Town of Port Hope Directory 1948

In using this directory, it should be noted that numbers run north and south from Walton Street and Ward Street and east and west from the Ganaraska River. The Board of Trade would suggest that the people of Port Hope see that the numbers of their houses are clearly shown on the front of the buildings in prominent positions.
While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, and Voters' Lists followed and checked repeatedly, it is possible that errors have occurred. Will any person noting errors or omissions please report same to the Board of Trade office on Walton Street so that corrections may be made in future editions? It is the intention of the Board of Trade to issue revisions periodically, and with this in mind it is vital that we be informed of all changes of address. The Board of Trade wish to thank any who have assisted in corrections in this directory and trust that it will be found of value to those who make use of it.
The price of this directory is based on the cost of production, which was lessened considerably through the support of business, industrial and professional firms whose names appear in the Classified Section. May we urge that you support these firms, who have shown their faith in the town, by subscribing to this edition?
Port Hope, Ontario  August, 1948
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Public Bodies
Explanation.—In the following pages, T.C.S. stands for Trinity College School
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Abrahams, C., labourer, 83 Walton
Abrams, Charles, section foreman, 43 Ward
Abrams, Mrs. Charles, 43 Ward
Ackers, Conley, waiter, 101 John
Ackers, Mrs. Conley, 101 John
Acorn, Cameron, mechanic, 25 Smith
Acorn, Mrs. Cameron, 25 Smith
Adair, J., retired, 36 Cavan
Adair, Mrs. J., 36 Cavan
Adamson, Allan, welder, 66 Smith
Adamson, Mrs. Allan, 66 Smith
Adamson, Delbert, enameller, 4 Deblaquire
Adamson, Mrs. Delbert, 4 Deblaquire
Adamson, Jas., retired, 76 Charles
Adamson, Mrs. J., 76 Charles
Aisthorpe, Jack, retired, Pidgeon Hill
Aldis, Miss Florence, file worker, 71 Walton
Aldred, Miss Joy, 37 John
Aldrich, Mrs. A. B., widow, 7 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Aldrich, Arthur, bank clerk, 7 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Alexander, Arthur, mechanic, 114 Charles
Alexander, Mrs. Arthur, 114 Charles
Allen, Fred, 11 Victoria
Allen, Alva, factory worker, 11 Victoria
Allender, Samuel, labourer, 85 Bruton
Allender, Florence, 85 Bruton
Allender, L., mechanic, 85 Bruton
Allison, Frank, labourer, 10 Brown
Ambrose, Mrs. Thomas, widow, 3 Ward
Anderson, Mrs. Dolly, 81 Shuter
Anderson, Norman C., highway insp., 18 Walton
Anderson, Mrs. Norman C., 18 Walton
Anderson, Miss Freda, stenographer, 18 Walton
Anderson, William, Dept. Highways, 5 King
Anderson, Mrs. Wm., 5 King
Anderson, Peter, labourer, 42 Ward
Anderson, Sid., labourer, 10 Ward
Anderson, Mrs. Sid., 10 Ward
Andrews, Alfred E., retired, 99 Mill
Andrews, Mrs. Alfred E., 99 Mill
Annable, Mrs. E. J., widow, 107 Sherbourne
Ansell, Mrs. Harry, widow, 37 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Ansell, Miss Elsie, packer, 37 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Anstey, Gus, carpenter, 77 Elgin
Anstey, Mrs. Gus, 77 Elgin
Archer, Robert, labourer, 106 Bruton
Archibald, David, enameller, 46 Charles
Archibald, Mrs. David, 46 Charles
Archibald, James, cleaner, 101 John
Argue, Mrs. Emma, 40 Charles
Arkless, James, fileworker, 7 Armour
Arkless, Mrs. James, 7 Armour
Armstrong, Hadley, teacher T.C.S., 17 Hope N.
Armstrong, Mrs. Hadley, 17 Hope N.
Armstrong, Harry, clerk, 86 Charles
Armstrong, Jack, waiter, 24 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Armstrong, Mrs. Jack, 24 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Armstrong, Wm. Henry, pattern maker, 81 Pine
Armstrong, Mrs. Wm. Henry, 81 Pine
Armstrong, Miss Adeline, stenographer, 81 Pine
Armstrong, William, accountant, 70 Charles
Armstrong, Mrs. William, 70 Charles
Ashby, Charles, labourer, 32 Sherbourne
Ashby, Mrs. Charles, 32 Sherbourne
Ashby, George, file maker, 32 Sherbourne
Ashby, Charles, Jr., labourer, 32 Sherbourne
Ashby, Leonard, file grinder, 32 Sherbourne
Ashby, Mrs. G. W., 40 Sherbourne
Ashcroft, Richard, clerk, 201 Walton
Ashton, Cyrus, labourer, Cavan rear
Ashton, Mrs. Cyrus, Cavan rear
Ashton, Henry, salesman, 25 Victoria N.
Ashton, Mrs. Henry, 25 Victoria N.
Astley, Douglas, bank clerk, 18 McCaul
Astley, Mrs. Douglas, 18 McCaul
Atchison, Wm. retired, 77 Elgin
Atchison, Mrs. Wm., 77 Elgin
Austin, Aubrey, farmer, 83 Deblaquire
Austin, Mrs. Aubrey, 83 Deblaquire
Austin, Mrs. Edith, widow, 72 Bramley
Austin, H., factory worker, 24 William
Austin, Mrs. H., 24 William
Austin, Mrs. Fred, widow, 11 Choate
Austin, Ernest G., farmer, 64 Ellen
Austin, Mrs. Matilda E., 64 Ellen
Austin, William, cashier, 83 Dorset W.
Austin, Mrs. William, 83 Dorset W.
Austin, Arthur, cartage, 95 Charles
Austin, Frank, file maker, 20 Smith
Austin, Mrs. Frank, 20 Smith
Austin, Mrs. Edward, 11 Bloomsgrove
Austin, Edward, 11 Bloomsgrove
Austin, Fred, retired, 11 Blomsgrove
Austin, Mrs. Fred, 11 Bloomsgrove
Austin, Gus, carpenter, 26 Ward
Austin, Mrs. Gus, 26 Ward
Austin, Lloyd, enameler, 96 Hope
Austin, Mrs. Lloyd, 96 Hope

Bagley, Rev. E. R., teacher, T.C.S.
Bagley, Mrs. E. R., T.C.S.
Bailey, A., factory worker, 279 Ridout
Bailey, Mrs. A., 279 Ridout
Bailey, Reginald, filemaker, 279 Ridout
Bailey, R. W. clerk, 86 Strachan
Bailey, Mrs. R. W., 86 Strachan
Bailey, Fred, labourer, 7 Victoria
Bailey, Mrs. Fred, 7 Victoria
Bailey, Miss Janet, nurses aid, 39 Ward
Baines, Miss K., 18 Julia
Baker, Russell, labourer, 39 John
Baker, Mrs. Russell, 39 John
Baldwin, Joseph, labourer, 35 Smith
Baldwin, Mrs. Joseph, 35 Smith
Baldwin, Robert, bank clerk, 71 Dorset E.
Baldwin, Mrs. Robert, 71 Dorset E.
Bales, Frank, labourer, 128 John
Bales, Mrs. Frank, 128 John
Ball, James, factory worker, 293 Ridout
Ball, Mrs. James, 293 Ridout
Ballard, Miss Doris, Clerk, 43 Mill
Ballard, Henry G., caretaker, P.H. Hospital
Ballett, Abraham J., merchant, 40 Pine S.
Ballet, Mrs. Abraham J., 40 Pine S.
Baptist, Glen, waiter, 23 John
Baptist, Mrs. Glen, 23 John
Barber, Elizabeth, 168 King
Barfoot, Miss W., pastor, 113 Walton
Barker, Mrs. Charles, 29 Harcourt
Barkwell, Cecile, 48 Harcourt
Barkwell, G. Herbert, 86 John
Barkwell, Mrs. Phoebe, widow, 53 Bramley
Barnett, George, file maker, 30 Robertson
Barnett, Mrs. George, 30 Robertson
Barrett, Allan, butcher, 6 Bramley N.
Barrett, Mrs. Allan, 6 Bramley N.
Barrett, Miss J. M., 85 Brown
Barrett, H., labourer, 83 Walton
Baskey, James, labourer, 13 McCaul
Baskey, Mrs. James, 13 McCaul
Baskey, Leo, labourer, 132 Walton
Baskey, Florence, housewife, 132 Walton
Baskey, W. M., labourer, 63 Mill
Baskey, Mrs. W. M., 63 Mill
Basset, Mrs. Violet, widow, 7 Bramley
Bassett, Mrs. Fanny, widow, 2 Sherbourne
Bate, Cecil, 81 Dorset, W.
Bate, Mrs. Cecil, 81 Dorset W.
Bate, Gordon, 81 Dorset W.
Bate, Murray, taxi driver, 22 Deblaquire
Bate, Mrs. Murray, 22 Deblaquire
Bateman, Mrs. Willa, 130 Walton
Bates, Clifton C., post master, 68 Molson
Bates, Mrs. Clifton C., 68 Molson
Bates, Charles, factory worker, 289 Ridout
Bates, Miss Lila, factory worker, 289 Ridout
Bathgate, Geo., mechanic, 76 Hope N.
Bathgate, Mrs. Geo., 76 Hope N.
Batt, Samuel J., physicial director, 86 Hope N.
Batt, Mrs. Agnes, housewife, 86 Hope N.
Battersby, Stanley, foreman, 208 Walton
Battersby, Mrs. Stanley, 208 Walton
Baulch, Mrs. Clara, 94 Bedford
Baulch, Mrs. Laura, 100 Bedford
Baulch, Fred, retired, 25 Peter
Baverstock, Mrs. Thelma, 112 Sherbourne
Baxter, Mrs. J., widow, 108 Strachan
Baxter, Mrs. Horace, 108 Strachan
Baxter, Mrs. James, widow, 8 Elizabeth
Baxter, James Arthur, 8 Elizabeth
Baxter, Miss Irene, clerk, 8 Elizabeth
Baxter, Ronald B., magistrate, 31 Bedford
Baxter, Mrs. Ronald, 31 Bedford
Baxter, William, 243 Victoria
Baxter, Mrs. William, 243 Victoria
Beardsley, Noel, inspector, 19 Park
Beardsley, Mrs. Noel, 19 Park
Beatty, Caroline, 9 Smith
Beatty, Mrs. James E., 36 Pine
Beatty, Harold, bookkeeper, 71 Hope N.
Beatty, Mrs. Harold, 71 Hope N.
Beatty, Miss Lulu, stenographer, 71 Hope N.
Beatty, Mrs. Lucilia, widow, 71 Hope N.
Beatty, William, retired, 59 Francis
Beatty, W., labourer, 132 Walton
Beatty, Mrs. William, widow, 143 Walton
Bebee, Enid, 159 Bruton
Beech, Everett, machinist, 265 Hope N.
Beech, Mrs. Everett, 265 Hope N.
Beer, E. Manley, labourer, 188 Cavan
Beer, John, jeweller, 16 Cavan
Beer, Mrs. John, 16 Cavan
Beer, Erwin, labourer, 240 Walton
Beer, Mrs. Mary, 240 Walton
Behm, C. A., mechanic, 16 Deblaquire
Behm, Mrs. C. A., 16 Deblaquire
Behm, Chas., labourer, 106 Hope S.
Behm, Mrs. Chas., 106 Hope S.
