from Commercial and Industrial Edition of 1916
The bold cliffs, the maple clad headland with the hills beyond, the sunny bay and glistening beach all unite in smiling an irresistable welcome to the visitor who approaches Port Hope from the lake. Nature has endowed this town with charms in plenty. Planted for the most part on the hillsides of the Ganeraska its streets afford an endless variety of hill and dale. Trees in profusion lend the beauty and shade of their foliage, while glimpses of Lake Ontario or the surrounding country burst unawares on the delighted visitor at every turn. Here and there indeed are views of exquisite beauty, glorious visions of park and lake which enchant the eye with a rapture that never tires. But it is at 'Idalia' and 'Penryn' that nature presents her most triumphant pictures of supreme loveliness; whether in the spring, when every shade of green lies below us and before us and around us in all its freshness and brilliancy, or when autumn crowns the hills with its glory of golden maples and the landscape is ablaze with every tint of orange and red. Few towns have better advantages for manufacturing purposes than Port Hope. The falls of the Ganeraska supply a considerable amount of water power and the facilities for shipment by rail and lake are such as few places can rival. But Port Hope excels in its claims as a residential town, and its attractions appeal to those who wish for a life of retirement from the turmoil and crowd of cities. Its golf links, fanned by cool lake breezes, are of surpassing beauty; its beach of fine, firm sand, is admirably adapted for bathing; its water is of exceptional purity; while in all directions are points of interest easily reached by pleasant walks or drives. To visit the lakes lying to the north requires but a few miles of railway travel. The educational advantages which the town offers leave nothing to be desired. The famous Trinity College School, a magnificent structure, recently rebuilt on a commanding position, near the town, is attended by students from all parts of the world. The Public and High Schools have an excellent reputation, and a staff of teachers surpassed by none in Ontario.

Location and General Information
Port Hope at present, has a population of about 5500 people. It is located in Durham County, at the confluence of Ganeraska River and Lake Ontario, and Junction of Midland Division with main line of GTR, on CNOR and CPR, 63 miles east of Toronto, and 4 miles west of Cobourg, the County seat. Its chief industries comprise enamelled ware, plumbers supplies, file factory, preserving and canning factory, foundries, iron sewer pipe, flour and saw mills, chemical works, brick yards, planing mills and machine shops, carriage and implement factories, greenhouses, seed growing and farming. Port Hope is a great apple growing centre and ships 50,000 barrels of apples yearly. The town contains seven churches, three public schools, high school and Trinity College School, public library, town hall and opera house. It has a fine harbour, life boat service, bathing beach, good water works, filtered water, is lighted by gas and electricity, has a well equipped fire brigade, which was first organized in 1850, and a very efficient police department for the protection of its citizens. Port Hope has many well stocked stores, good permanent roadways and granolithic sidewalks. It is well laid out and its main street is one of the finest in the County.

Banking Facilities
Port Hope has first class banking connections, branches of the Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank and Bank of Toronto, are located here.

Hotel Accommodations
It is conceded by the travelling public that Port Hope offers first class hotel accommodations. Its location on Lake Ontario and Ganeraska River, conduce to excellent bathing and boating. Many fine summer residences and cottages are located here. Good fishing can be found here during the summer season.

The newspapers published in Port Hope, the Guide, published every evening except Sunday, established in 1878. It is a four page, six column paper, Liberal; Weekly Guide established in 1831, issued Friday, an eight page, seven column newspaper, Geo Wilson & Sons, editors and publishers. The Times, a weekly newspaper, established in 1860, Conservative, issued Friday, is an eight page, seven column paper, M W G Purser, publisher. Trinity College School Record, monthly, published by students of college, established in 1898, issued 1st of month.

The commercial importance of Port Hope is generally recognized and for some years past, it has been very largely developed, until now, it extends, even beyond the limits of the Dominion. If you are considering the question of making a change or looking for a place to make your home, come to Port Hope and do it now. Factory sites, exemption from taxes, cheap power, good shipping facilities, sites for homes and good schools are available. Taking the above conditions into consideration, Port Hope is a most desirable place, not only for manufacturing, but for residential purposes. Before you decide on a location for your industry or home, write to the Board of Trade or Town Clerk. Come to Port Hope to locate. We will help you and you will help us.

