautiful part of the country.

There are numberless beautiful drives in the town and vicinity, where one is always coming unexpectedly upon fine bits of scenery, water, woodland, hill and vale.

The advantages of boating are unsurpassed; both sides of the harbour are lined with boat houses, and there is a livery where you can secure either skiff or canoe. The bathing beach is safe, one of the finest on the lake, and is provided with a pavilion and bath houses, for the use of which there is no charge.

A number of wealthy Americans have purchased fine places in Port Hope, and arrangements have been made by others to build here. For a place of residence it has few equals, as a sight of its many beautiful homes with their well-kept lawns and tennis courts will soon convince you; then it has its parks as well, its pretty little shaded nooks and tree-lined streets. Port Hope ranks highest in vital statistics in the government report. The town water is filtered from the lake, and the government analysis shows it to be absolutely pure. An electric plant supplies light and power, and there is gas for lighting and cooking.

The educational advantages of the town should not be overlooked for they are unexcelled: Free public schools, High School and Trinity College Boarding School for boys - all modern buildings; the latter being fireproof, with large gymnasium, ample cricket, football and tennis grounds. It occupies a commanding position to the  east, overlooking the town, Lake Ontario, and a wide magnificent stretch of country to the north and east.

During the summer the steamers of the Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte Steamboat Co, Limited, make daily trips to and from Summerville , and there are many excursions to the Thousand Islands, and other attractive points. Toronto is distant less than two hours by fast train. It is difficult to give more than a mere suggestion of the beauty and healthfulness of this Canadian town. Take the trip, enjoy its clear, bracing air, and investigate for yourself. Such is the attractiveness of the town, and so plentiful upon the slopes or summits of its many hills are the beautiful building sites, commanding varied and extensive views of Lake Ontario and its coastline, that many gentlemen of means and taste from Pittsburgh, Washington, Cleveland and other places in the United States, have already secured charming homes for themselves, and there is a certainty of many more to follow. It should be constantly borne in mind that the summer temperature near Lake Ontario is atleast ten degrees lower than at any summer resorts in the Kawartha Lake region.
Among its leading hotels for the summer tourist trade are the St Lawrence and Queen's, with excellent accommodations and reasonable rates.

Among the principal branches of industry may be mentioned porcelain enamelled sanitary ware works, file works, a large brewery, canning and preserving factory, flour and planing mills, foundries and machine shops, etc.

No reference to Port Hope would be complete in which mention was not made of the almost unrivalled opportunities for the establishment of manufacturers. The Ganeraska river supplies an unfailing water power, and access to its forces is readily and cheaply procured. In addition, the Midland portion of the Grand Trunk Railway, bringing the town into touch with almost every part of the great mineral belt of Ontario, and the magnificent harbour possessed by the town, one of the safest and best on the north side of the lake, make this an ideal spot for the establishnent of smelting works, blast furnaces and all iron.

Bank of Toronto
The Bank of Toronto is one of the oldest banks in the country. It was incorporated by act of Parliament in 1855. Its offices are to be found wherever enterprise and progress are most developed in the Dominion. The capital stock is $4,000,000.00, reserve fund $4,500,000.00, and total assets $37,000,000.00. The Port Hope branch was established some 40 years ago, and is under the management of Mr A P Boultbee. This institution transacts both a regular banking and a savings bank business. In the former department deposits are made subject to cheque; loans and discounts are granted and collections are made, and in the latter department interest is allowed on all accounts of one dollar and upwards. Ladies' accounts are solicited and any information which they require will be given about banking and opening savings accounts. This bank is especially desirous of having farmers' business, either as savings bank depositors or as borrowers. Money will be lent them on their notes, for cattle feeding, etc. Interest at 3 percent credited to accounts four times a year. The bank has special facilities in all departments of the business, while its investments are safely and securely made; it stands ready with its aid and assistance to encourage all worthy  industrial and commercial enterprises on a sound business basis. The bank has 75 branches and agencies in Canada, giving the best facilities for collecting notes and paying accounts by draft. The officers and directors are: William H Beatty, President; W G Gooderham, Vice-President; Robert Reford, D Coulson, Hon C S Hyman, MP, Robert Meighen, William Stone, John MacDonald, A E Gooderham, Nicholas Bawlf. Mr Duncan Coulson is the general manager and Joseph Henderson, assistant general manager. Mr A P Boultbee, the manager here, has had a number of years experience in the banking business and was formerly manager of the branch at Wallaceburg and Coldwater. The head office is located in Toronto. The branch here will be found on Walton street, corner Queen street.

Traders Bank of Canada
One of the foremost financial institutions of Port Hope, is recognized to be the Traders Bank of Canada, with its head office in Toronto and 75 branches throughout Ontario and the Northwest. The bank was incorporated by act of parliament in 1885. The branch here was organized 18 years ago. It is recognized as a safe repository for excess funds as evidenced by the large and increasing business they are doing. The authorized capital stock is $5,000,000.00, capital paid up is $4,337,000.00, reserve $1,900,000.00, and assets over $33,000,000.00. This bank does a general banking business, lending money, buying and selling exchange, discounting good paper, receiving deposits, etc. Loans made to corporations, merchants and farmers at reasonable rates. In the savings department interest is allowed at highest current rate or credited to your account four times a year. This branch has always maintained a reputation of the highest order for superior management of affairs and broad principals on which the business is conducted. The directors of the bank are: C D Warren, Esq, President, Toronto; Hon J R Stratton, Vice-President, Peterborough; C K Kloepfer, Esq, Guelph; C S Wilcox, Esq, Hamilton; W J Sheppard, Esq, Waubaushene; E F B Johnston, Esq, KC, Toronto. Mr D Muir is the manager of the Port Hope branch. They are all eminently successful men, are connected with some of the foremost institutions of Ontario and are held in the highest esteem in all sections of the country. Any business transacted with them is absolutely confidential.

Brown & Company
Every locality of any magnitude affords some enterprising concern prepared to conduct the coal, wood, etc, business on a scale and in a manner that will ensure first-class goods in large variety and at reasonable prices. In this connection the house of Messrs Brown & Co ranks among the most prominent and popular in Port Hope. This business was established 26 years ago and has been very successful. Under their able guidance a large trade has been built up. The office and yards occupied located on Mill street are of ample dimensions and are fitted up with every convenience to facilitate the filling of all orders. The trade extends throughout the town, in fact is broadly distributed throughout the entire surrounding country. They are dealers in all kinds of hard and soft coal, wood, etc. Goods are sold at both wholesale and retail. Messrs Brown & Co in conducting their business career here have won a foremost position among the reliable business men in this town and stand high in social and commercial circles.