Behm, Harold, salesman, 166 Bruton
Behm, Mrs. Harold, 166 Bruton
Beighton, George, labourer, 96 Sherbourne
Beighton, Mabel, housekeeper, 96 Sherbourne
Bell, Annie, widow, 88 King
Bell, F W., retired, 30 Walton
Bell, Mrs. F. W., 30 Walton
Bell, Sid, mechanic, 26 Ward
Belyea, Fred, fish dealer, 192 Walton
Belyea, Mrs. Fred, 192 Walton
Belyea, Miss Annamarie, bank clerk, 192 Walton
Bemma, Mike, labourer, Hope S.
Bemma, Mrs. Mike, Hope S.
Bench, Reuben, labourer, 30 Alexander
Bench, Mrs. Reuben, 30 Alexander
Bennett, Harvey, file maker, 194 John
Bennett, Mrs. Edward, widow, 194 John
Bennett, George, gardener, 230 Hope N.
Bennett, Mrs. Margaret, housewife, 230 Hope N.
Bennett, S. C., manager, 30 North
Bennett, Mrs. S. C., 30 North
Benson, Mrs. Clara, widow, 53 Bramley
Benson, Miss Clara, 100 Dorset W.
Benson, Mrs. C., general help, P.H. Hospital
Benson, Mrs. H. W., widow, 126 Walton
Benson, J. B., physician, 126 Walton
Bentley, William, labourer, 21 Shuter
Bentley, Ellen, housewife, 21 Shuter
Berard, E., labourer, 71 Walton
Berard, Mrs. E., 71 Walton
Berry, Wilbur, mechanic, 160 Ontario
Berry, Mrs. Helen B., housewife, 166 Ontario
Berry, Lawrence, postman, 82 Hope N.
Berry, Mrs. Lawrence, 82 Hope N.
Berry, R. M., chemical engineer, 58 Sherbourne
Berry, Mrs. R. M., 58 Sherbourne
Best, Clifford, merchant, 216 Walton
Best, Mrs. Clifford, 216 Walton
Bigelow, P. J., teacher, 53 Thomas
Bigelow Mrs. P. J., 53 Thomas
Bircham, G. H., clerk, 20 King
Bircham, Mrs. G. H., 20 King
Bircham, W. G., draftsman, 93 Ontario
Bircham, Mrs. W. G., 93 Ontario
Bird, H. J., manager, 15 Brown
Bird, Mrs. H. J., 15 Brown
Bird, Jas., mechanic, 18 Walton
Bird, Mrs. Jas., 18 Walton
Bird, Leonard, foreman, 46 Catherine
Bird, Mrs. Leonard, 46 Catherine
Bird, Lewis, file cutter, 46 Catharine
Birks, James, Dept. Highways, 35 Caroline
Birks, Mrs. James, 35 Caroline
Bishop, P. R., teacher, 77 Augusta
Bishop, Mrs. P. R., 77 Augusta
Bisset, William, engineer, 46 Dorset E.
Bisset, Mrs. William, 46 Dorset E.
Bisset, Robert, 46 Dorset E.
Black, Miss A., pastor, 113 Walton
Black, Mrs. Julia, widow, 175 Dorset W.
Black, J. W., labourer, 38 Bruton
Black, Mrs. J. W., 38 Bruton
Black, Harry, 31 Hope S.
Black, Miss Theodora, teacher, 31 Hope S.
Black, Hilton, labourer, 121 Elgin S.
Black, Mrs., Hilton, 121 Elgin S.
Black, Mrs., Isabella, widow, 82 Molson
Black, John, gardener, 82 Molson
Black, Reginald, gardener, 82 Molson
Black, William, gardener, 74 Molson
Black, Mrs. William, 74 Molson
Black, L. J., straightener, 98 Dorset E.
Black, Mrs. L. J., 98 Dorset E.
Blackadore, John, mechanic, 36 Cavan
Blackhorn, Mrs., 35 Baldwin
Blackwell, Stanley, file maker, 29 Harris
Blackwell, Mrs. Stanley, 29 Harris
Blaker, Mrs. Samuel, 166 John
Bland Thos., labourer, 18 John
Bletcher, Mrs. W. S., widow, 30 Walton
Blizzard, B. S., printer, 59 King
Blizzard, Mrs. B. S., 59 King
Blow, Harold, draftsman, 26 Princess
Blow, Merton, grinder, 178 John
Blow, Mrs. Merton, 178 John
Blow, William, foreman, 168 John
Blow, Mrs. William, 168 John
Boate, Kenneth, labourer, 116 Strachan
Boate, Mrs. Kenneth, 116 Strachan
Boggs, R., plant operator, 172 Bruton
Boggs, Mrs. R., 172 Bruton
Boland, Mrs. M. C., nurse, 32 Ward
Bone, Cecil, file tester, 117 Bruton
Bone, Mrs. Cecil, 117 Bruton
Bone, Howard, file cutter, 73 Charles
Bone, Mrs. Howard, 73 Charles
Bone, Lloyd, file cutter, 67 Harcourt
Bone, Mrs. Lloyd, 67 Harcourt
Bone, Wesley, retired, 41 Bramley N.
Bone, Mrs. Wesley, 41 Bramley N.
Boney, Leo, bookkeeper, 142 Walton
Boney, Mrs. L. W., 142 Walton
Bongard, Harry, clerk, 49 Ontario
Bongard, Mrs. Harry, 49 Ontario
Bongard, Jack, clerk, 49 Ontario
Bonner, Clifford, labourer, 42 Margaret
Bonneville, W. E., barrister, 92 Augusta
Bonneville, Mrs. W. E., 92 Augusta
Booth, Rachel Mrs. widow, 188 Cavan
Boudreau, Donet, electrician, 15 Willian
Boudreau, Mrs. Donet, 15 William
Boughen, Mrs. Jessie, widow, 44 Hope
Boughen, W., labourer, 6 Ward
Boughen, Miss Charlotte, 6 Ward
Boulden, Charles H., Clergyman, 61 Hope N.
Boulden, Mrs. Charles H., 61 Hope N.
Bounding, Mrs. F., widow, 142 Walton
Bourne, Mrs. John, 59 Toronto Rd.
Bouskill, Mrs. Dorothy, hairdresser, 7 Walton
Bouskill, Fred N., gauge reader, 110 Ward
Bouskill, Robt. J., gardener, 26 Deblaquire N.
Bouskill, Mrs. Robert J., 26 Deblaquire N.
Bowen, Mrs. R. E., cutter, 14 North
Bowen, Stanley, file maker, 12 Mill S.
Bowen, Miss Alice, 12 Mill S.
Bowler, Timothy, retired, 42 Marsh
Box A. V., enameler, 150 Ontario
Box Mrs. Vera, housewife, 150 Ontario
Box William labourer, 150 Ontario
Box, Miss Olive R., stenographer, 150 Ontario
Box, John, fruit grower, 268 Ontario
Box, Mrs. John, 268 Ontario
Box, George, engineer, 268 Ontario
Box, Miss Audrey, stenographer, 268 Ontario
Box, Miss M. J., housekeeper, 40 Martha
Braaton, Everett, chemist, 23 Baldwin
Braaton, Mrs. Everett, 23 Baldwin
Brackenbury, G., headmaster high school, 67 Dorset W.
Brackenbury, Mrs. George, 67 Dorset W.
Brackenbury, Miss Grace, chemist, 67 Dorset W.
Bradley, Samuel, Sr., stock keeper, 5 Deblaquire
Bradley, Mrs. Samuel, Sr 5 Deblaquire
Bradshaw, Fred, retired, 38 Elgin N.
Bradshaw, Mrs. Fred, 38 Elgin N.
Bradshaw, Ambrose, mechanic, 38 Elgin N.
Bradshaw, Mrs. Ambrose, 38 Elgin N.
Brandwood, Edgar, sign writer, 121 Strachan
Brandwood, Mrs. Edgar, 121 Strachan
Brandwood, Arthur, painter, 121 Strachan
Bray, Emma, Mrs, widow, 213 Walton
Bray, Mrs. Earl, 40 Harcourt
Bray, Mrs. Norma, 81 Shuter
Bray, Stanley, file maker, 29 Shuter
Bray, Mrs. Stanley, 29 Shuter
Bray, W. E., clerk, 82 Dorset E.
Bray, Mrs. W.E., 82 Dorset E.
Brereton, Charles H., file worker, 122 Charles
Brereton, Mrs Charles H., 122 Charles
Brewer Chas retired, 150 Dorset
Brewer, Mrs. Chas., 150 Dorset
Briand, Leo, welder, 169 Cavan
Briand, Mrs. Leo, 169 Cavan
Brice, Reginald, labourer, 67 Molson
Brice, Mrs. Reginald, 67 Molson
Brickell, Sidney, retired, 83 Sherbourne
Brickell, Mrs. Sidney, 83 Sherbourne
Brickman, Asa, welder, 32 Robertson
Brickman, Mrs. Asa, 32 Robertson
Briden, F. H. factory mgr., 188 Dorset W.
Briden, Mrs. F. H., 188 Dorset W
Bridges, Edward, filemaker, 29 North
Bridges, Mrs. Edward, 29 North
Bridges, Percy, file maker, 157 Ontario
Bridges, Mrs. Evelyn, housewife, 157 Ontario
Bridges, Wm. C., retired, 110 Elgin S.
Bridges, Mrs. Wm. C., 110 Elgin S.
Brisbin, H. E. fisherman, 74 Sherbourne
Brisbin, Mrs. H. E., 74 Sherbourne
Brisson, Conrad, labourer, 64 Alexander
Britton, E. G. bank mgr,. 250 Ridout
Britton, Mrs. E. G., 250 Ridout
Broadbent, A. H., baker, 12 Ontario
Broadbent, Mrs. A. H., 12 Ontario
Broadbent, Mrs. Sarah, widow, 37 Bramley N.
Brockenshire, George, file cutter, 48 Brown
Brockenshire, Mrs. George, 48 Brown
Brockenshire, William, hardener, 46 Brown
Brockenshire, Mrs. W., 46 Brown
Brook, George, clerk, 31 Margaret
Brook, Mrs. Irene, 31 Margaret
Brooking, Allan, labourer, 67 Smith
Brooking, Mrs. Allan, 67 Smith
Brooklyn, James, labourer, Arthur
Brooklyn, Mrs. Jas., Arthur
Brooks, Fred, personnel manager, 32 Barrett
Brooks, Mrs. Fred, 32 Barrett
Brooks, R. B., employment officer, 24 Walton
Brooks, Mrs. R. B., 24 Walton
Brooks, Miss D., clerk, 24 Walton
Brooks, Wilbert, retired, 5 Bloomsgrove
Brooks, Mrs. Wilbert, 5 Bloomsgrove
Brown, A. H., labourer, 11 Hill
Brown, Mrs. A. H., 11 Hill
Brown, A. L., asst. secretary, 82 Pine S.
Brown, Mrs. A. L., 82 Pine S
Brown, Arnold D., 219 Yeoville
Brown, Mrs. Arnold D., 219 Yeoville
Brown, Hilda, 48 Bramley
Brown, Cyril, grocer, 77 Ward
Brown, Mrs. Cyril, 77 Ward
Brown, Alan, clerk, 77 Ward
Brown, Mrs. Ed., widow, 80 Dorset W.
Brown, Elmo, waiter, 70 Alexander
Brown, Mrs. Elmo, 70 Alexander
Brown, Ethel M., 33 Hope N.