Royal Bank of Canada
In no respect has the town of Port Hope developed any greater influence and progress than that of her banking facilities, which are in every way of a thoroughly conservative character. We call special attention to the branch of the Royal Bank of Canada which was opened here in 1899, and is under the management of Mr W H Roper. The Bank was incorporated in 1869. It has an authourized capital of $25,000,000, capital paid up $11,560,000, reserve fund $12,560,000, undivided profits $614,062, total deposits $136,051,208, total assets $179,404,054. This branch conducts a general banking and savings bank business, and receives upon the most favourable terms the accounts of manufacturers, merchants, farmers and individuals. The management is progressive and neglects no point of efficiency demanded by modern commercial facilities. The Board of Directors are Sir Herbert S Holt, President; E L Pease, Esq, Vice President and Managmg Director; C E Neill, Esq, General Manager; E F B Johnston, Esq, KC, 2nd Vice President; Wiley Smith, Esq; Hon D Mackeen, John Redmond, Esq; G R Crowe, Esq; D K Elliott, Esq; Hon W H Thorne, Hugh Paton, Esq; T J Drummond, Esq; Wm Robertson, Esq; A J Brown, Esq, KC; W J Sheppard, Esq; C S Wilcox, Esq; A E Dyment, Esq; C E Neil, Esq. These gentlemen are widely known in Canada and are specially well qualified to fill their respective positions. The Bank has 356 branches and agencies in Canada and correspondents in all parts oil the world. The head office is located in Montreal.

Bank of Montreal
Nearly one hundred years ago in 1817, The Bank of Montreal, one of the first banks of Canada, was established in Montreal. Its influence is now felt from coast to coast and is a world wide influence in all banking business. It is the strongest bank in Canada with a paid-up capital of $16,000,000, rest fund $16,000,000, interest bearing deposits $160,000,000, total deposits $235,000,000. The large reserve fund is an impregnable source of security to the depositors, and in fact to the trade of the country at large. The head offices of the Bank are in Montreal, with branches scattered throughout the Dominion, besides banking correspondents in various other parts of the world. The Port Hope branch was established in 1906, since which time its influence has been a factor in the town. The building occupied, centrally situated on Walton Street, is a handsome and imposing structure and familiar to the residents and all who have ever visited Port Hope. The Directors of the Bank are H V Meredith, President; R B Angus, Esq; E B Greenshields, Esq; Sir William Macdonald, Hon Robt Mackay, Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, KCVO, C R Hosmer, Esq; A Baumgarten, Esq; C B Gordon, Esq; H R Drummond, Esq; D Forbes, Esq; Wm McMaster, Esq. SirFrederick Williams-Taylor is the General Manager and A D Braithwaite, Assistant General Manager. The Port Hope branch is under the management of Mr H R Boulton. He is a man of sound judgment in financial matters and solid business principles. He takes an active interest in the progress of Port Hope and is always ready to lend his assistance to any legitimate idea for its advancement.

Bank of Toronto
There are few countries in the world where banking institutions rank higher than those of Canada. Executive ability, combined with judicious enterprise, the constant material growth of our country, and the immense circulation of notes and specia, are the factors contributing to the position attained by the banking houses of the Dominion. Not only the head officers, but most all the branches distributed throughout the country, carry on a flourishing business. In Port Hope the branch of the Bank of Toronto furnishes a good expample. This bank since its establishment in 1856, has been constantly watchful of the needs of its many patrons and has added to its equipment and facilities from time to time thatwhich would enable a better or more prompt service to be rendered. This branch was opened here in 1867 and is under the management of Mr J R Bunting. Since then a constantly increasing business has been carried on. A general banking and savings bank business embraces the scope of operations of this branch. Special attention is paid to farmers, dairymen, and live stock dealers' accounts, etc. A savings bank department is carried on in connection. Interest is allowed half yearly at highest bank rate. Travellers cheques and letters of credit issued for the use of travellers in North America. Money orders and drafts are also available at all points in important cities of the United States and all foreign cities, in the currency of the country drawn upon. The bank has 120 branches in Canada and agencies in all parts of the world. The authorized capital is $10,000,000, capital subscribed $5,000,000.00, capital paid up $5,000,000.00, reserve fund $6,402,810. The Board of Directors are W G Gooderham, President; Hon C S Hyman, Wm Stone, John Macdonald, Lt-Col A E Gooderham, Lt-Col F S Meighen, J L Englehart, William T Gear. Thos F How is general manager, and T A Bird inspector. Mr J R Bunting, the manaager of the Port Hope branch, has had many years' experience in the banking business and is an energetic, painstaking and reliable official. The head office is located in Toronto.