F H Brown
Prominent among the neat and well-conducted stores of Port Hope is that of F H Brown, located on Walton street, phone 48, where can be found the freshest of everything comprehended under the head of staple and fancy groceries, fruits, crockery and chinaware. The goods handled by the house are of the most excellent quality and are always just as recommended while the prices compare most favourably with that of any contemporary esablishment. This business has been carried on by Mr F H Brown some 12 years. He has conducted it with the greatest satisfaction to his patrons and profit to himself. Energetic and enterprising he leaves no stone unturned to please his customers and that he is doing so is attested to by the fact that he enjoys such a nice trade. Mr Brown stands high in commercual circles as a man of veracity and probity and his future success is thoroughly assured.

Herbert C Brundrett
Plumbing of late years has become a science, and upon its proper study and application depend the solution of many questions of drainage, ventilation and sanitary condition. In these days of complexities of life, the plumber has become in the highest degree essential to our people. A few words concerning an enterprising and proficient concern in this line cannot but prove of interest to our readers. We refer to Mr Herbert C Brundrett, who does all sorts of sanitary plumbing, steam and hot water heating upon the shortest possible notice. This is one of the leading plumbing establishments in Port Hope. He also carries a full line of plumbers' supplies, bath tubs, etc, as well as stoves, ranges, furnaces and boilers. He is agent for the Oxford stoves and ranges. A complete stock of tinware, graniteware, etc, will also be found here. Roofing, jobbing and tinwork is promptly attended to. The business was established many years ago and during this time the house has built up an excellent reputation for honest work at the most reasonable prices. The premises occupied are located on John street. From 8 to 10 hands are employed and satisfaction is the guaranteed assurance that accompanies every estimate, whether the job be large or small. Mr Herbert C Brundrett, the proprietor, is an enterprising business man of ample practical experience, which combined with honest methods makes his success well merited.

E Budge & Sons
The fashionable tailor's art is extremely hard to master, and to excel in it requires special talent and ability. The time was when clothing only comfortable and suitable to climatic necessities was called for, but now elegance, fit and superior finish are added and no merchant or importing tailor can hope to become noted and eminent unless he meets these indispensible conditions. A leader in this department is the well-known house of E Budge & Sons, whose attractive emporium is located at 58 Walton street. The premises occupied are admirably adapted for storage, display and sale purposes and here is constantly exhibited a carefully selected and choice stock of English, French and Scotch tweeds, suitings and trouserings, in all the latest styles and novelties. All garments turned out by this house are characterized by artistic cut and most careful workmanship, while the facilities for prompt fulfilment of orders are unsurpassed. Parties living in or visiting Port Hope will find Messrs Budge & Sons always ready to offer inducements in workmanship, finish, fabric and fashion not easily duplicated elsewhere. Here is also carried a nice line of hats and furnishing goods, furs, etc. This business was originally established in 1851. The members of the firm, Messrs A E and F J Budge, are highly esteemed by all who know them for their ability and strict integrity and always ready to support any measure conducive to the welfare of the community.

S B Burnham
Parties buying musical instruments should be careful about two important points. First that the make of the instrument is a standard one, and second, that the person they buy from is trustworthy and safe to deal with. We refer with pleasure to Mr S B Burnham, who understands thoroughly what he deals in. Mr Burnham is a fair and honourable business man whose reputation is first-class. He has had nearly 45 years experience in this line and established himself in business here 12 years ago. He is the sole agent here for the Karn pianos and organs, as well as other leading piano and organ manufacturers in the province, and also carries a complete line of musical instruments of every description, as well as strings and fittings for everything in the musical line. He keeps in stock only the most popular high grade instruments which have by peculiar merit won their way and established their reputation wherever highest excellence is appreciated. The advantages offered here are many and include fair dealing, low prices and easy terms. Pianos, and organs taken in exchange, rented, etc. By the most favourable business arrangements with the manufacturers he is enabled to sell an instrument cheaper than it can be purchased direct from the factory. A leading feature is made of the old reliable Karn pianos and organs. Mr Burnham has been a music teacher nearly all his life and gives lessons both instrumental and vocal to all who desire to take them. The storeroom occupied is located on Queen street and is neatly arranged. If you need anything in Mr Burnham's line give him a trial.

T B Chalk
For thoroughly excellent work in the manufacturing of carriages and wagons, sleighs, cutters, etc, or for promptness and reliability, none in the business in Port Hope has a better reputation than the establishment as conducted by Mr T B Chalk. The vehicles turned out by this house are noted for strength of construction, ease of motion and elegance of finish, and every one is warranted as to material and workmanship. The business was originally established in 1845 by the father of the present proprietor. The premises utilized for office and factory, located on Cavan street, is commodious and well equipped and a full force of skilled mechanics is employed here. Carriages, buggies, trucks, wagons, bobsleighs, cutters, etc, of all kinds, light and heavy, are built here and perfect satisfaction is assured. They are in constant and increasing demand throughout this entire vicinity and are supplied at terms and prices which are invariably satisfactory to the trade. The proprietor of this establishment, Mr T B Chalk, is a thoroughly reliable business man, and a gentleman of many years' experience in this line. He stands high both in social and commercial circles, and is especially esteemed for his sterling personal worth.

The City Grocery
The commercial interests of Port Hope comprise no more important or substantial factor of conservative growth than that of the trade in groceries and provisions and a prominent and leading enterprise devoted to this trade is that of Mr W D Stephens, known as The City Grocery. This enterprise has been carried on by him for the past four years. He commenced operations with all the most advanced facilities for promptly supplying the trade. The premises occupied, corner Walton and Queen streets, telephone 37, are ample in area and thoroughly equipped throughout. This house handles a general line of groceries and provisions, flour, feed, fruits, confectionery, etc. The business is both wholesale and retail. A large and increasing trade is enjoyed and everywhere this establishment is recognized as maintaining the highest standard that has always characterized its operations from the outset. Mr Stephens, the proprietor of this house, is a gentleman highly regarded in social and commercial life.

J F Clark & Son
In reviewing the commercial enterprises that have become prominent in Port Hope, the one under consideration is deserving of special mention in this work. This business was originally established in 1867. Messrs J F Clark & Son, the proprietors of this establishment, fully merit all the success they have met with through their untiring energy and honourable dealings. The business premises on Walton street comprise three floors and basement, attractively fitted up and provided with every convenience and accommodation to assist the satisfactory prosecution of the business. A very large stock is carried and embraces everything in staple and fancy dry goods, millinery, ladies ready-to-wear garments, furs, and gentlemen's furnishings. Special attention is paid to millinery goods and in season a number of trimmers are employed. The management of the firm has a wide connection with warehousemen and manufacturers both in Canada and England, importing goods direct. The store is one of constant activity and strict discipline is observed by its number of willing assistants. Patrons of the store receive the utmost attention, which, judging from the constant traffic to and fro, is appreciated by a vast clientele. Personally Messrs Clark & Son are honourable and reliable business men with business methods down to the minute, and have hosts of friends who esteem them for their sterling integrity of character.