Brown, George E., 38 Smith
Brown, Mrs. George E., 38 Smith
Brown, H., caretaker, 2 Ward
Brown, Mrs. H., 2 Ward
Brown, James H., retired, 42 Margaret
Brown, Mrs. Maude, housewife, 42 Margaret
Brown, Kent, 18 William
Brown, Mrs. Kent, 18 William
Brown, Leo, machinist, 15 Park
Brown, Mrs. Leo, 15 Park
Brown, Mrs. M. E., widow, 70 Brown
Brown, Mrs. R. S., widow, 100 Walton
Brown, Miss A., clerk, 100 Walton
Brown, E. H., grocer, 100 Walton
Brown, Miss M., housekeeper, 100 Walton
Brown, William C., 64 Shuter
Brown, Lila M, housewife, 64 Shuter
Brown, Wm. R., linotype operator, 62 Francis
Brown, Mrs. W. R., 62 Francis
Brown, Mrs. Agnes, 60 Francis
Brown, Robert, clerk, 40 Walton
Brown, Mrs. Robert, 40 Walton
Brown, Thos., painter, 30 Ontario
Brown, Vernon, mechanic, 16 Deblaquire
Brown, Mrs. Vernon, 16 Deblaquire
Brown, Gordon C., chemical engineer, 12 Ward
Brown, Mrs. Marguerite E., 12 Ward
Browne, Orr C., garage mgr., 160 Walton
Browne, Mrs. Orr C., 160 Walton
Brownlee, Henry, retired, 5 Pine N.
Brownlee, Mrs. Henry, 5 Pine N.
Brownlee, James C., 5 Pine N.
Brownlee, Janet, teacher, 5 Pine N.
Bruce, Walter, carpenter, 8 Bedford
Bruce, Mrs. Walter, 8 Bedford
Bryan, William, clerk, 18 John
Bryans, Lawrence, factory worker, 139 Ontario
Bryans, Mrs. Mary, housewife, 139 Ontario
Bryant, B. R., engineer, 187 Walton
Bryant, Mrs. B. R., 187 Walton
Buckett, Wm. Edward, labourer, 141 King
Buckley, Mrs. F. B., widow, 172 Dorset W.
Buckley, H. E., clerk, 30 Bloomsgrove
Buckley, Mrs. H. E., 30 Bloomsgrove
Budd, William, engineer, 141 Ontario
Budd, Mrs Irene, housewife, 141 Ontario
Budge, Miss Alice, 70 Brown
Budge, Miss Mary, 70 Brown
Budge, Mrs. Sidney, widow, 82 Augusta
Budge, Reid, 82 Augusta
Budge, Mrs. Reid, 82 Augusta
Budson, Michael, labourer, 73 Mill
Budson, Mrs. Michael, 73 Mill
Bulkowski, Peter, foreman, 39 Hayward
Bulkowski, Mrs. Peter, 39 Hayward
Bulkowski, Nick, labourer, 40 Hayward
Bull, H. W., salesman, 64 Sherbourne
Bull, Mrs. H. W., 64 Sherbourne
Bullock, Douglas, chemist, 77 Augusta
Bullock, Mrs. Douglas, 77 Augusta
Burge, Mrs. S. J., chemist, 45 Bloomsgrove
Burger, J. C., factory supt., 70 Pine
Burger, Mrs. J. C., 70 Pine
Burgess, Allen, 107 Hope S.
Burgess, Mrs. Allen, 107 Hope S.
Burley, A., engineer, 62 Cavan
Burley, Mrs. A., 62 Cavan
Burley, E. A., 60 Cavan
Burley, Mrs. E. A., 60 Cavan
Burley, Mrs. Charles, widow, 67 Dorset W.
Burley, Fred, guard, 201 Walton
Burley, Clarence, labourer, 11 North
Burley, Mrs. Clarence, 11 North
Burley, Eric labourer, 13 Walton
Burley, Mrs. Eric, 13 Walton
Burley, Roland, labourer, 201 Walton
Burley, William, retired, 4 Croft
Burness, Roy C., estimator, Pine N.
Burness, Mrs. Roy C., Pine N.
Burnham, Miss Grace, 168 Walton
Burns, J. D., teacher, T.C.S.
Burns, Mark, labourer, 318 Ridout
Burrows Mrs. James, widow, 173 Cavan
Burt, Mrs. W. J., widow, 4 Baldwin
Burtch, John, Sr., carpenter, 95 Ward
Burtch, Mrs. John, 95 Ward
Burtch, Clifford, mechanic, 31 Walton
Burtch, Mrs. Clifford, 31 Walton
Bushell, C., labourer, 54 Charles
Bushell, Mrs. C., 54 Charles
Butler, Pierre, labourer, 27 Harcourt
Butler, Emmet, labourer, 27 Harcourt
Butler, Margaret, housekeeper, 27 Harcourt

Caldwell, Mrs. E., widow, 213 Walton
Caldwell, George E., retired, 78 Brown
Caldwell, Miss Isabell, 46 King
Caldwell, S. R., retired, 194 Walton
Caldwell, Mrs. R., 194 Walton
Caldwell, Walter A., 7 Hagerman
Caldwell, Mrs. Walter A., 7 Hagerman
Campbell, George, mechanic, T.C.S.
Campbell, Hugh, fisherman, Mill
Campbell, Erskine, fisherman, Mill
Campbell, James, real estate, 20 Bramley N.
Campbell, Mrs. James, 20 Bramley N.
Campbell, John, fisherman, 77 Dorset W.
Campbell, Mrs. John, 77 Dorset W
Campbell, Robert, tanner, 32 Toronto Rd.
Campbell, Mrs. Robert, 32 Toronto Rd.
Campbell, Miss Florence, Reg. Nurse, 21 King
Campbell, William A., retired, 21 King
Campbell, Mrs. Neil, widow, 109 Elgin N.
Cancilla, Dominic, 13 Walton
Cancilla, Mrs. Dominic, 13 Walton
Cancilla, Mrs. Sam, widow, 161 Cavan
Cancilla, James, 161 Cavan
Cancilla, Mrs. James, 161 Cavan
Cancilla, Charles, labourer, 161 Cavan
Cancilla, Anthony, labourer, 12 Elgin N.
Cancilla, Mrs. Anthony, 12 Elgin N.
Cann, Leo, fruit grower, 105 Charles
Cann, Mrs. Leo, 105 Charles
Cann, Fred, labourer, 37 Queen
Cann, Mrs. Fred, 37 Queen
Capener, Fred, steelworker, 83 Mill
Capener, Mrs. Fred, 83 Mill
Capistula, Harry, labourer, 186 John
Cappler, Roy, 83 Ward
Cappler, Mrs. Roy, 83 Ward
Carcaud, R. S., radio repairs, 13 McCaul
Carcaud, Mrs. R. S., 13 McCaul
Carmax, Wm. clerk, 33 Hope
Carr, Eric, asst. supt., 38 John
Carr, Mrs. Eric, 38 John
Carr, Harold, stoker, 125 Elgin
Carr, Mrs. Harold, 125 Elgin
Carr, Mrs. Alfred H., 15 Deblaquire S.
Carr, Mrs. J. W., widow, 104 Walton
Carr, Lyall, clothier, 34 John
Carr, Mrs. Lyall, 34 John
Carr, Roy A., 104 Dorset E
Carr, Mrs. Roy A., 104 Dorset E.
Carr, William, grocer, 118 John
Carr, Mrs. William, 118 John
Carr, Bruce, labourer, 32 North
Carr, Mrs. Bruce, 32 North
Carr, Mrs. Bruce, 81 Bramley
Carr, James, clerk, 47 Bloomsgrove
Carr, Mrs. James, 47 Bloomsgrove
Carr, Stewart, mechanic, 57 King
Carr, Mrs. Stewart, 57 King
Carroll, William, retired, 76 Dorset W.
Carroll, Mrs. William, 76 Dorset W.
Carruthers, Mrs. Clara, widow, 10 Sullivan
Carruthers, Keith, pay clerk, 310 Ridout
Carruthers, Mrs. Keith, 310 Ridout
Carson, W. C., merchant, 19 Bloomsgrove
Carson, Mrs. W. C., 19 Bloomsgrove
Cartwright, William, gardener, 46 Pine
Cartwright, Mrs. William, 46 Pine
Casey, Allan, clerk, 79 Mill
Casey, Mrs. Allan, 79 Mill
Cassell, K F., labourer, 49 Shuter
Cassell Mrs. K. F., 49 Shuter
Castle, W. B., 210 Hope N
Castle, Mrs. Ruth, housewife, 210 Hope N.
Castle, William, mechanic, 210 Hope N.
Castle, Norman, gardener, 210 Hope N.
Castle, Kenneth, R., mechanic, 210 Hope N.
Chalk, R., clerk, 7 South
Chalk, Miss H., housekeeper, 7 South
Charles, David, labourer, 48 Elgin
Charles, Mrs. David, 48 Elgin
Chatten, Harold, chemical operator, 19 Bramley N.
Chatten, Mrs. Harold, 19 Bramley N
Chatterson, Douglas, enameler, 24 Princess
Chatterson, Mrs. Douglas, 24 Princess
Chesher, A. J., retired, 16 Ross
Chesher, Mrs. A. J., 16 Ross
Chesher, Douglas L., 16 Ross
Chesher, Mrs. William J., widow, 70 Princess
Chesterton, Percy, labourer, Hope
Chestnut ,Lorne, truck driver, 18 Bramley N.
Chestnut, Mrs. Lorne, 18 Bramley
Chestnut, Austin, clerk, 31 Princess
Chestnut, Mrs. Austin, 31 Princess
Chisholm, Mrs. D. H., 94 Dorset
Chisholm, Patricia, 94 Dorset
Chislett, W. H grocer, 249 Ridout
Chislett, Mrs. W. H., 249 Ridout
Chislett, Harold, foreman, 9 Seymour
Chislett, Harold, Jr. 9 Seymour
Chislett, Jack, 159 Bruton
Chislett, Mrs. Jack, 159 Bruton
Choate, Norman, retired, 64 Brown
Christie, Mrs. A. J., widow, 247 Ridout
Christie, George, file foreman, 70 Princess
Christie, Mrs. George, 70 Princess
Churchley, Cy, jeweller, McCaul
Churchley, Mrs. Cy, McCaul
Churchley, Mrs. Stan, 279 Walton
Clack, Geoffrey, 24 Barrett
Clack, Mrs. Geoffrey, 24 Barrett
Clapp, William, 12 King
Clapp, Mrs. William, 12 King
Clark, Fred, labourer, 72 Molson
Clark, Mrs. Fred, 72 Molson
Clark, Kay, postal clerk, 72 Molson
Clark, Harold, machinist 83 Strachan
Clark, Mrs. Harold, 83 Strachan
Clark, Harris, truck driver, 54 Sherbourne
Clark, Mrs. Harris, 54 Sherbourne
Clark, Mrs. Matt, 158 Bruton
Clark, Percy, 67 Sherbourne
Clark, Elwood, 67 Sherbourne
Clark, Cecil, mechanic, 67 Sherbourne
Clark, Willis, labourer, 67 Sherbourne
Clark, Mrs. Willis, 67 Sherbourne
Clark, Mrs. R., teacher, 21 Brown
Clark, Willard, file forger, 120 Bruton
Clark, Hilliard, labourer, 120 Bruton
Clark, Edward, enameller, 122 Peter
Clark, Gertrude, 122 Peter
Clarke, Atholl, machinist, 45 Bruton
Clarke, Mrs. Atholl, 45 Bruton
Clarke, Frank, plant operator, 30 Julia
Clayton, Cliff, factory worker, 211 Walton
Clayton, Mrs. Cliff, 211 Walton
Cleary, Charles, chemist, 122 Walton
Cleary, Mrs. J. J., housewife, 28 Caroline
Clement, John, dairy salesman, 67 Cumberland
Clement, Mrs. John, 67 Cumberland
Clement, John, guard, 19 Harcourt
Clement, Mrs. John , 19 Harcourt
Cluff, Mrs. Bertha, widow, 292 Ridout
Coates, Madeline, 159 Bruton
Cohu, Edmund, organist, 196 Walton
Cole, Benjamin, labourer, 42 College
Cole, Henry E., fireman, 164 Hope
Cole, Mrs. Ruby, housewife, 164 Hope
Cole, Miss Margaret, shipping clerk, 39 Princess
Coleman, Robert A., electrician, 157 King
Coleman, Mrs. Alma, 157 King
Coleman, Robert, barber, 22 John
Coleman, Mrs. Robert, 22 John
Collett, Miss Miriam, housekeeper, 48 King
Collins, Gerald welder, 156 Walton
Collins, Mrs. Gerald, 156 Walton
Collins, James, labourer, 162 Yeoville
Collins, Mrs. James, 162 Yeoville
Collins, Mrs. M., widow, 158 Walton
Collins, Miss G., beauty parlour, 158 Walton
Collins, M. J., labourer, 158 Walton
Collis, A., furniture dealer, 18 Walton
Collis, M., furniture dealer, 18 Walton
Coltas, Ken, chemist, 142 Walton
Coltas, Mrs. Ken, 142 Walton
Comar, Mrs. Nellie , widow, 45 Hope N.