C Batchelor
New and second hand goods are bought and sold by Mr C Batchelor, whose store is eligibly located on Walton Street. Such has been the success of this house since he assumed control two years ago, that today it is regarded as the greatest bargain house in Port Hope. The large patronage is due to the untiring efforts of Mr Batchelor, who devotes his close, personal attention to this business, and his aim to satisfy the general public has been clearly demonstrated. Thus the results have been both beneficial financially to himself and his many patrons. He is prepared to buy or sell furniture of every description, both new and second hand furniture, stoves, carpets, clothing, shoes, crockery, books, etc, in fact everything pertaining to house and personal wear. The prices are well known to be the lowest in the town. A visit to this establishment will convince you of this fact. Mr C Batchelor is an honourable and reliable business man whose persistent efforts have been justly crowned with success.

F H Brown
The business of the grocer is one of constant activity, and ably conducted stores selling goods at popular prices never fail to secure a large patronage. The store of Mr F H Brown is a case in point. He has had 43 years' experience in this line and established himself in business here in 1892. The premises occupied on Walton Street, Phone 48, embrace a modern up-to-date store of large dimensions. By judicious management and carefully looking after the requirements of customers; this house has built up a business of the most substantial character. The store is tastefully fitted up and contains a stock of new, fresh goods, covering the whole range of choice family groceries and provisions, fruits, etc. A specialty is made of teas and coffees, imported direct from place of growth. This establishment is regarded as one of the most complete grocery stores in Port Hope. It is equipped with a Hobart coffee grinder, pulverizer and coffee refiner, one of the best outfits of its kind in Ontario, Vanborkel's slicer, for slicing ham, bacon and cooked meats, also one of the latest modern six drawer National Cash Registers. The motto of the house is 'Quality first, last and always'. Goods are sold at wholesale and retail. This house enjoys a high reputation, and the manner in which it is conducted is a sure guarantee that the patronage it receives is of a steady and substantial nature. Competent and courteous clerks are kept constantly busy attending to the wants of patrons, and all orders are filled and delivered with promptness to any part of the town. The proprietor, Mr F H Brown, is a live, active, hustling business man, and it should be said to his credit that he has won success by deserving it.

E Budge & Sons
The dressy ladies and gentlemen of Port Hope have been particularly favoured - and the town itself - in the possession of one of the finest and smartest tailoring and men's furnishing establishments to be found in this entire vicinity. We would call special attention to the establishment of the above named. Occupying a store comprising three floors of large dimensions, located on Walton Street, utilized for the business, one can readily imagine that this house enjoys a trade of considerable magnitude. This business was originally established in 1851. This firm has built up a trade that extends all over the town and surrounding country. Its clientele embrace many of the best dressed ladies and gentlemen in this section who appreciate the efforts put forth by Messrs E Budge & Sons to keep in the forefront of fashion. In fact this establishment will compare with many leading metropolitan stores of like nature. Special attention is given to ladies tailor made suits to order. A large trade is enjoyed in this line. A well assorted stock of furnishings, hats, caps and furs is also carried. The different departments are neatly fitted up to show the stock to the very best advantage, and goods from all parts of the two continents are in evidence. Messrs E Budge & Sons employ a staff of experienced tailors only and are in a position to cater and attend to the wants of the most exacting.

T B Chalk
In this section of Ontario, the carriage industry may be put down as being of a thoroughly representative character, the products taking rank among those of all Canadian manufacturers. Mr T B Chalk is most favourably and prominently identified with this industry in Port Hope. The business was originally established by the father of the present proprietor in 1845. The goods turned out by Mr Chalk are not excelled for their general excellence of quality, and he enjoys a very large trade, extending throughout Durham and Northumberland Counties. The premises occupied for office and factory, located on Cavan street, are of large dimensions, equipped with modern machinery, and employment is given to a number of skilled and experienced hands. All kinds of carriages, buggies, trucks, wagons, cutters, bobsleighs, etc, are built here, which in design, durability and finish, cannot be excelled anywhere. Mr Chalk is a native of Port Hope, where he was born. He has a thorough and intimate knowledge of the industry in which he is engaged. His trade has been built up solely on the merits of his products, and being an honourable and upright man of business he is highly esteemed in the community.

Thomas Hayden & Son
Port Hope is admirably situated and must necessarily feel the impulse of Canadian progress. The many advantages of transportation by rail or water, together with power in abundance, make it a very desirable location for the manufacturer in every line of business to settle. We desire to make special mention of Thos Hayden & Son, founders and dealers in coal and wood. Castings of all kinds neatly and cheaply made. Plows and farm implements and plow repairs a specialty. This firm handle the celebrated 'Scranton Coal'. The business was originally established in 1855. From the start this concern met with gratifying success. The premises occupied for manufacturing purposes comprise a number of buildings, coal sheds, etc, of large dimensions, thoroughly equipped with every facility for the successful operation of business. Employment is given to a number of experienced mechanics in season. The articles made by Thos Hayden & Son are of such superior quality of material as to make them in constantly increasing demand by their patrons throughout this and surrounding counties. The business is under the sole supervision of Mr R Hayden and by his careful management the success of this enterprise seems well assured.