John Curran
This is an establishment of high character. The business was originally established nearly 60 years ago and has been conducted by its present proprietor for the past 17 years. Mr Curran is in a better position than ever before to cater to the best class of trade. The premises, located on John street, telephone 55, are nicely fitted up and widely known to be neat and clean. Bread, fancy and plain, biscuits, cakes, pastry of all kinds and similar table necessaries are baked here in first-class style, and are in great demand because of their attractive appearance and their light, wholesome and digestible character. Mr Curran has gained a high-reputation for the beauty and delicacy of his ornamental work and his wedding cakes and other luxuries are the talk of the town. A choice line of confectionery sold both wholesale and retail. He is always ready and willing to show you the best choclates, bon bons and all kinds of homemade candies that can be had and which for delicacy and flavour are unexcelled. Ice cream and light lunches also served here. A large trade is catered to. A number of bakers are employed and one wagon is in use for delivery purposes. Personally Mr John Curran, the proprietor, is a well-known citizen and business man and well deserves the high esteem in which he is held.

W J B Davison
This establishment was founded many years ago and has been carried on as above for the past five years. It is one of the best equipped stores of its kind in Port Hope. The store is located on Walton street. The interior arrangements of this house are in perfect keeping with the character of the business. The fixtures are of modern design, and the showcases and general appointments for business purposes and conveniences are all that could be desired. Competent assistants are employed in the store, and every care and attention is given to the patrons. Besides the usual line of drugs and medicines, a specialty is made of all standard pharmceutical and proprietary preparations, the most celebrated remedies, also toilet requisites of every description of both foreign and home production are for sale, as well as physicians' supplies, trusses, fine stationery, etc. Mr W J B Davison is also a graduate optician and gives optical work his personal attention. A complete stock in this line is always carried to select from. He conducts this house according to modern ideas and everything about it betokens thorough system and good practical management.

Wm Davison
Mr Wm Davison is the agent here for Deering Harvesting Co's farming implements, and also carries a line of carriages, buggies, cutters, farm wagons, harness, etc. He has been established in business in Port Hope for the past 20 years. The premises occupied, located on Cavan street, are embraced in a two-story warehouse of ample area and fitted up with all facilities for the storage, display and inspection of the large and varied stock which is always on hand. Here is carried a full line of carriages, buggies, wagons, cutters, sleighs, harness and robes, cream separators, agricultural implements of all kinds, all of which are sold at the most reasonable prices. Mr Davison secures all his goods at first hand from the most reliable makers and is thus enabled to fill orders promptly and at prices that defy competition. The trade of the house extends throughout this and surrounding counties and is constantly increasing. Mr Wm Davison will be found a progressive and upright business man and influential citizen.

R Dunn & Company
A leading enterprise devoted to tin-smithing, plumbing, gasfitting and furnace work is that of R Dunn & Co, located on Walton street. The business was established in 1872. The house enjoys a trade that extends throughout the town and county. This enterprise is conducted upon the most advanced modern methods, and with unsurpassed facilities and accommodations, is prepared to offer advantages to the trade which are not easily duplicated elsewhere. The premises occupied are spacious in dimensions and are fitted up with all necessary appliances for the production of cornice, sheet iron, tin and gas work, metal work, jobbing and general repairing, and employment is given to a competent force of hands. Heating and ventilating and furnace work of every description is promptly attended to. Stoves and tinware are made a specialty. The business is under the management of Messrs R Dunn & Co. The house is an important and growing one and is fully entitled to the success it has achieved.

Samuel Fourt
Among the houses contributing very materially to the sum total of trade in Port Hope is the one under the above title, by common consent acknowledged to be one of the most reliable houses of the kind here. The business was established 22 years ago. The premises occupied on Walton street are embraced in a storeroom, ample in dimensions and neatly fitted up for the proper and systematic conduct of the daily transactions. Mr Fourt is a dealer in groceries and provisions, fruits, confectionery, cigars, tobaccos, etc. A nice fresh stock is carried and the trade is constantly increasing in volume. Competent assistants are employed, who fill orders promptly and satisfactorily. Personally Mr Fourt is a gentleman of enterprise, push, and the highest business qualifications.

Fulford Bros
Few houses have gained a more widespread and deserved popularity than the one mentioned above. This establishment was founded 14 years ago and from its inception secured a large and valuable patronage. The premises occupied on Walton street are embraced in a double storeroom comprising two floors nicely fitted up and appointed and thoroughly stocked throughout. This establishment carries a nice line of imported high-class dry goods, ladies' furnishings, carpets and millinery. A specialty is made of ready-to-wear goods and a full and complete line is carried. All the goods handled are in the newest and latest styles and representative of the prevailing fashions. These goods are offered to consumers at prices which only the influential connections of this house and its unrivalled facilities can warrant. Messrs A and H Fulford give their personal attention to this business and make the wants of the trade - and how best to meet them - their particular study. This establishment possesses the confidence and esteem of the community in general and the trade in particular.

Alf George
Among the most experienced and competent undertakers and embalmers in this locality is the gentleman whose name forms the caption of this sketch, eligibly located on Walton street, telephone 44. He employs the best and most approved modern processes in embalming and is an expert in this line. He takes full charge of all the arrangements of funerals, furnishing everything desired in the best and most satisfactory manner. In the direction of funeral ceremonials he displays superior management and a tender respect which has made him popular and led to a great demand for his services. Mr George is the leader in this line in Port Hope and vicinity, everything is up to date and his funeral cars are the finest to be seen anywhere. He keeps on hand a full supply of cloth and wooden caskets, burial cases and everything pertaining to the business, and horses and all rubber-tired carriages are furnished on short notice at reasonable rates. Prompt attention is paid to all calls, day or night. Private ambulance is also maintained here. The business was originally established in 1868. The premises occupied for business purposes are embraced in two floors of ample dimensions. He is also a dealer in furniture, upholstered goods, house furnishings, etc. Mr George will be found honourable in all his dealings with customers and his guarantee is accepted as assurance of good faith. He well deserves the success he has achieved.

J B Gould
One of the most prosperous houses engaged in the dry goods, clothing, shoes, etc, business in Durham county that has acquired a very excellent reputation for dealing and conducting its business in an honourable straightforward manner is that of J B Gould. This business is an old-established one and has been carried on by Mr Gould for the past two years. It has been a decided success. The business premises are embraced in a storeroom comprising three floors of ample area, located on Walton street, which is nicely fitted up and tastefully arranged. Here is carried a nice line of dry goods, etc, also a complete stock of clothing, hats, caps, furnishings, boots and shoes in all the late patterns are shown. The prices of the house will compare favourably with that of any similar establishment. A number of salespeople attend to the patrons' wants and all orders receive prompt attention. The proprietor of this business, Mr J B Gould, will be found an enterprising gentleman, prompt, honourable and reliable, and justly merits the success which has attended his well directed efforts.