Connell, Miss Gertrude, office clerk, 27 Mill
Connell, Mrs. Patrick, widow, 27 Mill
Connors, Harold, ass't. manager, 9 Park
Connors, Mrs. Harold, 9 Park
Cook, Cecil, tool setter, 161 Bruton
Cook, Mrs Cecil, 161 Bruton
Cook, Harry, labourer, 87 Shuter
Cook, Myrtle, housewife, 87 Shuter
Cook, John J., night watchman, 18 Elgin N.
Cook, Henry, 47 Caroline
Cook, Mrs. Henry, 47 Caroline
Cook, Vincent, enameller, 34 Croft
Cook, Mrs. Vincent, 34 Croft
Cook, Mrs. Mary, widow, 34 Croft
Cook, Thomas, labourer, 73 Dorset E.
Cook, Mrs. Thomas, 73 Dorset E.
Cook, G. W., mechanic, 82 Bramley
Cook, Mrs G. W., 32 Bramley
Cook, Helen, 92 King
Corbett, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 59 Sherbourne
Corbett, Edith, clerk, 59 Sherbourne
Corbett, George H., caretaker, 42 Charles
Corbett, Mrs. George, 42 Charles
Corbett, George, Jr., file maker, 4 Caroline
Corbett, Mrs. Hilda A, housewife, 4 Caroline
Corbett, Geo., filemaker, 7 Bedford
Corbett, Mrs. O. E., housewife, 7 Bedford
Corbett, C. E., labourer, 77 Dorset E.
Corbett, Mrs. O. E., 77 Dorset E.
Corbett, C. F., carpenter, 92 Hope
Corbett, Mrs. C. F., 92 Hope
Cork, Edmund, mechanic, 34 Margaret
Cork, Mrs. Ellen Ivy, housewife, 34 Margaret
Cornell, W. R., bank clerk, 43 Caroline
Cornell, Mrs. W. R., 43 Caroline
Cornish, Miss H., 25 Brown
Cornthwaite, Mrs. C., widow, 96 Cavan
Costello, Arthur, gardener, 236 Ontario
Costello, Mrs. Arthur, 236 Ontario
Cotter, Glencoe, service station prop., 19 Sullivan
Cotter, Mrs. Glencoe 19 Sullivan
Cotter, Fred G., salesman, 19 Sullivan
Cotter, Mrs. Fred G., 19 Sullivan
Cotter, J. H., sectionman, 30 Bramley
Cotter, Mrs. J. H., 30 Bramley
Coughlin, James, labourer, Croft
Coughlin, Mrs. James, Croft
Coughlin, James A., truck driver, 5 Walton
Coughlin, L., policeman, 19 Brown
Coughlin, Mrs. L., 19 Brown
Coulter, William, 75 Dorset W.
Coulter, Ernest, operator, 75 Dorset W.
Coulter, Mrs. Ernest, 75 Dorset W.
Coupland, Walter, retired, 67 Elgin N.
Coupland, Mrs. Walter, 67 Elgin N.
Coupland, W E., labourer, 67 Elgin N.
Coupland, Mrs. W. E., 67 Elgin N.
Cowan, Mrs. Agnes, widow, 104 John
Coward, Edwin, caretaker, 115 Sherbourne
Coward, Mrs. Edwin, 115 Sherbourne
Cox, Richard, factory worker, 7 Bramley
Crawford, Wm., fisherman, 287 Ridout
Crawford, Mrs. Wm., 287 Ridout
Creighton, E., clerk, 9 Bramley N.
Creighton, Mrs. E., 9 Bramley N.
Cressy, George, 83 Dorset
Cressy, Mrs. George, 83 Dorset
Crisall, James M., clergyman, 42 South
Crisall, Mrs. James, 42 South
Crittendon, Mrs. D., 39 South
Croan, Thomas, labourer, Pine
Croan, Mrs. Thomas, Pine
Croft, Miss Alice, 113 Strachan
Croft, Beauford, mechanic, 261 Ridout
Croft, Mrs. Beauford, 261 Ridout
Croft, C. L., carpenter, 54 Cavan
Croft, Mrs. C. L, 54 Cavan
Croft, Cecil, file cutter, 100 Charles
Croft, Mrs. Cecil, 100 Charles
Croft, Miss Edth, 26 John
Croft, Mrs. John, widow, 140 John
Croft, Richard, file cutter, 11 Pine N.
Croft, Mrs. Richard, 11 Pine N
Croft, Reginald, patternmaker, 176 John
Croft, Mrs. Reginald, 176 John
Croft, Mrs. George, 124 John
Croft, James, file maker, 11 South
Croft, Mrs. James, 11 South
Croll, Mrs. M. E., widow, 2 Cavan
Croll, Miss F., stenographer, 2 Cavan
Cronk B. K., clergyman, 36 South
Cronk, Mrs. B. K., 36 South
Crossen, Lawson, operator, 60 Alexander
Crossen, Mrs. Lawson, 60 Alexannder
Crossett, Stanley, hotel prop., 8 Elgin N.
Crossett, Mrs. Stanley, 8 Elgin N.
Crossley, Mrs. L. G., widow, 60 Sullivan
Crouter, Ross, labourer, 83 Walton
Crouter, Mrs. Ross, 39 Ontario
Crow, Harold B., editor, 17 Victoria S.
Crow, Mrs. Harold B., 17 Victora S
Crowe, Mrs. D. M., dietician T.C.S.
Crowe, Mrs. Oliver, 9 Toronto Rd.
Crowe, Miss Emily, clerk, 26 Margaret
Crowe, Mrs. Sarah, housewife, 26 Margaret
Crowe, Miss Marjorie, clerk, 26 Margaret
Crowhurst, Arthur, craneman, 53 Victoria
Crowhurst, Mrs. Arthur, 53 Victoria
Crowhurst, Mrs. Bertha, cook, T.C.S.
Crowhurst, Mrs. W. J., widow, 131 Ontario
Crowhurst, Susan, 39 Ontario
Cruikshank, Mrs. K. J., widow, 98 Bramley S
Cudmore, M. G., restaurant prop., 19 Queen
Cudmore, Mrs. M. G., 19 Queen
Cumming, J. W., accountant, 72 Brown
Cumming, Mrs. T. W., 72 Brown
Cummings, Mrs. Wilfred, 52 Young
Curran, Francis, 10 King
Curran, Miss Mary E., cashier, 10 King
Currie, Mrs. A. W., widow, 291 Ridout
Currie, Beverley, mechanic, 291 Ridout
Currier, Francis E., Hydro worker, 160 Ontario
Currier, Mrs. Dorothy J., housewife, 160 Ontario
Currier, Peter, 34 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Currier, Mrs. Peter, 34 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Curry, Mrs. Sophronia B., widow, 168 Walton
Curry, Mrs. B., 291 Ridout
Curtis, Larry, clerk, 70 Brown
Curtis, Louise Mrs., widow, 48 John

Dale, G. M. C., teacher, 126 Ward
Dale Mrs. G. M. C., 126 Ward
Darch, Mrs. Lola, widow, 80 Dorset W
Darling, Albert, file stripper, 60 Charles
Darling, Mrs. Albert, 60 Charles
Darling, F. Gillard, foreman, 92 Charles
Darling, Mrs. F. Gillard, 92 Charles
Darling, Mildred, domestic, 97 Mill
Darling, William, gardener, 70 Brown
Darling, Norman, file forger, 18 Cavan
Darling, Mrs. Norman, 18 Cavan
Dart, J. E., 14 North
Dart, Mrs. J. E., 14 North
Dart, James, Jr., 14 North
Dart, Mrs. J. E., Jr., housewife, 14 North
Dart, Hazel, 34 North
Dart, Wilbur, mechanic, 02 King
Dart, Mrs. Wilbur, 92 King
Davey, Smith, 11 Little Hope
Davey, Mrs. Smith, 11 Little Hope
Davey, Fred, clerk, 11 Little Hope
Davey, Miss Ruth, timekeeper ,11 Little Hope
Davey, Miss Smithaline, inspector, 11 Little Hope
Davidson, Mrs. E., teacher, 271 Ridout
Davidson, Mrs. G., 14 Cavan
Davidson, Miss, Lorna, 50 Harcourt
Davidson, G., labourer, 30 Victoria N.
Davidson, Mrs. G., 30 Victoria N.
Davidson, John, mechanic, 50 Harcourt
Davidson, Mrs. John, 50 Harcourt
Davis, E., truck driver, 7 Harcourt
Davis, Mrs. E., 7 Harcourt
Davis, Frank, labourer, 67 Smith
Davis, Mrs. Frank, 67 Smith
Davis, Williard, clerk, 30 John
Davison, Richard, enameller, 50 Sullivan
Davison, Mrs. Richard, 50 Sullivan
Davison, W. J. B., retired, 96 Dorset W.
Davison, Mrs. W. J. B., 96 Dorset W.
Davison, Mrs. C. B., 77 Augusta
Davison, C. B., draughtsman, 77 Augusta
Dawes, Edward, machinist, 126 Ontario
Dawes, Mrs. Grace, 126 Ontario
Dawley, Lorne, truck driver, 12 Mill
Dawley, John, labourer, 79 Smith
Dawley, Mrs. John, 79 Smith
Dawley, T., labourer, 100 Walton
Dawley, Mrs. T., 100 Walton
Dawson, Albert G., coal dealer, 18 Princess
Dawson, Mrs. Albert G., 18 Princess
Day, Mrs. Maude, widow, 178 Walton
Dayman, Jack, mechanic, 146 Walton
Dayman, Molly, housewife, 146 Walton
Dayman, Norval, watchman, 45 Dorset W.
Dayman, Mrs. Norval, 45 Dorset W.