J G Hughes
A well equipped establishment engaged in tinsmithing, plumbing and furnace work in Port Hope is the one conducted by Mr J G Hughes, located on John Street, Phone 47. He established himself in business here three years ago and the prosperity of the house is today at once substantial and gratifying. The premises occupied comprise a store and workshop of ample dimensions. The house executes orders for tinsmithing, roofing, sheet and metal work of every description in the promptest and most satisfactory manner. A specialty is made of furnace work. None but skilled and experienced workmen are employed, whose labors are closely supervised by the proprietor. In stock is carried a line of plumbing and steam fitting supplies, bath tubs, steam, hot air and water heating apparatus, roofing materials, etc, as well as stoves, ranges, and tinware. He is agent in Port Hope for Clare Bros, stoves, ranges, and furnaces and Pease Economy Furnaces. The assortment is a most desirable one, while the low prices at which all goods are placed commend the house to the favourable consideration of all in whose interest it is operated. Estimates are furnished on application. Mr J G Hughes, the proprietor of this establishment, is well known as a prominent and progressive business man, highly regarded by all.

N E Jennings
Port Hope's popular clothing store under the above title, is well known to all citizens. This business was established by Mr Jennings four years ago. He enjoys a wide reputation for fair dealing and honest endeavor. The store occupied for business purposes is centrally located on Walton Street, and the stock comprises a large, choice and select line of men's, boys and children's clothing, hats, caps, and furnishings. A special feature is made of 'Fit-Rite' tailored clothes, and "Jaeger" Sanitary Woollen Goods, also an endless variety of fashionable staples coincident to the clothing and menswear trade. The goods handled here are all warranted exactly as represented. Every garment in stock is manufactured from good materials, is carefully made up, trimmed and designed in the latest prevailing fashions. Nowhere else in this section can buyers obtain greater advantages or inducements. Mr N E Jennings, the proprietor of this establishment, will be found an experienced merchant and progressive business man. This enterprise is an important addition to the trade resources of Port Hope.

George Manjuris
Tobacconist and Shoe Shine Parlour - A house that is becoming well known in Port Hope, located on Walton Street, engaged in handling cigars and tobaccos of all kinds, is the one carried on by Mr Geo Manjuris. He established himself in business here in August, 1915 and has been most successful. The premises occupied for business purposes are well systemized and neatly adapted for the exceptionally fine stock of high and medium grade cigars and tobaccos of every description. For the home man, for the office man this establishment has the real contentment you are looking for. No biting, no sting, no bad after effects when you smoke or chew the tobaccos you purchase here. The trade of the house is constantly growing and the lowest prices always prevail. In connection Mr Manjuris also conducts an up-to-date shoe shine parlour. Shoes are dyed and hats of all kinds cleaned, made to look like new. The business is under the sole supervision of Mr Geo Manjuris. He will be found honourable in his dealings and is highly respected in trade circles for his energy and integrity.

A Mattice
While practically every item of food included in our daily menus has advanced in price, bread, the most necessary of all, remains the same. The modern housewife now buys her bread, by this method saving herself half of her household labour. One of the leading and popular establishments in Port Hope where the public is always sure of receiving the best and purest goods, coupled with first class attendance, is admittedly the one known under the nbove title, baker and confectioner, on John Street. This old established business has been conducted by Mr Mattice, its present proprietor, since September, 1915. The patronage now includes many prominent families who depend on him for their daily supply of home made bread, buns, cakes, pies, pastry, confectionery, etc. The premises occupied for business comprise a store and bakery of ample dimensions, equipped with the most modern machinery, dough mixer, weigher, etc. The house receives many orders for cakes and bakery supplies for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, banquets, receptions, dinners, etc. The confections will always be found pure and delicious. Several experienced bakers are employed and one wagon is in use for delivery purposes. Meals and light lunches are served, and a large patronage is enjoyed here at all times. The trade extends all over Port Hope and surrounding country. The business is both wholesale and retail. Mr A Mattice is an experienced man. He is becoming well known in Port Hope and highly esteemed in the community.