C A Hagerman
The finest livery stables in this section of the country are those of which Mr C A Hagerman is the proprietor. The premises occupied, located on Queen street, opposite post office, telephone 56, comprise several buildings of ample dimensions, used for stables, coach house, harness room, etc. Horses are boarded and are well cared for in every respect. Mr Hagerman has many fine horses of his own for hire, which are at all times in excellent condition, first-class roadsters, and adapted to either single or double harness. He has a large number of excellent rigs, both single and double, which are rented out for pleasure or weddings, receptions, funerals, etc. This business was established many years ago and has been conducted by him for the past eight years. Mr Hagerman enjoys by far the largest and best patronage in Port Hope. He has had a long experience in the business and is widely and most favourably known.

George Hancock
The growth of Port Hope has been steady, and this town has long been regarded as a leading mercantile centre and an ideal distributing point. In this connection we desire to make honourable mention of the harness establishment of Mr Hancock, a house that has contributed towards the upbuilding of our town and one which has identified itself with its growth and prosperity. Mr Hancock is a dealer in and manufacturer of harness and harness goods, saddles, whips, horse-clothing, trunks and valises. This successful enterprise was established many years ago. The storeroom occupied located on John street, in the Opera House block, is of ample dimensions and completely stocked throughout. Employment is given to a number of hands. The trade extends all over the town and surrounding country and all orders are given the most careful attention. The proprietor of this establishment, Mr Hancock, is a public-spirited citizen highly regarded in the business world.

James Haw
Among those identified with the cab service and livery trade of Port Hope, Mr James Haw is one of the most prominent. He established himself in business here 50 years ago, and by well directed energy and enterprise, combined with fair dealing with patrons, has given him a front rank position in his particular line here. He occupies several buildings located in the rear of John street for stables and sheds, which are well fitted up. He keeps good roadsters, adapted to either single or double harness, and to side or gent's saddle, and they are quiet, stylish and easily managed. He also keeps a nice line of rigs of all kinds, buggies, phaetons, hacks, wagons, pleasure vans and carriages of every description. Altogether his establishment is as well equipped as any in Canada. He runs the busses to and from the depot for all hotels. Personally Mr Haw enjoys a very large patronage of the better class, and is widely and most favourably known throughout this and surrounding counties.

Sid Hawkins
A branch of industry of a very useful character in Port Hope is the manufacture of harness. In this connection we desire to call special reference to the progressive and reliable establishment of Mr Sid Hawkins. The premises occupied are fully equipped with the latest improved tools and appliances for the successful carrying on of this business. The house manufactures light and heavy harness, collars, etc. A leading specialty is made of manufacturing horse collars and we may safely say is the only collar factory between Toronto and Kingston. Mr Hawkins has had 35 years' experience. He carries a fine stock of harness, saddles, blankets, robes, whips, dusters, fly nets, lap rugs, harness oil and horse remedies, a specialty being made of riding articles. Harness to order and general repairing is promptly executed. Only the best materials are utilized, and great care is exercised over all process of manufacture in order that the goods may be perfect in every particular. Skilled hands are steadily employed. The business was established ten years ago. Mr Sid Hawkins, the proprietor of this establishment, is popular and respected in trade circles for his integrity and skill and fully merits the liberal patronage secured in this steady growing industry.

J R Heard
Among the enterprising and progressive commercial establishments of Port Hope is the popular house of Mr J R Heard. The business has been carried on by the present proprietor for eight years. Since its inception it has secured a large and first-class patronage. This is as much due to the excellent quality of the goods handled as the effort put forth by the proprietor to cater to the tastes and meet the wants of the Port Hope public. The store to which he removed recently located on Walton street comprises two floors neatly fitted up, ample in area and finely equipped throughout. In stock is carried a complete line of the finest brands of cigars, smoking, chewing and snuff tobaccos, pipes and smokers' utensils, etc. In connection will be found a pool and billiard parlour with seven up-to-date tables, where a pleasant hour may be spent at either game. Mr Heard is a business man of energy and fully deserves the success he has achieved.

John Hume
A leading concern in the wholesale and retail seed and grain trade in Port Hope is the house of John Hume. During his business career here he has achieved a marked degree of success. The headquarters of the house is of ample area, it affords every convenience for the successful conduct of the business, and is located on John street. The stock carried is a complete one and embraces everything in the line of field seeds, as well as some specialties in garden. A specialty is made in growing garden varieties of seed peas, beans, etc. The goods handled are of the best. The trade of the house extends all over Canada and United States as well as Europe. A large export business is carried on here. Mr Hume gives his close personal attention to the business and is acquainted with even the most minute details pertaining to it. He is an able and energetic business man with an honourable and creditable record.

James Hunter
When a business house has been before the public for 26 years and during that time has been conducted in a manner which has been pleasing to a large custom, it is evident that the management of such an establishment understands its business and studies the interests of its patrons, and it is equally certain that such a house will not only hold its customers, but will add many new ones as time progresses. This business was originally established in 1880. From that time Mr James Hunter has steadily enlarged his commercial relations, increased his facilities, and expanded his popularity with the trade until he has reached a prominence in his business of which he has every reason to be proud. The premises occupied on Walton street, telephone 45, are embraced in a storeroom of ample dimensions which is thoroughly stocked throughout. He is building new quarters on Ontario street, where he will remove to his own building, which will have a new front and will be fitted up throughout expressly for a business of this nature. This house is agent and direct importer in bond of all leading lines of fine liquors, cigars, etc. Orders are filled direct from the distillers. His special brands of whiskies have distinctive features as to flavour, purity and medicinal tonic properties that are readily recognized by experts and connoisseurs. The vintages of wines which he handles are also of exquisite quality, and pre-eminently meet the tastes of experienced and critical buyers. The business is under the sole supervision of Mr James Hunter. He is well known in social and commercial circles.

J Jordan
The above named gentleman no doubt conducts one of the best equipped shoe houses in Port Hope. Mr Jordan established himself in business here about eight years ago and has always enjoyed a liberal and permanent patronage, owing to the superiority and reliability of the goods carried and enterprising methods pursued in its management. The premises occupied on Walton street are well arranged and fully equipped with every convenience for the accommodation of the well selected stock and the comfort of patrons. This house carries a fine and choice assortment of men's, youths', boys', ladies', misses' and children's boots, shoes and rubbers in all the prevailing styles. A nice line of trunks and valises is also carried. Only the best and most reliable goods are handled, while the prices quoted in all cases are extremely moderate. Mr Jordan is greatly respected in trade circles for his integrity and enterprise and is very popular with the community in which he resides.