Dayman, Roy, mechanic, 31 Ward
Dayman, Mrs. Roy, 31 Ward
Dayman, Edwin, clerk, 18 Caroline
Dayman, Mrs. Edwin, 18 Caroline
Dayman, R. J., mechanic, 146 Walton
Dayman, Mrs. R. J., 146 Walton
Dear, W., truck driver, 30 Walton
Dear, Mrs. W., 30 Walton
DeLong, Mrs. Rex, 6 Queen
Delorme, Emile, labourer, 172 Bruton
Demille, Alfred, operator, 31 Harris
Demille, Mrs. Alfred, 31 Harris
Demille, Alfred John, foreman, 31 Harris
Demille Mrs. Alfred John, 31 Harris
Dempsey, Mrs. Fred, housewife, 14 Mill
Dench, Mrs. J. widow, 10 Sullivan
Dennee, Mrs. Frank, 29 Victoria
Dennys, A. J. R., teacher, 24 Walton
Dennys, Mrs. A. J. R., 24 Walton
Deremo, Norman, night watchman, 28 Gifford
Deremo, Mrs. Norman, 28 Gifford
Deremo, N. M., taxi driver, 28 Ross
Deremo, Mrs. N. M., 28 Ross
Deremo, D. J., taxi driver, 28 Ross
Dernier, H. C., engineer, 38 John
Dernier, Mrs. H. C., 38 John
Devereaux, F. A., purchasing agent, 96 Pine
Devereaux, Mrs. F. A., 96 Pine
Devine, Mrs. George, widow, 83 John
Devine, J. H., printer, 27 Bloomsgrove
Devine, Mrs. J. H., 27 Bloomsgrove
Devine, Russell, file stripper, 17 King
Devine, Mrs. Russell, 17 King
Dewey, George, Hydro, 79 Mill
Dewey, Mrs. George, 79 Mill
Dexter, Clifford, labourer, 116 Charles
Dexter, Mrs. Clifford, 116 Charles
Diamond, Mrs. Helen, 196 Walton
Diamond, Gus, restaurant prop. 53 Walton
Diamond, Mrs. Gus, 53 Walton
Dickinson, Wilbur, 31 Caroline
Dickinson, Mrs. Wilbur, 31 Caroline
Dickson, Russell, mechanic, 66 Mill
Dickson, Edna, clerk, 66 Mill
Dickson, Arnold, mechanic, 66 Mill S.
Dickson, Mrs. Arnold, 66 Mill S.
Dithridge, Ed., Sr., retired, 64 Brown
Dithridge, Edward H., engineer, 68 Bedford
Dithridge, Mrs. Edward, 68 Bedford
Dixon, William, retired, 87 Hope N.
Dixon, Mrs. William, 87 Hope N.
Dodd, Mrs. Ralph, nurse, 45 Bloomsgrove
Dodds, Mrs. Minnie, widow, 108 Bruton
Dolley, George, dairyman, 79 Elgin S.
Dolley, Mrs. George, 79 Elgin S.
Dolly, Margaret, housewife, 41 Mill
Donaldson, Chas., labourer, 29 Harcourt
Donaldson, Mrs. Chas., 29 Harcourt
Doney, C. T., express agents, 13 Brown
Doney, Mrs. C. T., 13 Brown
Doney, Miss D., stenographer, 13 Brown
Doney, Roy, clothier, 125 Bruton
Doney, Mrs. Roy, 125 Bruton
Doney, Miss Addie, 125 Bruton
Dotzko, Mrs. John, 74 Harcourt
Dotzko, Walter, 74 Harcourt
Dotzko, John, 74 Harcourt
Douglas, Clifford J., 123 Walton
Douglas, Mrs. Clifford J., 123 Walton
Douglas, Fred R., file cutter, 13 Bramley
Douglas, Mrs. Fred R., 13 Bramley
Douglas, Donald, shipper, 83 John
Douglas, Mrs, Donald, 83 John
Douglas, Gordon, labourer, Charles
Douglas, Mrs. Gordon, Charles
Douglas, William J., watchman, 50 Charles
Douglas, Mrs. William J., 50 Charles
Doust, Thomas, labourer, 256 Ridout
Doust, Mrs. Thomas, 256 Ridout
Doust, Mrs. Florence, widow, 256 Ridout
Dowler, Willis, teacher, 146 Walton
Dowler, Mrs. Willis, 146 Walton
Down, Mrs. Gertrude, 81 Shuter
Downey, Erwood, dairyman, 86 John
Downey, Mrs. Erwood, 86 John
Drinkwater, L., labourer, 150 Walton
Drinkwater, Mrs. L., 158 Walton
Drinkwater, Orland, 254 Ridout
Drinkwater, Mrs. Orland, 254 Ridout
Drumm, Vincent, engineer, 36 Princess
Drysdale, Miss Athlee, teacher, 2 Hagerman
Duchesne, Paul, labourer, 50 Harcourt
Duchesne, Mrs. Ivy, housekeeper, 50 Harcourt
Duke, Charles, labourer, 64 Charles
Duke, Mrs. Charles, clerk, 64 Charles
Duke, lan, 74 Dorset W.
Duke, Mrs. lan, 74 Dorset W.
Duke, Robert, file grinder, 79 Bruton
Duke, Mrs. Robert, 79 Bruton
Duncan, William, police guard, 16 Hagerman
Duncan, Mrs. William, 16 Hagerman
Dunn, Robert, mechanic, 47 College
Dunn, Mrs. Robert, 47 College
Durran, David, retired, 26 Bloomsgrove
Durward, Geo., mechanic, 202 Walton
Durward, Mrs. Geo., 202 Walton

Earnshaw, Mrs. Ed., widow, 14 Alexander
Easter, Miss Eileen, hairdresser, 111 Walton
Edgar, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 78 Pine
Edgers, Harold, salesman, 40 Martha
Edgers, Mrs. Harold, 40 Martha
Edgers, Lawrence, garage prop., 12 Caroline
Edgeworth, Albert, retired, 41 Caroline
Edgeworth, Thomas G., labourer, 41 Caroline
Edgeworth, Mrs. Thos. G., 41 Caroline
Edward, Miss Florence, tel. oper., 1 Walton
Edwards, Archie, operator, 79 Dorset
Edwards Mrs. Archie, 79 Dorset
Edwards, Mrs. Harry, widow, 64 Alexander
Edwardson, Larry, mechanic, 91 Hope S.
Edwardson, Mrs. Larry, 91 Hope S.
Elean, H., labourer, 139 Ontario
Elean, Mrs. H., 139 Ontario
Elliot, R. R., farmer, Elliot Place, Toronto Rd,
Elliot, Mrs. R. R., Elliot Place, Toronto Rd.
Elliot, Gordon, Elliot Place, Toronto Rd.
Elliott, C., factory worker, 199 Walton
Elliott, Mrs. C., teacher, 199 Walton
Elliott, Mrs. L. widow, l99 Walton
Elliott, Mrs. John A. R., widow, 30 Bruton
Elliott, Mackenzie, 30 Bruton
Elliott, Mrs. R., widow, 5 Bedford
Elliott, Ross, insurance agent, 23 Hill
Elliot, Mrs. Ross, stenographer, 23 Hill
Elliott, Clayton, labourer, 58 Smith
Elliott, Mrs. Clayton, 58 Smith
Elliston, Herbert, labourer, 22 Victoria
Elliston, Mrs. Herbert, 22 Victoria
English, Helen, 81 Bramley
Evans, R., pattern-maker, 78 Cavan
Evans, Mrs. R., 78 Cavan
Evans, Mrs. Sarah, widow, 158 Bruton
Everson, Robert, grocer, 100 Hope
Everson, Mrs. Robert, 100 Hope

Facey, Gerald Geo., tire dealer, 10 Hill
Facey, Mrs. Gerald Geo., 10 Hill
Fair, Robert, retired, 132 King
Fair, Ruby, housewife, 132 King
Falcon, C. J., draughtsman, 8 Baldwin
Falcon, Mrs. C. J., 8 Baldwin
Farmer, Richard, chem. engineer, 77 Augusta
Farmer, Mrs. Richard, 77 Augusta
Farrell, Harold, labourer, 68 Cavan
Farrell, Mrs. Harold, 68 Cavan
Farrell, John, factory worker, 68 Cavan
Farrell, Mrs. Bertha, housewife, 68 Cavan
Farrow, Mrs. Ethel, widow, 164 Bruton
Fenton, Cecil, moulder, 79 Deblaquire
Fenton, Mrs. Cecil, 79 Deblaquire
Fenton, Harold, labourer, 182 John
Ferguson, Mrs. M., widow, 193 Walton
Ferguson, Robert, retired, 61 Bloosmgrove
Ferguson, Mrs. Robert, 61 Bloomsgrove
Ferguson, R. Douglas, mechanic, 34 Bloomsgrove
Ferguson, Mrs. R. Douglas, 34 Bloomsgrove
Ferrah, Mrs. A. M., 77 Augusta
Ferris, Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 8 Margaret
Fick, Miss Rhea, 25 Deblaquire
Field, Orville, brassmaker, 27 Smith
Field, Mrs. Orville, 27 Smith
Fields, William, labourer, 81 Mill
Fields Jessie, housewife, 81 Mill
Finlay, Mrs. W., widow, 213 Walton
Finnie, Arthur B., supt., 25 Bloomsgrove
Finnie, Mrs. Arthur B., 25 Bloomsgrove
Fisher, Arthur, W., clerk, 147 Ontario
Fisher, Mrs. May C., housewife, 147 Ontario
Fitzsimmons, Garnet, clerk, 12 Sullivan
Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Garnet, 12 Sullivan
Fitzsimmons, Mrs. A. widow, 12 Sullivan
Fleming, Mrs. Uriah, widow, 14 Elgin S.
Fleming, Everett, labourer, 14 Elgin S.
Fleming, Roy, labourer, 14 Elgin S.
Flemming, Ernest G., retired, 155 Bruton
Flemming, Mrs. Ernest G., 155 Bruton
Fogler, William, filemaker, 106 Bruton
Fogler, Mrs. William, 106 Bruton
Foley, Alex, labourer, 62 Elgin
Foley, Mrs. Alex, 62 Elgin
Foote, John W., Lakeshore Rd.
Foote, Mrs. John W., Lakeshore Rd.
Foote, Reg., shipper, 260 Ridout
Foote, Mrs. Reg., 260 Ridout
Foote, Arthur, 238 Cavan
Foote, Joseph, file maker, 238 Cavan
Foote, Stanley, filemaker, 238 Cavan
Foote, Mrs. Stanley, 238 Cavan
Foote, Bert, clerk, Cavan
Foote, Mrs. Bert, Cavan
Foote, Frank, hardener, 136 Elgin
Foote, Mrs. Frank, 136 Elgin
Forbes, Miss Mabel, 248 Ridout
Forbes, Mrs., merchant, 286 Ridout
Ford, J. D., dental assistant, 32 Bedford
Ford, Mrs. J. D., 32 Bedford
Foster, Fred, drover, 29 John
Foster, Mrs. Fred, 29 John
Foster, Leonard, mechanic, 160 King
Foster, Mrs. Gertrude, 160 King
Foster, John, machinist, 34 Sherbourne
Foster, Mrs. John, 34 Sherbourne
Fourt, Charlie F., barber, 151 Ontario
Fourt, Miss Catherine, clerk, 151 Ontario
Fourt, Miss Dorothy J., housekeeper, 151 Ontario
Fowlie, Mrs. Frances, cook, T.C.S.
Fowler, Miss Elinor, housekeeper, 119 Walton
Fowler, Mrs. Jane, widow, 47 Hope S.
Fowler, Miss Esther, baker, 47 Hope S.
Fowler, Louis, H. clergyman, 81 Hope N.
Fowler, Mrs Louis H., 81 Hope N.
Fownes, Fred, engineer, 77 Augusta
Fownes, Mrs. Fred, 77 Augusta
Fox, Harold, plumber, 127 King
Fox, Gladys, housewife, 127 King
Fox, John, labourer, 149 King
Foy, Miss Emily, teacher, 26 Bedford
Francey, Charles, clerk, 9 Armour
Francey, Mrs. Charles, 9 Armour
Francey, John, lineman, 26 Smith
Francey, Mrs. John, 26 Smith
Francey, William, labourer, 74 Mill
Francey, Leverne, 74 Mill
Franklin, Clarence, carpenter, 90 Ward
Franklin, Mrs. Clarence, 90 Ward
Franks, Geo., labourer, Pine N.