McMahon's Boat Livery
Apart from the fish business the above named gentleman also conducts a first-class boat livery, located at the harbour. The premises he occupies are commodious and well adapted to the purposes in view, having every convenience and accommodation. From 40 to 50 boats are kept here. During the summer season motors, canoes, row boats, etc, are let for hire, for fishing or pleasure at a reasonable price. Parties wishing to see the process of catching fish are welcome, free of charge. A large pleasure boat is also in service for excursion parties to Gull Light, the large Government light on Lake Ontario, midway between Port Hope and Cobourg.

J T McMahon
Among the various mercantile interests of this town none occupy a more con-spicious position in their special line than that of Mr T J McMahon. This is the most popular market in the town for fresh sea, lake and shell fish of all kinds, oysters, lobsters, etc. Mr McMahon catches mostly all his own fish and does an extensive business in shipping fish to the wholesale trade in season. Goods are received fresh daily, and you can depend on getting the best, and having purchases delivered promptly, one wagon being in constant use. This house possesses every facility for conducting business under the most favourable auspices, being conversant with the wants of the trade and takes advantage of every means whereby patrons can be supplied with the best goods at the lowest possible prices. The trade extends all over this and surrounding counties. The premises occupied on Walton Street, phone 36, are thoroughly equipped for the preservation of perishable goods and for the comfort of patrons. The business, which is an old establishshed one, has been conducted under its present management for four years. Mr T J McMahon, the proprietor, has by his enterprise, energy and liberal dealing, secured a large and constantly increasing patronage.

L & M Millward
In examining the various mercantile establishments of Port Hope which hold a representative position in the business world, we find in its special line such preeminence is commanded by the above well known house as conducted by the Misses L & M Millward, who established themselves in business here 20 years ago. This establishment has been most successful in gaining the favour of the public and has built up a patronage of the most desirable character. The proprietors are ladies of most excellent taste and judgment, and obtain all the newest styles and fashions direct from the leading importers and modistes. The premises occupied on Walton Street are nicely appointed in an attractive manner and provided with every accommodation for the manipulation and display of goods in ladies' shirtwaists, wrappers, skirts, whitewear, underwear, dressing sacques, corsets, general fancy goods, laces, embroidery, wools, ribbons, silks, blouse materials, children's wear, infants' clothes, materials for fancy work, etc. Stamped goods and stamping to order, is given prompt attention. In the millinery department, operated in connection with the business, which is under the supervision of Miss G Millward, a large and select line of all the latest in hats, bonnets, toques, plumes, feathers, artificial flowers, is exhibited in profusion. A number of trimmers are employed in season. Popular prices prevail and the best satisfaction is given. Misses L and M Millward personally have had many years experience and may be considered authorities in the lines carried by them.

H W Mitchell
The Rexall Store - The business of the pharmacist is one requiring a great amount of care and well directed study to prevent any possible mistakes in the compounding of prescriptions or handling of drugs. Among the most competent and popular druggists and chemists in Port Hope must be classed Mr H W Mitchell. He assumed control of this old established business ten years ago. The premises occupied on Walton Street are tastefully and appropriately fitted up for all the requirements of the trade. Here a full line of drugs and chemicals of the finest quality are kept, including proprietary medicines of acknowledged merit and reputation, also fancy and toilet articles, perfumery, etc, as well as fine stationery. From its inception this house has maintained a strong hold on public favour and confidence, steadily winning its way to prominence and prosperity, until now its patronage is of a most substantial character. The proprietor, Mr H W Mitchell, is a graduate of the Ontario College of Pharmacy. He employs competent assistants in the store and gives special and personal attention to the compounding of prescriptions. He will be found an honourable and upright business man in all his dealings and is worthy of the appreciation in which he is held by his friends and patrons. He is also Ticket Agent here for the CNR.

Ontario House
Select and popular, well managed and successful, the Ontario House, located on Ontario Street, has become widely known in this section of Ontario. For many years this house has received a large patronage from the citizens of Port Hope and surrounding country. While the house has been conducted under various managements, it has never known a greater popularity than at the present time, under the proprietorship of Mr Itheel Walter, who is an experienced hotel man and understands the requirements of the trade and enjoys a first-class patronage. The Ontario House is a three storey brick structure, with 20 guest rooms, is electric lighted throughout, equipped with modern lavatory, bathroom, etc. The dining room is most inviting while the table is provided with delicacies of all kinds, the service is unexcelled and an expert chef has charge of the cuisine. The house is centrally located, within easy access to all business places. Special rates are made to permanent guests. A nice line of wines, liquours, ales, beers and cigars is always served here. First class stabling accommodation can also be obtained. Mr Walter, the proprietor, has conducted this house since May, 1915. The air of comfort which pervades at the Ontario House is due to his conduct and efficiency.