John Jordan
A first-class headquarters for the supply of meats and one that commands a full share of the gilt-edged trade of Port Hope is the establishment of which Mr John Jordan is the gentlemanly proprietor, and which is known as the East End Market and Grocery. The storeroom occupied, located on Walton street, is appointed with all modern appliances and conveniences incidental to the business and is at all times in a scrupulously clean condition. At this well ordered establishment a heavy stock is constantly carried of the choicest beef, mutton, veal, and pork, poultry, sugar-cured hams, sausage, lard, etc, to be found in the county. A large wholesale, as well as retail, business is carried on. A specialty is made of supplying tourists, hotels and steamers promptly and the trade extends all over this entire vicinity. Mr Jordan handles none but the best of everything in his line as his aim is to cater to a strictly first-class trade and to make permanent patrons of all who favour him with their custom. He employs competent assistants, gives prompt attention to customers, and will be found a reliable caterer with whom to form permanent business relations.

London House
In a review of this kind no house is more deserving of prominent mention than the above. The business was established by Mr John Wickett some 26 years ago. The reputation the house has acquired is but the just results of energy, perseverance and enterprise, coupled with handling the best goods at the lowest prices. They are importers of dry goods and carpets and dealers in men's clothing, furnishings, hats, caps, boots and shoes, etc. A leading feature is made of jackets and dress goods. From the superior connections of this house with manufacturers and wholesale dealers they are able to satisfy all orders. The large double storeroom, corner Walton and Ontario streets, is 40 x 90 feet in dimensions, nicely fitted up and well adapted for the business. Messrs John and C H Wickett, the proprietors, have by strict attention built up a large trade, and to-day their house is recognized as a leader in its line. They are men of practical business experience and well merit the success with which they have met. Personally they are highly esteemed by all who know them as honourable men and upright citizens.

Thomas Long & Son
The wise man is he who having once gained his property sees to it that every safeguard for its protection is thrown around it. In doing this, however, the prudent man not only selects a solid company, but sees that his insurance is placed through a thoroughly reliable office. The residents of Port Hope are especially favoured in this respect. Not only have they absolutely sound companies, but all the leading companies - British, Canadian and American - are represented by a thoroughly responsible agency in that conducted by Thos Long & Son, which was established here in 1873 and is located on Queen street. They are known among Port Hope's most prominent and popular business men. They occupy a nicely appointed office and the leading business in fire, life, accident, plate-glass, marine and liability insurance. Messrs Long & Son represent some of the strongest companies in the world. They are also ticket agents here for CPR and ocean steamship and local boat lines. Their business extends over this and surrounding counties. Messrs Thos and A H C Long are representative citizens of Port Hope, enterprising and progressive, and both experts in their profession. That the insuring public appreciate the innumerable advantages of dealing with reliable and experienced agents is evidenced by the liberal patronage bestowed upon this firm. They will always be found in favour of any measure that tends to promote the town's best interests.

J P McKenny
The above-named gentleman has for 31 years been prominently identified with the commercial growth of Port Hope. This establishment has had a career of unbroken prosperity and its trade has reached extensive proportions. The premises occupied on Walton street are embraced in a storeroom of ample area and the facilities for handling goods are equal to any other establishment in the town. Mr McKenny is a dealer in groceries and provisions, confectionery, foreign and domestic fruits, fish, oysters and table comforts of every description. The highest price is paid for produce of all kinds. A complete stock is carried in each department, the house places its prices at the lowest possible point, is prompt and obliging, and seeks to merit the favour of the people by fully deserving it. The business is both wholesale and retail. Mr McKenny is too widely known for his probity and integrity to require personal mention at our hands.

William McLean
Among the various concerns in the piano trade of Port Hope is the deservedly popular and prosperous establishment of Wm McLean. Since its inception it has become one of the most distinguished houses in this line. Mr McLean has had an experience of many years in selling and tuning pianos and organs and established himself in business here 26 years ago. He has since conducted it with an energy and enterprise which has put the concern in the very front rank and assured a patronage among the representative music loving people in this section. The premises occupied, located on Walton street, are embraced in a storeroom which is ample in dimensions and nicely appointed, having every convenience for the display of the wares and reception of patrons. Mr McLean is the agent for some of the best pianoforte and organ manufacturers in the world, and which hold an eminent position in the musical world for tone, touch, durability and design. A nice line of sewing machines is also carried. Goods are sold for cash or on the instalment plan and the prices are at all times the lowest in the trade covering this and surrounding counties. Personally Mr McLean is well known as an enterprising and popular citizen.

C A Merrifield
Mr C A Merrifield's claim for recognition lies in the fact that his house is one of the leading and most popular establishments in its line in Port Hope. He handles a nice line of foreign and domestic woolen goods, styles and prices to suit everybody. These goods are made up to order in the most workmanlike manner and under the direct supervision of Mr C A Merrifield, the proprietor, who is a cutter and artist of many years' experience, a perfect fit being guaranteed. He has the seasonable custom of many of the best dressed men of Port Hope whose trade it would be impossible to control were it not for the fact that garments turned out here, for design, fit and workmanship are always up to date. His motto for reliability may be summed up in the following unique sentence: 'Suits that fit and fits that suit.' A nice line of hats, caps and furnishings is also carried here. The new premises occupied to which he removed recently located on Walton street, opposite Bank of Toronto, are nicely fitted up and every facility is at hand for the successful carrying on of this business. Mr C A Merrifield is well known in business and social circles here. He established himself in business 20 years ago. He personally looks after even the minor details of the establishment. He is a member of the town council and is highly esteemed and enjoys the fullest confidence of the entire community.

F Michels-Bazar
The above named establishment as conducted by Mr F Michels was founded by him 12 years ago. He has since built up a nice trade. He is a dealer in fancy goods, crockery, china and decorated glassware, Japanese goods, granite and tinware, dolls, toys and stationery. His motto is one price to all. The stock throughout has been carefully selected and while the goods handled are of good quality and neat in finish, the prices are such as to captivate the public. The store, located on John street, is ample in area, neatly fitted up and arranged. The business is under the entire super­vision of Mr F Michels. He uses excellent judgment in buying his goods and the trade is assured of receiving full value for every purchase made at his establishment. He has had many years' experience in his line of business and is well known in the town and surrounding country. Personally he has the respect of this entire community and well deserves the large measure of success accorded him.