Franks, Mrs. Geo., Pine N.
Fraser, E. T., salesman, 95 Mill
Fraser, Mrs. E. T., 95 Mill
Fraser, J. A. V., retired, 82 Penryn Park
Fraser, Mrs. J. A. V., 82 Penryn Park
Fraser, Miss Connie, 82 Penryn Park
Freeman, C. P., bank manager, 108 Augusta
Freeman, Mrs. C. P., 106 Augusta
Freeman, Mrs. Robt., widow, 54 Alexander
Freeman, George, file cutter, 54 Alexander
Freeman, Mrs. George, 54 Alexander
Freeman, Herbert, filecutter, 175 Hope N.
Freeman, Mrs. Herbert, 175 Hope N.
Freeman, Michael, projectionist, 92 King
Freeman, Shirley, housewife, 92 King
Freestone, John T., gardener, 101 Elgin S.
Freestone, Mrs. John T., 101 Elgin S.
Freisen, Erdman, barrister
Friar, Mrs. S. F., 23 Bramley S.
Friar, Mrs. Arthur, 23 Bramley S.
Friar, Earl, labourer, 32 Durham
Friar, Mrs. Earl, 32 Durham
Friar, Stanley, painter 193 Bruton
Friar, Mrs. Stanley, 193 Bruton
Friar, Thomas, labourer, 196 Yeoville
Friar, Mrs. Thomas, 196 Yeoville
Friar, Wesley, 21 Bramley
Friar, Mrs. Wesley, 21 Bramley
Frisbee, Mrs. Ellen, 28 Cumberland
Frost, Wilfred, draughtsman, 64 Augusta
Frost, Mrs. Alfred, 64 Augusta
Frost, Mrs. J. G., widow, 64 Augusta
Fulford, Mrs. Alfred, Sr., widow, 74 Brown
Fulford, Alfred E., dry goods dealer, 76 Brown
Fulford, Mrs. Alfred E., 76 Brown
Fulford, Edward, clerk, 189 Walton
Fulford, Mrs. Edward, 189 Walton
Fulford, Mrs. A., 3 Toronto Rd.
Fulford, Bert, teamster, 5 Toronto Rd.
Fulford, Mrs. Bert, 5 Toronto Rd.
Fulford, Rufus, 120 Charles
Fulford, Mrs. Rufus, 120 Charles
Fulford, Charles H., labourer, 266 Hope
Fulford, Dorothy, housewife, 266 Hope
Fulford, James, file maker, 12 Seymour
Fulford, Mrs. James, 12 Seymour

Gaffield, Mrs. Clayton, 51 Bramley
Gaffield, Miss Jane, 51 Bramley
Gaffield, Kenneth, 51 Bramley
Gaffield, Geo., labourer, 33 Shuter
Gaffield, Mrs. Geo., 33 Shuter
Galbraith, Mrs. F .W., widow, 62 Brown
Galbraith, Mrs. M. M., housewife, 166 Bruton
Galbraith, Mrs. Mary, widow, 184 Walton
Gale, Henry T., blacksmith, 25 Mill
Gallanger, Lloyd, labourer, 100 John
Galloway, Rev. John, minister, 26 Barrett 
Gardner, L., plasterer, 7 Deblaquire S.
Gardner, Mrs. L., 7 Deblaquire S.
Garland, John B., civil engineer, 86 Augusta
Garland, Mrs. John B., 86 Augusta
Garnett, Geo. W., contractor, 123 Ontario
Garnett, Mrs. Geo. W, 123 Ontario
Garnett, William T., contractor 26 Baldwin
Garnett, Mrs. William T., 26 Baldwin
Garrett, Mrs. Eliza J., 141 Ontario
Garrett, Mrs. Lucy M., widow, 268 Ridout
Genno, Geo., labourer, 50 Bruton
Genno, Mrs. Geo., 50 Bruton
George, James T., undertaker, 135 Walton
George, Mrs. James T., 135 Walton
George, Miller, 135 Walton
Gettys, John A., superintendent, 30 North
Gettys, Mrs. John, 30 North
Geuzter, John, clerk, 45 Bedford
Geuzter, Mrs. John, 45 Bedford
Gibb, Miss Myrtle nurse, 142 Walton
Gibbs, B., labourer, 88 Walton
Gibbs, Mrs. B., housewife, 88 Walton
Gibson, Bruce, 50 Alexander
Gibson, Mrs. Bruce, 50 Alexander
Gibson, Mrs. G. Percy, widow, 15 Ward
Giddings, Ernest, tool maker, 64 Smith
Giddings, Mrs. Ernest, 64 Smith
Giddy, C. H., merchant, 87 Brown
Giddy, Mrs. C. H., 87 Brown
Giddy, Lorne H., butcher, 136 Bruton
Giddy, Mrs. L. H., 136 Bruton
Giffen, J. R., 20 Bedford
Giffen, Mrs. J. R., 20 Bedford
Gifford, Sherman, mechanic, 10 Harcourt
Gifford, Mrs. Sherman, nurse, 10 Harcourt
Gifford, Sherman, garage operator, 312 Ridout
Gifford, Mrs. Sherman, 312 Ridout
Gifford, Kenneth, garage attend., 312 Ridout
Gifford, Wallace, mechanic, 65 Victoria N.
Gifford, Mrs. Wallace, 1 Sullivan
Gifford, Fred, labourer, 70 Brown
Gifford, G., clerk, 40 1/2 Walton
Gilbert, G., clerk, 40 1-2 Walton
Gilbert, Mrs. G., cutter, 40 1-2 Walton
Gilbert, Percy, labourer, 142 Cavan
Gilbert, Mrs. Percy, 142 Cavan
Gillespie, Mrs. R. T., widow, 184 Walton
Gillespie, L., labourer, 30 John
Gillin, E., 195 Walton
Gillin, Mrs. E., 195 Walton
Gilmour, Miss Sybil, stenographer, 34 Barrett
Gist, Charles, enameler, 58 Bramley
Gist, Mrs. Charles, 58 Bramley
Glober, Harry, dealer, 117 King
Glober, Elsie, housewife, 117 King
Gloyne, Mrs. widow, 122 Walton
Glynn, John, labourer, 57 Harcourt
Glynn, Mrs. John, 57 Harcourt
Goddard, Jack, electrician, Lavinia
Goddard, Mrs. Jack, Lavinia
Godwin, Charles, reamer, 83 Hope N.
Godwin, Mrs. Charles, 83 Hope N.
Golding, Jas., retired, 143 Ontario
Golding, Mrs. Norma, housewife, 143 Ontario
Golding, Robert, file maker, 143 Ontario
Good, Miss Elizabeth, 30 Catharine
Gooderham, Albert, cold storage, 57 John
Gooderham, Mrs. Albert, 57 John
Gooderham, Edgar, cold storage, 57 John
Gooderham, Mrs. Edgar, 57 John
Goodeve, Col. H. T., retired, 89 Dorset W.
Goodeve, Mrs. H. T., 89 Dorset W.
Goodman, M., factory worker, 269 Ridout
Goodman, Mrs. M., 269 Ridout
Goodman, Mrs. William, widow, 55 Walton
Gordon, Howard, file worker, 153 Ontario
Gordon, Mrs. Ruth, housewife, 153 Ontario
Gordon, Melville, driver, 4 Ward
Gordon, Mrs. Melville, 4 Ward
Gordon, Helen, clerk, 4 Ward
Gordon, Olive, 4 Ward
Gordon, Rita, 4 Ward
Gordon, Ruth, 4 Ward
Gorham, Harry, labourer, 10 Seymour
Gorham, Mrs. Harry, 10 Seymour
Gorsline, F. G , assembler 59 Charles
Gorsline, Mrs F. G., 59 Charles
Goss, Albert, filemaker, 33 Smith
Goss, Mrs. Albert, 33 Smith
Gould, G. L., shoe dealer, 24 Walton
Gould, N. B., clerk, 24 Walton
Gould, Mrs. N. B., 24 Walton
Graham, Clarence, butcher, 186 Walton
Graham, Mrs. H. S., 71 Augusta
Graham, R. L., dentist, 84 Dorset W.
Graham, Mrs. R. L., 84 Dorset W.
Graham, Thomas, labourer, 45 Mill
Graham, Elizabeth, housewife, 45 Mill
Graham, Thomas, carpenter, 81 Croft
Graham, Mrs. Thomas, 81 Croft
Graham, Miss V., file worker, 100 Walton
Graham, Geo., dentist, 142 Walton
Graham, Mrs. Geo., 142 Walton
Grainger, G., mechanic, 24 Walton
Grainger, Mrs. G., 24 Walton
Grandy, Miss Mary, 258 Ridout
Grant, Dorothy, 11 King
Grant, Wallace, 59 King
Grant, Mrs. Wallace, 59 King
Gray, Ernest W., caretaker, 95 Charles
Gray, Miss Mina, 74 Brown
Gray, Stanley, miller, 27 1-2 John
Gray, Mrs. Stanley, 27 1-2 John
Green, G. E., druggist, 62 Walton
Green, Mrs. William,widow, 25 Mill
Greenaway, Clarke, butcher, 224 Walton
Greenaway, Mrs. Clarke, 224 Walton
Greenaway, Forrest, moulder, 56 Bramley
Greenaway, Clarence, 56 Bramley
Greenaway, Mrs. Nathan, widow, 56 Bramley
Greenaway, Mrs. Grace, housewife, 20 Ellen S.
Greenaway, Morley, butcher, 15 Baldwin
Greenaway, Mrs. Morley, 15 Baldwin
Greenaway, Wm. taxi owner, 10 Seymour
Greenaway, Mrs. Wm. 10 Seymour
Greene, Mrs. Vera, housewife, 17 Hope N.
Greeney, Leo, labourer, 26 Harcourt
Greeney, Jack, retired, 26 Harcourt
Greenwood, N. H. W., engineer, 92 Ward
Greenwood, Mrs. Madeline, housewife, 92 Ward
Greer, Norman, labourer, Shuter
Greer, Mrs. Norman, housewife, Shuter
Greer, William, guard, 3 Toronto Rd.
Greer, Mrs. William, 3 Toronto Rd.
Greer, Ronald, electrician, 3 Toronto Rd.
Greer, Mrs. Ronald, 3 Toronto Rd.
Grigg, Mrs. Hannah, widow, 48 Elgin
Gregory, Albert, welder, 8 Ward
Gregory, Mrs. Albert, 8 Ward
Gregory, Miss Elsie, secretary, T.C.S.
Grieve, Walter, shipper, 4 Croft
Grieve, Mrs. Walter, 4 Croft
Griffiths, Fred, brass polisher, 74 Sherbourne
Griffiths, Mrs. Fred, 74 Sherbourne
Groome, Horace, shoe maker, 71 Francis
Groome, Mrs. Horace, 71 Francis
Groome, Leonard, clerk, 71 Francis
Groome, Charles, truck driver, 33 Hope S.
Groome, Mrs. Charles, 33 Hope S.
Grose, C. G., bank clerk, 18 Walton
Grose, Mrs. C. G., 18 Walton
Ground, H., mechanic, 141 Walton
Ground, Mrs. H., 141 Walton
Gruber, Fred, 50 Margaret
Gruber, Mrs. Inez, housewife, 50 Margaret
Guinane, Mrs. Edith, widow, 124 Bruton
Guiry, J. J. C., priest, 155 Walton
Gunnell, Douglas, salesman, 251 Ontario
Gunnell, Mrs. Douglas, 251 Ontario
Gurry, Miss M., housekeeper, 155 Walton
Gustar, Roy, file maker, 56 Pine
Gustar, Mrs. Roy, 56 Pine
Gustar, Alfred, janitor, T.C.S.