Philip & Greenaway
The wholesale trade in fruits, produce, etc, is being rapidly developed, and ranks among our more enterprising pursuits. Port Hope affords a good centre for fruit and produce operations, and among those identified with the trade is that of Messrs Philip & Greenaway. The business has been conducted by the above firm for the past 18 years. This house has built up a nice trade, which extends over a territory covering 150 miles. They are wholesale fruit and produce merchants and deal in fruits and produce of all kinds. The highest cash price paid for eggs is a special feature. Their warerooms are located on John Street, phone 22. The superior facilities enjoyed by this firm, dealing largely, buying for cash, and dealing always directly with farmers and fruit growers, enables them to offer their customers superior inducements. They always handle an excellent class of goods, and are fair and honourable in all their dealings. Personally Messrs F H Philip and W Greenaway, the proprietors, are energetic and thorough men of business, with a record of which they can well afford to feel proud.

Queen's Hotel
People who travel soon learn to appreciate the careful attention and real hospitality that is to be found at a first-class hotel. The tide of travellers who are attracted to the Queen's Hotel declare this to be one of the most home-like, family, hotels, as well as commercial houses, in Central Ontario. Indeed, experienced travellers assert that in this regard it is without a rival between Toronto and Belleville. The Queen's Hotel is one of the pioneer hostelries of Port Hope. It has been conducted by Mr W L Bennett, its present proprietor and manager, since November, 1914. It is a three storey structure, centrally located on Walton Street. The house contains 50 guest rooms, is steam-heated throughout and, under its present management, has been thoroughly modernized and refurnished. Spacious parlours, bright, well-ventilated, comfortably furnished rooms with running hot and cold water, telephone connections, etc, also five large sample rooms for commercial men are prominent features of this establishment. The patronage this house has built up is sufficient evidence of its favourable representation as a popular hostelry. The dining room is large and pleasingly decorated and the service appreciated by every guest. The cafe is provided with the choicest brands of liquours and cigars. Everything about the Queen's Hotel shows good management. Only experienced help is employed, consequently the service is of the highest class.

Henry Reynolds
In the compilation of this review of the chief commercial and general business interests of Port Hope it is the aim of the publisher to give place and prominence to houses, firms and concerns in a relative degree to the standing they maintain in their respective lines of trade, and it is in pursuance of this design that special mention is here made of the widely known and noteworthy establishment of Henry Reynolds, jeweller, watchmaker, optician and diamond merchant, located on Walton Street, whose store is well appointed and of large dimensions. This old established business has been conducted by its present proprietor for 12 years. This house has always maintained a high reputation for the excellence of the goods carried, which includes in the jewelry department a large stock of watches, jewelry, diamonds, and other precious stones handsomely mounted, cut glass, silverware, novelties, souvenir articles, etc. A special feature is made of optical work which is promptly attended to by Mr Reynolds, who is a graduate optician. Jewelry is made to order and repairing of all kinds, engraving work, etc, is artistically done, skilled hands only being employed. During his business career here Mr Reynolds has by his honourable methods and genial manner won the respect of the entire community.

Thomas Roberts
Among the houses contributing very materially to the sum total of trade in Port Hope is the one under the above title by common consent acknowledged to be one of the most reliable of its kind here. Mr Roberts established himself in business here nine years ago. The premises occupied, located on Ontario Street, telephone 113, comprise a store ample in dimensions and neatly fitted up for the proper and systematic conduct of the daily transactions. Mr Roberts gives his close, personal attention to all details of the business. He is a dealer in fresh and salt meats, hams, bacon, sausage, poultry and game in season. A nice fresh stock is carried and the trade is constantly increasing in volume. Competent assistants are employed, who fill orders promptly. Hotels supplied on short notice. The business covers all sections of the town. Personally Mr Thos Roberts will be found a gentleman of enterprise, push and the highest business qualifications.

Royal Hotel
To travellers and visitors who desire to find a good comfortable hotel in Port Hope at moderate rates we recommend the above house, which is located on Mill Street. This old established and popular house has been conducted by Mr J R Heard, its present proprietor, for two years. The premises occupied comprise a three storey building of large dimensions, fitted up with all modern improvements and conveniences. The rooms, thirty in number, have been refurnished and redecorated and the house is well heated throughout. The dining room is nicely fitted up and the tables are liberally supplied with an abundance of food, the best the market affords, which is well cooked and neatly served. It is at all times the aim of the proprietor to make guests thoroughly comfortable in which aim he has met with pronounced success. In the ibar a full line of all kinds of fine wines, liquours, ales, beers, imported and domestic cigars, etc, is kept constantly on hand. Excellent stable accommodation for the public in general will be found in connection in the rear. If you come to Port Hope don't fail to call at the above hotel. Mr Heard will always be found in attendance. He brings to bear a ripe experience on the requirements of the trade and well merits the esteem of patrons for his prompt and careful service.