The Midland Loan and Savings Company
This institution, with head office in Port Hope, located on Walton street, was organized in 1874. The general loan and savings business carried on by this company is constantly on the increase as shown by its last annual report. Its capital stock fully paid is $360,000.00. Customers are privileged to issue cheques upon their accounts. Prompt service and every convenience for the transaction of business afforded to all. The assets of the company, including the whole capital stock and surplus, is secured by act of Parliament for the prompt repayment of deposits and debentures. Depositors are assured of the absolute safety of their money. Money is loaned on farm and town property at lowest current rate of interest and repayable upon terms to suit the borrower. As the company invests all funds in first mortgages on real estate, municipal and other AI bonds and debentures, and as the whole capital stock and reserve fund are pledged for the repayment of borrowed money, the security of depositors and debenture holders is therefore of the highest class. The high standing of the directors of this company have thoroughly established it in the confidence of the community. The board of directors are John Mulligan, President; H H Burnham, Vice-President; J W Clemesha, MD, G M Furby, Wm Henwood, S S Dickinson, VS, John Wickett. Mr J H Helm is manager, Geo M Furby, consulting manager, Seth S Smith solicitor, and Henry Mulligan, inspector.

L & M Millward
One of the well-known and prominent houses in Port Hope engaged in the handling of ladies' fancy goods, millinery, etc, is that of the Misses L & M Millward, which has been carried on by them for the past 12 years and is under the active management of the above ladies. Able and enterprising, and backed by a wide practical experience, they have placed this house in a front rank position, and have built up a nice trade. The store, located on Walton street, is of ample dimensions. Every facility and convenience is at hand and a number of intelligent clerks attend to the wants of the trade. A vast and varied stock is always carried on hand. The assortment is representative of all that is best in the line of ladies' fancy goods, millinery, whitewear, underwear, children's wear, head wear, infants' clothes, materials for fancy work, etc. Stamped goods and stamping to order is given prompt attention. The one price system is rigidly adhered to. The millinery parlour which is located in the rear of the store is under the sole management of Miss G Millward. Here is always displayed the latest and most correct styles from New York and the east in bonnets and hats, Parisian novelties in millinery, exquisite trimmings, flowers and feathers in great variety, mourning goods, etc, while at the same time purchasers may rely upon receiving excellent articles, satisfactory treatment and courteous attention. A number of skilled trimmers are employed in season. Only such goods are handled that the house can warrant to be exactly as represented. Personally the Misses L, M and G Millward are ladies well known here and highly esteemed in business and social circles.

H W Mitchell
A deservedly popular pharmaceutical establishment of this town controlling a large family and private business is that conducted by Mr H W Mitchell. This pharmacy, which is located on Walton street, was established by Mr R Deyell 40 years ago, and has been carried on by its present proprietor successfully since September, 1906. Besides dispensing pure fresh drugs, chemicals, medicines and family remedies, a large number of high grade pharmaceutical compounds, tinctures, emulsions and other first-class proprietary articles are put up on the premises, while the house receives the pre-recommendation of medical men on account of the scrupulous care that it exercises in the preparation of physicians' prescriptions from pure and fresh drugs. In connection will be found a large line of fancy toilet articles, fine stationery, etc. Optical work is given prompt attention here. Mr Mitchell is a graduate optician and received diplomas from the Canada Opthalmic College and Canada College of Optics. He is also a graduate of the Ontario College of Pharmacy, as well as Toronto University. This pharmacy has always been conducted upon the highest standard of professional skill and ability.

Nicholson File Company
The above concern is one of the foremost institutions of its kind in Canada. The office and factory is located on Cavan street. This enterprise was originally established here some 20 years ago and has been carried on under its present title for six years. This company are manufacturers of files and rasps in different shapes and sizes. The goods are sold almost exclusively wholesale. The motive power of the factory is both steam and water. This season's output has been larger than any in the history of the firm. 125 to 150 hands are employed. The premises occupied are embraced in a number of modern buildings giving ample room accommodations for supplying the most extensive demand. Nowhere in Canada can be found such a thoroughly reliable and comprehensive stock of goods in this line. It is immense in size and variety, conveniently arranged in departments, and reflects the highest credit upon the taste and judgment of the proprietors. Without attempting to describe the same, it can be stated that it covers everything the trade, needs or uses, and merchants can here find a stock well calculated to meet all their requirements. A number of salesmen represent the house on the road and shipments are regularly made all over Canada. An export business is also done. The members of the firm are Samuel M Nicholson, President; E M Thurber, Resident Manager; Jas E Nicholson, Superintendent. They are practical business men, worthy of every trust and confidence.

The Port Hope Brewing Company Ltd
There is scarcely anything at the present time more remarkable than the production and almost universal use of pure ales and porters. The public at large have but a dim conception of the wonderful strides made by brewers of late years, still it is an absolute fact that they have as nearly reached perfection as is possible for human skill to do. Port Hope possesses its full share of the many good things of life, and not the least important is The Port Hope Brewing Co, Ltd. This brewery is noted for producing ales and porters that are seldom equalled and never excelled. Sparkling ale is today a popular beverage, but not as a beverage alone have they attained a wonderful popularity. They have become an absolute necessity in nearly every household, no matter what station in life its people may occupy and considering the extraordinary cheap prices at which they are sold and the content and enjoyment it gives to all tired workers fatigued by the labours of the day. As a rule the average citizen is not slow to recognize a good thing when placed before him, and the remarkable favour and great sale of The Port Hope Brewing Co's ales and stout speak not only volumes, but demonstrate their wholesomeness and strict purity of ingredients as in the manufacture of pure goods. The brewery is one of the most complete in this section and is well worth a visit of inspection. It is comprised of a number of buildings fully equipped with the latest machinery and appliances known to the trade. Spacious cellars afford ample storage for the product, and the stock is allowed to mature for months before marketing. The products are in demand by the trade throughout this and surrounding counties. The brewery was founded many years ago and has been conducted under this title for three years. The management has spent many years in the business and by their efforts are giving Port Hope and vicinity the best ales and stout offered to any community. They exercise close and critical supervision over all departments of the business.

The Port Hope Music Store
Among the music dealers of Port Hope who have during their period of existence built up a large and flourishing trade is Mr W A Russell, proprietor of the above establishment. This gentleman began business about 19 years ago, and by and by well directed energy, thorough knowledge of the music trade, and by reputable dealings, has built up a trade which while it is largely local, extends throughout this and surrounding counties. Mr Russell occupies well-appointed premises on John street, 'phone 9, and his stock, which is a very complete and well assorted one, comprises pianos, organs, musical instruments of all kinds, sheet music, musical merchandise, also a general line of gramophones, phonographs and records, etc. He is the sole agent here for the New Scale Williams Pianos. His connections with dealers are such that as regards price and quality of goods he is at once placed in most favourable competition with similar local establishments. He is agent here for the Singer sewing machines and supplies. Mr Russell is a gentleman who is widely and most favourably known, being a thorough and reliable man of business.