Guy, Frank, maintainer, 68 Smith
Guy, Mrs. Frank, 68 Smith
Gwynne, Timothy G. R., teacher T.C.S
Gwynne, Mrs. Timothy G. R., T.C.S.

Hadden, Bertha, 145 King
Haddon, Kenneth, bookkeeper, 85 Mill
Haddon, Mrs. Kenneth, 85 Mill
Hagerman, Carl, telegrapher, 41 Mill N.
Hagerman, Mrs. Carl, 41 Mill N.
Hagerman, Carl M., clerk, 41 Mill N.
Hagerman, J., file maker, 26 Cavan
Hagerman, Mrs. J., 26 Cavan
Hagerman, Jack, asst. foreman, 26 Cavan
Hagerman, Mrs. Jack, 26 Cavan
Hagerman, Robert, file maker, 7 Chestnut
Hagerman, Mrs. Robert, 7 Chestnut
Hagerman, Chris, clerk, 39 Mill
Hagerman, Mrs. Chris, 39 Mill
Haggis, Peter, bowling alley prop., 18 Walton
Haggis, Mrs. Peter, 18 Walton
Hales, Mrs. E., housewife, 145 Ontario
Halford, George, enameller, 17 Shuter
Halford, Elsie, housewife, 17 Shuter
Halick, John, 145 King
Halick, Mrs. John, 145 King
Hall, Thomas, file inspector, 12 Cumberland
Hall, Mrs. Thomas, 12 Cumberland
Hall, Mrs. Victoria E., bookkeeper, 61 Hope N.
Halstead, Lois, clerk, 121 Strachan
Ham, Charles, enameller, 14 Caldwell
Ham, Eizabeth, 14 Caldwell
Ham, Jas. bricklayer, 12 Caldwell
Ham, Luella, 139 King
Hamilton, C. P., physician, 12 Trafalgar
Hamilton, Wm. tanner, 83 Brown
Hamilton, Mrs. Wm., 83 Brown
Hamley, Alma, widow, 25 Peter
Hamly, Mrs. S., housekeeper, 24 Ward
Hamly, Miss Lillian, librarian, 24 Ward
Hammond, Miss Lottie, teacher, 26 Bedford
Hancock, Beverley, hardware dealer, 107 Dorset W.
Hancock, Mrs. Beverley, 107 Dorset W.
Hancock, Mrs. George, 28 Ward
Hancock, Mrs. M. G., 18 Walton
Hannah, Clayton T., HE.P.C., 2 Caroline
Hannah, Mrs. Clara, housewife, 2 Caroline
Hanna, Mrs. M. G., widow, 77 Augusta
Harcourt, Mrs. Joseph, widow, 48 Bloomsgrove
Harcourt, Miss Francis, secretary, 48 Bloomsgrove
Harcourt, Miss Margaret, 24 Ward
Harcourt, John Ross, 24 Ward
Harcourt, Robert, 1 Walton, 3rd fl.
Harcourt, Mrs. Robert, 1 Walton 3rd fl.
Harcourt W. V., timekeeper, 32 Ward
Harcourt, W. H., retired, 129 Ontario
Harcourt, Mrs. W. H., 129 Ontario
Harcourt, Edgar, mechanic, 59 Bramley
Harcourt, Mrs. Edgar, 59 Bramley
Harnden, Gerald, factory worker, 261 Ridout
Harnden, Mrs. Gerald, 261 Ridout
Harnden, Mrs. Nellie, widow, 16 Bedford
Harness, Stanley, truck driver, 58 Charles
Harness, Mrs. Stanley, 58 Charles
Harris, William, operator, 26 Smith
Harrison, Charles M., salesman, 73 Bramley N.
Harrison, Mrs. Charles M., 73 Bramley N.
Harrison, John, clerk, 103 Walton
Harrison, Mrs. John, 103 Walton
Harshaw, H. L., mail carrier, Sherbourne
Hart, C. H., mechanic, 39 Bloomsgrove
Hart, Mrs. C. H., 39 Bloomsgrove
Harvey, Mrs. Ella, widow, 68 Elgin S.
Harvey, Kenneth, draughtsman, 68 Elgin S.
Harvey, Bruce, inspector, 1 Martha
Harvey, Mrs. Bruce, 1 Martha
Harvey, Mrs. Emma, widow, 1 Martha
Harvey, A. C., file maker, 15 Julia
Harvey, Mrs. A. C., 15 Julia
Harwood, Albert, taxi driver, 23 Queen
Harwood, Margaret, housewife, 23 Queen
Harwood, John, taxi driver, 23 Queen
Harwood, Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 13 Walton apt. 6
Harwood, G. H., moulder, 88 Walton
Harwood, Mrs. G. H., 88 Walton
Harwood, J. V., labourer, 128 Walton
Harwood, Mrs J. V., 128 Walton
Harwood, V., 80 Walton
Harwood, Mrs. V., housewife, 80 Walton
Harwood, E. G., ass't purchasing agent, 25 King
Harwood, Mrs. E. G., 25 King
Haskill, Henry, watchman, 23 Durham
Haskill, Mrs. Henry, 23 Durham,
Hass, Herman, teacher 6 King
Hass, Mrs. Herman, 6 King
Haultain, Charles, prospector, 13 King
Haultain, Mrs. Charles, 13 King
Haultain, Miss Etta, 65 Thomas
Hawkins, Miss Carrie, 4 Mill
Hawkins, Miss Jessie, music teacher, 37 Bedford
Hawkins, J., saddler, 10 Queen
Hawkins, M. S., dentist, 32 Bedford
Hawkins, Mrs. M. S., 32 Bedford
Hawksworth, T., labourer, 112 Cavan
Hawksworth, Mrs. T., 112 Cavan
Hawthorn, Bruce, operator, C.P.R., Peter
Hay, Norman, clerk, 255 Ridout
Hay, Mrs. Norman, 255 Ridout
Hayden, Mrs. Charles, widow, 50 Alexander
Hayden, John, farmer, 181 Victoria
Hayden, Mrs. John, 181 Victoria
Hayden, Miss Marion, school teacher, 181 Victoria
Hayden, Reg. U., 54 Brown
Hayden, Mrs. Reg. U., 54 Brown
Hayden, Sherwood, farmer, 183 Victoria N.
Hayden, Mrs. Sherwood, 183 Victoria N.
Haynes, Henry, shoe repairer, 14 Cavan
Haynes, Mrs. Henry, 14 Cavan
Hayter, Miss Lena, 7 Hagerman
Hayward, R. J., merchant, 264 Ridout
Hayward, Mrs. R. J., 264 Ridout
Hayward, H. J., mgr. lumber co.
Hazell, Edward, mason, 49 Dorset W.
Hazell, Mrs. Edward, 49 Dorset W.
Heard, J. R., C.P.R. agent, Peter
Heard, Charlotta, housewife, Peter
Heard, John, labourer, 218 Yeoville
Heard, Mrs. John, 218 Yeoville
Heard, Norman, labourer, 19 William
Heard, Mrs. Norman, 19 William
Heard, Moses, retired, 19 William
Heenan, Gerald, plumber, 10 Bramley N.
Heenan, Mrs. Gerald, 10 Bramley N.
Helbert, Ed., clerk, 90 Hope S.
Helbert, Mrs. Ed., 90 Hope S.
Helm, Walter J., mortgage corp. mgr., 61 King
Helm, Mrs. Isobel, Durham
Henderson, Donald, steamfitter, 172 John
Henderson, Mrs. Donald, 172 John
Henderson, Donald, truck driver, 110 Strachan
Henderson, Mrs. Donald, 110 Strachan
Henderson, Mrs. F., widow, 25 Brown
Henderson, William E., retired, 167 Walton
Henderson, Mrs. William E., 167 Walton
Henderson, William E. carter, 9 Hope S.
Henderson, Mrs. William E., 9 Hope S.
Henderson, Mrs. Mary, widow, 57 King
Hennessey, Acel, fireman, 9 Craig
Hennessey, Mrs. Acel, 9 Craig
Hennessey, Henry, labourer, 33 Ellen
Hennessey, Mrs. Henry, 33 Ellen
Henry, J., labourer, 30 Ontario
Henry, Vernon, clerk, 76 Thomas
Henry, Mrs. Vernon, 76 Thomas
Henwood, Alice F., 9 Sullivan
Henwood, Margaret E., 9 Sullivan
Herring, Mrs. Thomas, widow, 38 Durham
Hersey, H. C., auto dealer, 21 Bloomsgrove
Hersey, Mrs. H. C., 21 Bloomsgrove
Heward, Miss Elert, 186 Walton
Hewson, Cyril A., Dept. Highways, 11 Bramley N.
Hewson, Mrs. Cyril A., 11 Bramley N.
Hewson, Moss, enameller, 7 Bramley N.
Hewson, Mrs. Moss, 7 Bramley N.
Hibbard, Jack, labourer, 9 Harcourt
Hibbard, Mrs. Jack, 9 Harcourt
Hibbard, Mrs. Mary, cook, St. Lawrence Hotel
Highfield, Art., dairyman, 118 Strachan
Highfield, Mrs. Art., 118 Strachan
Highfield, Gordon, dairyman, 31 Victoria S.
Highfield, Mrs. Gordon, 31 Victoria S.
Highfield, Victor, enameller, 109 Walton
Highfield, Mrs. Victor, 109 Walton
Highfield, W. J., dairyman, 119 Strachan
Highfield, Mrs. W. J., 119 Strachan
Hill, Albert, factory worker, 183 Walton
Hill, Mrs. A., 183 Walton
Hill, James, labourer, 172 John
Hill, Mrs. James, 172 John
Hill, Wilfred, mechanic, 161 Walton
Hill, Mrs. Wilfred, factory worker, 161 Walton
Hill, Mrs. William, widow, 9 Park
Hill, Milton, labourer, 86 John
Hill, Mrs. Milton, 86 John
Hills, Alex, file cutter, 79 Mill
Hills, Mrs. Alex, 79 Mill
Hills, Frank, agent 175 Cavan
Hills, Mrs. Frank, 175 Cavan
Hills, Harry, filemaker, 162 Cavan
Hills, Mrs. Harry, 162 Cavan
Hills, Miss Mary Elizabeth, steno., 162 Cavan
Hills, Lealand, labourer, 27 Harris
Hills, Mrs. Lealand, 27 Harris
Hills, Robert, labourer, 65 Smith
Hills, Mrs. Robert, 65 Smith
Hills, Garland, 65 Smith
Hills, Marjorie, 65 Smith
Hills, John, labourer, 130 John
Hills, Mrs. John, 130 John
Hinton, Miss Ethel, housekeeper, 62 Sullivan
Hochu, R., labourer, 11 Thomas
Hochu, Mrs. R., 11 Thomas
Hodgett, Mrs. C., clerk, 30 Walton
Hodgetts, A. Birnie, teacher, 126 Ward
Hodgetts, Mrs. A. Birnie, 126 Ward
Hodgson, Mrs. Ralph, 318 Cavan
Hodgson, C., salesman, 30 Walton
Hodgson, Mrs. C., secretary, 30 Walton
Hodgson, Miss Fern, 318 Cavan
Hodgson, Lila, 318 Cavan
Hodgson, Nelson, farmer, 302 Cavan
Hodgson, Roy W., welder, 26 Alexander
Hodgson, Mrs. Roy W., 26 Alexander
Hoffman, J. L., A&P store mgr., 197 Walton
Hoick, Edward, retired, 145 King
Hoick, Mrs. Edward., 145 King
Holdaway, Miss Dorothy, 115 Elgin S.