W A Russell
Port Hope Music Store - Music in the modern home is becoming more the connecting link between the members of the family and the tie that binds the son and daughter to the cultured surroundings which it provides. Culture and refinement which lingers in the home where the sweet toned piano or organ is popular among children and older members go hand in hand with the musical instruments which form their integral parts. When Mr W A Russell established himself in business in Port Hope 26 years ago, he placed at the very doors of its residents, those musical instruments for which they had been longing. That this aim has been done and the goal reached is a fact well known to scores of citizens. Among the leading pianos for which Mr Russell has the agency in Port Hope is the New Scale Williams. He is a general dealer in pianos and player pianos, organs and sewing machines. Special attention given to orders for sheet music. He also has the agency for the Edison Diamond Disc and cylinder phonographs and Columbia graf-anolos. Not only has Mr Russell been successful in placing his institution on a lofty commercial plane in the town and district, but he has extended the zone of operation until the store is now the mecca for many visitors from adjoining places who desire the best in the musical instrument line. The premises occupied for business purposes, located on John Street, are of ample area and fully stocked with a complete line of the goods mentioned. Mr Russell has become a valuable factor in the commerical life of the town and has been found ever ready and willing to aid any merited movement for the betterment and upbuilding of the town he has chosen for his future operations.

A B Skitch
In the business of fine merchant and ladies' tailoring, Mr A B Skitch is said to have attained a high reputation in Port Hope. His many years' experience in the business, coupled to a complete knowledge of what constitutes symmetry of form and beauty of design in wearing apparel has given him a proficiency attained by but few of his competitors and the truth of this is exemplified in the high reputation which the products of this house have attained. The premises occupied, located on Walton Street, are neatly arranged for the display of the goods. Here may be found a nice line of woollens and suitings, embracing the latest patterns of the season, as well as the standard goods generally sought after by those who are more conservative in the character of their dress. Mr Skitch pays particular attention to ladies' tailor made garments of every description, making a leading feature of this line. He carries a large and choice assortment of samples of all the late patterns and styles for ladies and misses to select from, and will guarantee a perfect fit in every instance. The custom of the house is drawn from many of the best citizens of Port Hope and vicinity. Employment is furnished only to skilled tailors, none other being entrusted to make up the garments of this establishment. With the above facilities Mr Skitch is able to guarantee a perfect fit in all instances, reliable goods and workmanship not excelled by any one.

Alonzo W Spooner Limited
This business was originally established in Port Hope in 1884. Since that date this firm has placed on the market a metal known as copperine, which for the purpose for which it is meant, is the best with undisputed proof. Copperine is a purely non-fibrous anti friction metal, made of copper and tin, and is intended to be used by engineers in fitting up axle boxes. The chief difficulty in this respect hitherto was in keeping the axles from heating. Brass, bronze and babbit metal are used, but all have more or less friction, which engenders heat. Copperine is a Canadian made metal, it stumps the world and is covered with patents in Canada and the United States. It possesses such qualities, that it is practically impossible to heat it in a box. It is the best box metal extant and stands any gait, weight or motion. Five grades to do all your work with economy. Tough, Hard, Finest, No 1, and No 2. For heavy journal bearings, crank pins, steamboats, sawmills, roller grist mills, planing mills, and in all good machine work, copperine is to be strongly recommended. This metal holds the highest testimonials from the largest machine manufacturers, owners and users on the continent. Diplomas, awarded by Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Winnipeg, and St John Exhibitions. It is for sale by every good hardware store in the Dominion. This firm also manufacture all grades of plumbers and tinsmiths solders. Branches are maintained at Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, St John, Halifax and Vancouver. The business is under the management of Mr S C Bennett. He is a gentleman of great energy and enterprise and a representative man of business.