Queen's Hotel
All citizens and most visitors to Port Hope are more or less familiar with the popular Queen's Hotel, Mr L G Bennett, proprietor, located at the corner of Walton and John streets, in the centre of the business district of the town. It can well be classed as one of the leading hostelries of Port Hope. The house is found to be complete with all that can make tourists and commercial men realize the comforts of home - temporary though they may be, but comfortable. To do this effectually the proprietor, Mr Bennett, brings to bear the experience acquired in a long acquaintance, covering 24 years, with the hotel business. The premises occupied are embraced in a 3-story and basement building. The house contains 40 rooms, handsomely furnished, with call bell connections and all the most modern up-to-date improvements, steam heat, gas and electric light, bath rooms, etc. Ten additional rooms will be added in the near future, which will make 50 rooms when finished. A number of large sample rooms for commercial men are maintained here at all times. The dining room is not only a model of convenience and comfort in its appointments, but that which is served therein is of the best quality and calculated to make the visitor return to the tables of the hospitable Queen's, with anticipation of the best cooked meals it has ever been his or her lot to share in a public hostelry. This hotel has been under its present management for the past seven years and from that date it has proven a success and to this gentleman's enterprising nature, courteous and social manner and upright business methods this success is due. The Queen's is well patronized by tourists and travelling men. The rates are $1.50 to $2.00 per day. A well-stocked bar is maintained where the choicest of wines, liquours, ales, lager and cigars can be had at all times. Mr L G Bennett, the proprietor, gives his close personal attention to all details of his business and allows nothing to be overlooked that would add to his guests' comfort. He wells deserves the high esteem in which he is held.

L B Randall
The bookstore is a leading factor in the commercial life not only of large cities but of every town and village in the land. One of the leading concerns of this kind in Port Hope is the one conducted by Mr L B Randall. The business has been carried on by him for 15 years. The storeroom, located on Walton street, is of ample dimensions, elegantly furnished and fitted up, and the assortment of the stock is among the largest and most varied in this vicinity. The latest and best works of the most popular writers are here to be found as soon as placed on the market, the collection embracing all the standard works in every branch of literature, science and art. Also stationery, fancy goods, office supplies, pictures and frames, wall paper and window shades. A nice line of fancy crockery and chinaware is also carried. Mr Randall during his business career here has built up a nice trade and is enjoying a well deserved success.

R E Rawlings Restaurant
This business is an old established one and has been conducted by Mr Rawlings for the past two and one-half years, and such has been his success from the outset that to-day the house controls a large and profitable patronage. The dining parlours are centrally located on Walton street. They are nicely fitted up and have a seating capacity of about fifty to sixty people. The kitchen is large and well equipped and is located in the rear. It is no surprise to the public in general that the house succeeded so well, as the aim of the management has ever been to benefit the patron by offering excellent meals and first-class service at most reasonable prices. The house has the reputation of serving the best 25˘ meal in Port Hope. A fine line of the best bakery goods and confectionery is also carried here. The business is under the management of Mr R E Rawlings. He devotes his close personal attention to this business and guarantees satisfaction in every instance. He is an honourable gentleman, highly esteemed for his sterling personal worth.

Henry Reynolds
The gentleman whose name heads this article has a well selected stock of carefully selected watches, made by reliable manufacturers, as well as diamonds, jewelry, emblematic goods, optical goods, etc. This is one of the oldest established houses in this line in Port Hope and has been conducted by its present proprietor for the past four years. He has proven himself to be not only capable in all the details of the mechanical part of his business but has also given evidence of honourable business methods. He maintains a store on Walton street which is neatly arranged and a credit to this vicinity, and is deserving of liberal patronage. Mr Reynolds' specialties consist of calculating and making special time-pieces and single parts of same according to scientific principles, repairing of all kinds of watches, clocks, jewelry, etc. Optical work is also done here in the latest and most scientific manner. All work is positively guaranteed. If there is anything on earth that demands skilled workmanship it is to be found in these lines, and by patronizing this justly popular establishment you will always be well satisfied with both workmanship and price. Marriage licenses are also issued here. Mr Henry Reynolds has the esteem and confidence of the entire community.

V Roach
A house that is achieving a permanent and standard reputation on account of the excellence of the goods sold is the one operated by Mr V Roach, located on Walton street bridge. A large number of Port Hope's citizens obtain their supplies of oysters, fish, etc, from this well established house, and can always depend upon the quality of the goods sold them. The business was founded in November, 1906. The market at above address is ample in area, and is always kept in a clean and neat condition. He always carries a full stock of the best oysters, clams, lobsters, fresh lake and ocean fish, game, canned goods, and sells at the lowest market rates at both wholesale and retail. The proprietor of this establishment, Mr V Roach, is deservedly popular with all of his patrons, and is worthy of the success which has attended his well directed efforts.

W J Robertson
The services of the land, loan and insurance agent are always of the utmost importance in a progressive centre, and among those most prominently engaged in this business we find Mr W J Robertson. He established himself in business here six years ago. He carries on a large business in real estate and lends money on approved security. He is the agent here for the Canada Life Assurance Co and represents a number of leading companies in fire, life, plate-glass and general insurance. The substantial benefits he offers were readily recognized and the business which is now a large one has steadily increased. Mr Robertson enjoys a very high reputation for honourable and straightforward dealings. The various companies he represents are to be congratulated upon securing the services of one so efficient and reliable. Personally he is energetic, enterprising and highly esteemed in the community. The office is located on John street.

John Runnalls
The real estate interests of Port Hope and surrounding country are in a prosperous condition, and are rapidly growing in value, offering not only a safe but a profitable mode of investment for surplus capital. Among the most enterprising and best known of those actively engaged in real estate operations as an agent and broker is Mr John Runnalls. He is a business man of entire probity of character, as well as of long and varied experience and great ability in all branches of this special line. He has been established in business for a period of 25 years, and owing to the diligent attention brought to bear by him in his operations has met with excellent success, his patronage steadily growing in volume, keeping pace with his increasing reputation and reliability and efficiency. He conducts a general business buying, selling, leasing and exchanging property of all kinds, collecting rents, securing tenants, negotiating loans and mortgages on equitable terms, assuming full management of estates, etc. He conducts all transactions on the most liberal basis, always advancing the interests of his patrons in the most judicious manner. A general fire, life and accident insurance business is carried on. Mr Runnalls is district agent here for the North American Life Assurance Co and also for the Imperial Guarantee and Accident Insurance Co. His fire business is carefully attended to, and placed with some of the largest and most progressive Canadian and British companies. The rapid growth of this department of Mr Runnall's business is the best proof of the satisfactory service he has been able to render his clients. His office is located on Queen street.

