Port Hope Ideal Concert Band

The Port Hope Ideal Concert Band in front of St Paul's Presbyterian Church 1907
Picture from Madelon (Jex) Kelly
Photo by Harry J Byers
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from the Evening Guide  Thursday November 28, 1907
The above named organization was started by a few of the younger musicians of the town in May 1905, under the name of the Citizens Band and has had the usual ups and downs that fall to the lot of amateur bands. At the time of its inception the band had no funds and was entirely supported by contributions from the members, who were fortunately of a progressive nature.
As time went on the nature of the work demanded better instruments and many of the members personally bought their own. The Committee realized the necessity of providing for the balance of the members some of the best instruments obtainable, and for its size no band has any better. In October 1906, as a result of expansion of this kind the Band Committee found themselves in debt for quite a large sum and for a while it looked as if the organization would have to go out of existence for lack of funds to carry on their work, and but for the generosity of Mr. H. T. Bush (who has always been a warm friend of the band) we would probably not have the fine organization today. Mr. Bush gives annually the handsome sum of $200 which provides for the maintenance of the band room, music, and other incidentals. The members as a result felt that the band should be renamed and the unanimous wish was that the organization should be known in the future as the "Ideal Concert Band."
Thru the kindness of Mr. H. T. Bush this organization was financed and kept together and thru the untiring efforts of Mr. J. H, Renwick, the director, Port Hope boasts today of having one of the finest amateur bands in the Province. Mr. Renwick has had charge of the band for the past year and a half during which time he has worked unceasingly and to him must be attributed the credit for the high position the organization has attained. The ability of the band was recognized at Midland last August [7th] when in competition with many of the leading bands of the Province they carried off all the honours by a large margin. Under Mr. Renwick the membership of the band has been augmented from eighteen to twenty-eight and it is his desire to increase it to thirty-four. This will enable the band to enter competitions with class "A" bands during the coming summer. The intention is to add saxophones, bassoons and oboes and to provide for these the band will give three concerts in the hope of raising $400.
Port Hopers appreciate the efforts of the Band Committee and there is no doubt that they will turn out in large numbers to the concerts and the trifling amount asked by the band will be largely exceeded. The first of the series will be held in the Opera House on Thursday evening.

from the Evening Guide  Saturday August 4, 1928
TWENTY YEARS AGO  Items of interest taken from the file copies of The Guide of twenty years ago.
Three hundred merry souls left on the Firemen's and Band excursion on August 5th, 1908, for Bracebridge, and had the weather been better many more would have been on board.
All the visiting brigades, headed by their respective bands, formed in procession and marched through the main streets of Bracebridge.
Parry Sound, Midland, Orillia, Burk's Falls, North Bay, Port Hope and many others were represented.
The judges decided that Port Hope was the best appearing brigade in the procession and awarded Chief Dunn of Port Hope $10, which was the first prize.
The Port Hope Band won second prize in the band competition and were awarded $50. The first prize was awarded to the Orlllia band. The Orillia Band won 300 points and Port Hope Band was awarded 283 points.
The train left for Port Hope at 7:30 and there was not an idle moment on the return trip. A skidoo band headed by 'Bill' McGibbon paraded from one end of the train to the other and every person who was inclined to feel weary was serenaded.
It was indeed a jolly contingent.

from the Evening Guide  Saturday August 4, 1928
Executive of Port Hope Band Confer With Council at Special Sittings
The Port Hope Band will continue to present their regular Sunday evening concerts at the Town Square despite the fact that the Town Council have not yet given the band their grant of $500 which was decided on at a recent meeting of the council. Members of the Band executive conferred with the Town Council at a special sittings at the Town Hall on Friday evening and after three hours discussion no definite decision regarding the band grant was made.
The members of the Council in attendance included, Mayor R. J. Edmunds, Reeve L. H. Giddy, Deputy Reeve Fred Rosevear and Councillors H. W. Mitchell and J. A. R. Elliott.

from the Evening Guide  Saturday August 4, 1928
Port Hope Band to Give Another Program in Memorial Park
Sunday evening it is to be hoped the moon will be up in a clear sky so that the citizens may enjoy another band concert which is to be given in Memorial Park by our band.
The following is the programme to be given:
Waltz—Norma's Dream.
Serenade—Les Cloches De St. Malo.
Overture—Symbol of Honor.
Serenade—Evening Breezes.
March—New Colonial.
Hymn—Abide With Me.
Peace, Perfect Peace.
God Save the King.

from the Evening Guide  Saturday August 4, 1928
Port Hope Band to Present Program at Bowmanville Garden Party on Civic Holiday
The Port Hope Band under the direction of Bandmaster Walter Fraser will present a musical program at the Garden Party in Bowmanville on Monday evening, August 6th under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church there.
The program will be given from 8-10 p.m. daylight saving time.

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