Standard Ideal Company Limited
The record of such a large concern as the Standard Ideal Company Limited, belongs to no particular section of the country, but forms an integral part of the rise, development and steady growth of Canadian trade and industry. This business was established in Port Hope in 1903. They are manufacturers of 'Ideal' lines of cast iron, porcelain, enameled, sanitary ware, such as bath tubs, sitz baths, shower baths, lavatories railroad sinks, kitchen sinks, slop hoppers, laundry tubs, urinal ranges, closet ranges, closet combinations, steamship supplies, railway car supplies, hospital appliances, factory wash sinks, etc. So much attention has been paid to the perfecting of its business in these lines since its establishment that the company is confident it possesses the finest plant for the manufacture of the goods mentioned in the Dominion. In fact this is the largest exclusive cast iron enameling sanitary works under the British flag. The buildings utilized for manufacturing purposes are of modern construction, properly fitted up for the work carried on. The entire plant has undergone material changes and substantial additions have been made from time to time. The various departments are all thoroughly equipped with the most up-to-date machinery, tools and appliances known to the trade. Their market extends all over Canada and an export trade is carried on. The general office and factory are located in Port Hope. Branch offices are maintained at Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, London, Eng, Cape Town, SA, Johannesburg, SA, Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, NZ. The history of the Standard Ideal Company, Limited, is inseparably connected with the development of Port Hope, as it has had as much influence in bringing about its present results of greatness as any other manufacturing concern here.

W B Trenouth
A livery business that enjoys the prestige of being one of the best and oldest established in this section of the country is that of the above. The premises occupied are located on Ontario Street, opposite Ontario House, Phone 73. The business has been conducted by Mr W R Tre-nouth for the past twelve years. The stables are up-to-date in every respect. A number of horses are run in connection with them. These animals are all noted for their quietness and good looks, while the vehicles are handsome and well upholstered. The active management of the business is looked after by Mr W R Tre-nouth and a staff of efficient and careful drivers are employed. Special attention is given to weddings and funerals. Surrey driving is made a feature, while commercial men who cover the surrounding country, always have their requirements promptly and carefully attended to. In addition the proprietor has an up-to-date automobile service. Several cars are kept for hire at reasonable rates with careful and civil chauffeurs in charge. While Mr Trenouth does not believe the horses are to be retired, still there is a demand for autos to make the longer trips and some people prefer to use them at all times, as it is the business of this house to supply the public with what it wants, the car service has been added.

H M Van Alstine
No line of industry shows more marked advancement in the last quarter of a century than that of plumbing, hot water heating and steam fitting. In sanitary plumbing especially, have the improvements been noticeable, great study having been devoted to this science which bears such an important relation to the health of the community. A skilled exponent of this industrial trinity in Port Hope we find Mr H M VanAlstine. He established himself in business here four years ago. The premises occupied on Walton St, phone 260, are fully stocked with a nice line of goods, including sinks, closets, bath room supplies, hot water heaters, stoves, furnaces, etc. All work is done under the personal supervision of Mr H M VanAlstine, who is an expert plumbing and heating engineer of many years experience. Skilled assistants are employed and all work is executed in a most satisfactory manner. Estimates are promptly furnished on jobs all over the town and surrounding country, prices being based on the most reasonable scale and first class work guaranteed in every instance.

J L Westaway
'The House of Homes' - Satisfaction to all patrons is the keynote of the success that has attended the efforts of J L Westaway, Port Hope, whose magnificent furniture store is situated on north side Walton Street. This business has been conducted by him for 14 years. It has always been the aim of the proprietor, Mr Westaway, to see that every person entering this store was perfectly satisfied before leaving. This is a policy that has not failed. Today this business stands as a monument to the worthy and honest principles its manager has had in view during the years he has catered to the residents of Port Hope. It is one of the largest furniture stores in the county and the stock carried is extensive and up-to-date. The building itself is a substantial structure, comprising three floors and every part of its interior is nicely furnished. Courteous and willing clerks are always on hand to attend to the wants of customers, and anything in the house-furnishing line can always be secured here at the most reasonable prices. The residents making their purchases at this store can rest assured that whatever they buy it is the best of its kind. The proprietor, Mr J L Westaway, is one of Port Hope's most trustworthy business men, and he is well known in the world of commerce as one who always considers principles before gain. This reputation he has built up after years of straightforwardness and a progressive and honest business policy, until today he stands at the head of an institution that is surpassed by none of its kind in Durham and Northumberland Counties.

W Williamson & Son
The conducting of a liberal, modern business, such as the handling of books, stationery, etc, requires an amount of energy scarcely dreamed of a generation ago. Among those engaged in this branch of trade and who have ever maintained the conduct of a reputable center is that of Williamson & Son, booksellers and stationers, located on Walton Street. Here may he found a full line of books of every description, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, stationery, etc. Job printing work and book binding of all kinds is promptly attended to. This business was originally established upwards of 40 years ago and the large trade the house enjoys has been built upon the enduring basis of equitable dealing and small profits. A noteworthy fact is that the business is constantly increasing and expanding. Mr W Williamson, the proprietor and manager of this establishment has had an extensive experience in the lines he handles and knows how to discriminate to a nicety as to the exact requirements of the trade.

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