R K Scott
The establishment of R K Scott, through extended experience and conscientious dealings with all patrons, has become recognized as one of the most responsible and thoroughly reliable houses engaged in the flour, feed and produce business in this and surrounding markets. The office, sales and warerooms are located on Walton street. The business was established 20 years ago. Mr Scott is an extensive wholesale and retail dealer in flour, feed, grain, hay, straw, garden and field seeds. etc. A line of baskets and willow ware is also carried. A large business is done in shipping apples, eggs and produce. All orders receive prompt and careful attention. The purest and freshest goods are in daily receipt, while the prices always are kept at the lowest point consistent with a living business. The trade is distributed all over Canada. Mr R K Scott is an experienced merchant and progressive business man and his house maintains its position solely on the basis of merit and liberal management.

St Lawrence Hotel
The Hotel St Lawrence, which is one of the most popular and widely known hostelries in Central Ontario, was established many years ago. It has won its widespread popularity as a pleasant summer resting place, from its location in the most charmingly situated town on Ontario's shores. Here comfort, sport, recreation and social pleasures go hand in hand and the summer tourist at the Hotel St Lawrence may be assured of unfailing entertainment amid Port Hope's varied attractions, while enjoying home-like comfort and unsurpassed service. It is situated on Walton street, in the centre of the business and shopping district and within easy access to all churches, depot and pleasure places. The present proprietor, Mr M J Spencer, assumed control here June 2Oth, 1907. Under its present management the house has been completely renovated and refurnished throughout, which has made it recognized as the most comfortable and prosperous house between Toronto and Montreal. The premises occupied consist of a large four-story brick building, thoroughly equipped with all the latest and most modern improvements, with an elegantly furnished office, bar and 80 rooms. The house is heated by steam, lighted by gas and electricity, and provided with an elevator. The rooms are all well lighted, airy, and furnished in a most tasteful style, and with all modern conveniences. The office, reading and other public rooms are well lighted and decorated. The drawing-room is upholstered with the most modern furnishings. The dining-room is capable of seating 150 guests. The cuisine and service are maintained at the highest standard and the wants and tastes of guests will be carefully attended to. A number of sample rooms for commercial men and a number of sitting rooms are also in connection. This is headquarters for automobile tourists. Both the American and European plan has been adopted, thus giving the travelling public the privilege of either plan at a very popular rate. Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day. Special arrangements for families by the season.

The Standard Ideal Company Ltd
It would be difficult to find a more certain index of the substantial progress of the country and of her rapidly increasing wealth, than is afforded by the rise to sudden importance of concerns manufacturing along the lines purposed by The Standard Ideal Company, Ltd. The business was established here in 1903. Employment is given to a large number of hands and to-day orders for the goods press in upon the company with such speed that every department is continually taxed to its full capacity. They are manufacturers of 'Ideal' lines of cast-iron porcelain enameled sanitary ware, such as bath tubs, sitz baths, shower baths, lavatories, RR sinks, kitchen sinks, slop hoppers, laundry tubs, urinal ranges, closet ranges, closet combinations, steamship supplies, railway car supplies, hospital appliances, factory wash sinks, etc. So much attention has been given to the perfecting of its business in these lines since its establishment, that the company is confident that it possesses one of the finest plants for the manufacture of the lines mentioned in the Dominion. In fact this is the largest exclusive cast-iron enameling sanitary works under the British flag. The machinery and other facilities are of the most modern type, the management being determined to have the best that inventive genius can produce, in short, to go through the plant is a revelation. Their market extends all over Canada and an export trade is also carried on. The general offices and factories are located in Port Hope, telephones 49 - 81. Branch offices are maintained at Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, London, Eng; Capetown, SA; Johannesburg, SA; Melbourne, Aust, and Auckland, NZ. The officers and directors of the company are men of eminence and of approved worth.

John T Steen
Among the various business houses in Port Hope is that of Mr John T Steen, located on Walton street. This business has been conducted by him for the past three years. In stock is carried a large assortment of books, stationery, wall paper, window shades, musical instruments, cameras, films, photographic supplies of all kinds, pictures and picture mouldings, etc. Picture framing is promptly attended to. He also handles a line of bicycles, sporting goods, etc, and is agent for Edison's phonographs and records. Mr Steen's close connections with dealers makes it possible for him to handle these goods to the advantage of his many patrons, consequently he has gained a large patronage of those who like the best. The establishment has won a high place in the regard of the public because of the prevailing low prices, high class of goods and the uniformly courteous treatment of his many patrons. The business is under the sole management of Mr John T Steen. He enjoys the confidence and esteem of the entire community in which he resides.

G V C Strong O K Fair
A very prominent establishment which has been carried on by its present proprietor for the past seven years is that of the above named, located on Walton street. Here can be found almost any article, including manv indispensable household necessities, therefore a visit to this establishment would be of interest to the patrons, and much benefit might accrue therefrom. This house has always been a liberal one in its management and honest in its representations, while the prices asked at all times are lower than the lowest. In stock is carried stationery, books, souvenir post cards, tin and graniteware, confectionery, kitchen goods, tobacco and cigars, china and glassware, crockery, toys, small-wares, etc, as well as magazines and periodicals, daily and weekly newspapers. A heavy stock is carried in all these lines. He buys his goods in large quantities thereby obtaining discounts, enabling him to give better articles for less money than can be bought elsewhere. The storeroom occupied is of ample dimensions, neatly fitted up, well lighted and thoroughly stocked throughout. Several salespeople are employed who wait on customers promptly and satisfactorily. The business is under the sole management of Mr Strong. He will be found an honourable and upright gentleman and stands deservedly high in social and commercial circles.

T George Watson
A leading exponent of the pharmaceutical science in Port Hope we find Mr T George Watson, whose establishment is located on Walton street, telephone 78. This is in all respects a well-appointed, first-class place, one of the foremost establishments of the kind in the town, and receives a very fine patronage. This business has been conducted by Mr Watson for the past 30 years. From the start he placed his house in the front rank where it has since been ably maintained. Physicians' prescriptions and family recipes are compounded from absolutely pure and fresh ingredients in the most careful and accurate manner, the proprietor exercising close personal supervision over the laboratory, while low prices at all times prevail. The store is compact, ample and very attractively fitted up, the display being particularly tasteful. The stock, which is at once large and complete, includes carefully selected drugs, chemicals and medicines, and kindred products, all the standard and proprietary medicines, pure medicinal wines and liquours and mineral waters; also a full assortment of toilet articles, perfumery, fancy soaps, sponges, and a great variety of pharmaceutical specialties. Mr T George Watson is a painstaking and responsible pharmacist whose efforts have been justly crowned with success.

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