Holdaway, Harry, moulder, 51 Elgin N.
Holdaway, Mrs. Harry, 51 Elgin N.
Holdaway, Mrs. Kate, housewife, 16 Ellen
Holdaway, Robert, 57 King
Holdaway, Mrs. Robert, 57 King
Holdaway, Mrs. Ian, 16 Ellen
Holden, Mrs. E. A ., 5 Bramley
Holdsworth, Miss Ella, 111 Elgin N.
Holdsworth, Miss Maude, poultry farmer, 111 Elgin N.
Holdsworth, Miss Lillian, 111 Elgin N.
Holdsworth, L., file worker, 7 North
Holdsworth, Mrs. L., 7 North
Holdsworth, C., file worker, 7 North
Holdsworth, Mrs. Clarence, 7 North
Holland, Mrs. James, 166 Dorset
Holland, Russell, labourer, 58 Elgin
Holland, Mrs. Russell, 58 Elgin
Holyman, Ralph A., Dept. Highways, 7 Sullivan
Holyman, Mrs. Ralph A., 7 Sullivan
Homey, Mrs. Jenny, widow, 36 Barrett
Honey, E. E., machinist, 116 Elgin S.
Honey, Mrs. E. E., 116 Elgin S.
Hood, Robin, electrician, 136 Ontario
Hood, Mrs. Ellen, 136 Ontario
Hook, Miss Ina, postal clerk, 1 Walton 3rd floor
Hoover, Albert, labourer, 18 Deblaquire
Hoover, Mrs. Albert, 18 Deblaquire
Hope, Alfred, labourer, 4 Margaret
Hope, Mrs. Florence, housewife, 4 Margaret
Hope, Jack, machinist, 29 Ellen
Hope, Mrs. Jack, 29 Ellen
Hope, Wm., machinist, Hope N.
Hope, Mrs. Wm., Hope N.
Hopf, John, mechanic, 12 Ward
Hopf, Mrs. John, 12 Ward
Hopkins, Frederick, retired, 32 Alexander
Hopkins, Mrs. Frederick, 32 Alexander
Horgan, John, foreman, 98 Sherbourne
Horgan, Mrs. John, 98 Sherbourne
Hormal, Miss S., factory worker, 76 Cavan
Horsfield, Charles, file worker, 28 Ellen
Horsfield, Henry G., plater, 28 Ellen
Horsfield, Alice Louise, housewife, 28 Ellen
Horsfield, Robert, electrician, 28 Ellen
Horsfield, James, labourer, 47 Shuter
Horsfield, Mrs. James, 47 Shuter
Hoskin, Mrs. Cephas, widow, 13 Smith
Hosking, Bertie, foreman, 24 Bruton
Hosking, Mrs. Bertie, 24 Bruton
Hosking, R., 17 Bedford
Hosking, Mrs. R., 17 Bedford
Houghton, Mrs. William Thomas, 67 Cumberland
Howard, Miss Grace, clerk, 249 Ridout
Howard, Miss Pearle, 249 Ridout
Howe, Mrs. E. T., 8 College
Howell, Mrs. Hazell, 103 Victoria
Hoy, James, labourer, 14 Madison
Hoy, Anna, housewife, 14 Madison
Huard, Albert, superintendent, 87 John
Huard, Mrs. Albert, 87 John
Hudson, Mrs. E., widow, 126 Elgin S.
Hudson, Will, clerk, 126 Elgin S.
Hudson, Miss Cora, seamstress, 83 Elgin S.
Hudson, Miss Ivy, stenographer, 83 Elgin S.
Hudson, Thomas, 83 Elgin S.
Hudson, Mrs. Thomas, 83 Elgin S.
Huffman, Mrs. D., widow, 27 Hope S.
Huffman, Elgar, 22 Deblaquire
Huffman, Mrs. Elgar, 22 Deblaquire
Huffman, Lawrence, welder, 134 Cavan
Huffman, Mrs. Lawrence, 134 Cavan
Huffman, Vernon, Jr., 79 Hope
Huffman, Mrs. Vernon, Jr., 79 Hope
Hugh, Miss Chrystal, stenographer, 12 Ellen
Hugh, Edde, retired, 51 Sullivan
Hugh, Joseph F., blacksmith, 130 Ontario
Hugh, Mrs. Grace, housewife, 130 Ontario
Hugh, Mrs. Walter, widow, 21 Smith
Hughes, Ray, mechanic, 75 Francis
Hughes, Mrs. Ray, 75 Francis
Humble, Archie, teacher, 19 College
Humble, Mrs. Archie, 19 College
Hume, John A., retired, 22 King
Hume, Mrs. John A., 22 King
Hunt, Roy P., gas attendant, 17 Margaret
Hunt, Mrs. Elsie E., housewife, 17 Margaret
Hunt, Mrs. Edward, 17 Margaret
Hunt, E. A., physician, 19 1/2 Queen
Hunt, Mrs E. A., 19 1/2 Queen
Hunt, Jack, merchant, McKibbon
Hunt, Mrs. Jack, McKibbon
Hunt, Ed., merchant, 145 Victoria N.
Hunt, Mrs. Ed., 145 Victoria N.
Hunter, Harold, railroadman, 69 Smith
Hunter, Mrs. Harold, 69 Smith
Hunter, Denzil, labourer, 126 John
Hunter, Mrs. Denzil, 126 John
Hunter, Robert, clerk, 83 Dorset W.
Hunter, Betty, 69 Smith
Hutchings, Edward, retired, 114 Strachan
Hutchings, Mrs. Edward, 114 Strachan
Hutchings, H. G., grocer, 200 Bruton
Hutchings, Mrs. H. G., 200 Bruton
Hutchings, Miss P., 200 Bruton
Hutchings, Thomas J., time keeper, 118 Peter
Hutchings, Annie, housewife, 118 Peter
Hutchings, John, labourer, 118 Peter
Hutchings, Lily, 82 Victoria
Hutchinson, Howard, file maker, 148 Walton
Hutchinson, Mrs. Howard, 148 Walton
Hutton, William, machinist, 2 Mill
Hutton, Mrs. William, 2 Mill
Hyne, Mrs. E. B., 104 Ontario

Inch, Fred, Dept. Highways, 282 Ridout
Inch, Mrs. Fred, 282 Ridout
Ingram, A. E., retired, 6 Sherbourne
Ingram, Mrs. A. E., 6 Sherbourne
Irwin, Miss Annie, 152 Bruton
Irwin, Miss Mary, 152 Bruton
Irwin, Thomas, labourer, 50 Brown
Irwin, Mrs. Thomas, 50 Brown
Irwin, Ray, mechanic, 80 Dorset W.
Irwin, Mrs. Ray, 80 Dorset W.
Isaac, Mrs. Mabel, widow, 1 Deblaquire S.
Isaac, Gordon, file stamper, 12 Elgin S.
Isaac, Mrs. Gordon, 12 Elgin S.
Izaak, M. K., baker, 18 Walton
Izaak, Mrs. M. K., l8 Walton

Jackes, N. B., retired, 26 Croft
Jackes, Mrs. N. B., 26 Croft
Jacob, Mrs. Catherine, widow, 76 Ward
Jacob, W. W., mechanic, 76 Ward
Jacobs, Angus, 78 Cavan
Jacobs, Mrs. Angus, 78 Cavan
James, Arthur, labourer, Pidgeon Hill
James, Mrs. Arthur, Pidgeon Hill
James, Hugh G., farmer, 31 College
James, Mrs. Hugh G., 31 College
James, Glen F., furniture dealer, 16 Ward
James, Mrs. Glen F., 16 Ward
Jamieson, Fred, factory worker, 55 Sullivan
Jamieson, Mrs. Fred, 55 Sullivan
Jamieson, John, file maker, 72 Bramley
Jamieson, Mrs. John, 72 Bramley
Jamieson, John, retired, 21 Brown
Jamieson, Mrs. John, 21 Brown
Jarvis, Wm., draughtsman, 45 Shuter
Jarvis, Mrs. Wm., 45 Shuter
Jay, Cyril, layout man, 66 Pine
Jay, Mrs. Cyril, 66 Pine
Jay, T. W., caretaker, 73 Mill S.
Jay, Mrs. T. W., 73 Mill S.
Jeffrey, Mrs. Austin, 83 Smith
Jeffries, Ken, labourer, 240 Ridout
Jennings, Mrs. Norman Edgar, widow, 2 Cavan
Jennings, Miss Doris, operator, 2 Cavan
Jervison, M., mechanic, 18 Walton
Jervison, Mrs. M., 18 Walton
Jex, H. Gordon, undertaker, 36 North
Jex, Mrs. H. Gordon, 36 North
Jex, Hawley, file worker, 38 Margaret
Jex, Mrs. Amy, housewife, 38 Margaret
Jex, S. E., garage prop., 131 King
Jex, Mrs. S. E., 131 King
Jex, W. R., moulder, 59 Francis
Jex, Mrs. W. R., 59 Francis
Jiggins, William, labourer, 18 Elgin N.
Jiggins, Mrs. William, 18 Elgin N.
Jiggins, Victor, foreman, 28 William
Jiggins, Mrs. Victor, 28 William
Jiggins, Frank, labourer, Rear Cavan
Jiggins, Mrs. Frank, Rear Cavan
Jiggins, Wm., retired, 54 Cavan
Jiggins, D., mechanic, 54 Cavan
Johns, Richard, mechanic, 39 Caroline
Johns, Mrs. Richard, 39 Caroline
Johns, Cecil, file worker, 74 Hope S.
Johns, Mrs. Cecil, 74 Hope S.
Johns, Francis, file grinder, 241 Hope N.
Johns, Mrs. Francis, 241 Hope N.
Johns, Gordon, file maker, 62 Ellen
Johns, Mrs. Gordon, 62 Ellen
Johns, Henry, labourer, 10 Deblaquire S.
Johns, Mrs. Henry, 10 Deblaquire S.
Johns, Wilfred I., chauffeur, 10 Deblaquire
Johns, R. Murray, 15 Bramley
Johns, Mrs. R. Murray, 15 Bramley
Johns, Richard, labourer, 218 Walton
Johns, Mrs. Richard, 218 Walton
Johns, Silas, enameller, 77 Charles
Johns, Mrs. Silas, 77 Charles
Johns, Miss Lillian, clerk, 77 Charles
Johns, Roy, 77 Charles
Johns, Stanley, mechanic, 243 Hope N.
Johns, Mrs. Stanley, 243 Hope N.
Johns, Walter, clerk, 182 Bruton
Johns, Mrs. William, 326 Cavan
Johns, George, plumber, 326 Cavan
Johns, Miss Mary, 326 Cavan
Johnson, F. W., caretaker, 3 Bedford
Johnson, Mrs. F. W., 3 Bedford
Johnson, N. E., foreman, 239 Walton
Johnson, Mrs. N. E., 239 Walton
Johnson, Miss Frances, music teacher, 239 Walton
Johnson, Wilfred, file inspector, 51 Brown
Johnson, Mrs. W., 51 Brown
Johnston, Fred B., accountant, 193 Walton
Johnston, Mrs. Fred B., 193 Walton
Johnston, Miss M., stenographer, 59 King
Johnston, Herbert, labourer, 81 Hope S.
Johnston, Mrs. Herbert, 81 Hope S.
Johnston, William, carpenter, 37 Mill N.
Johnston Mrs. William, 37 Mill N.
Johnston, Miss I., chemist, 59 King
Johnstone J. F., 24 Bedford
Johnstone, Mrs. J. F., 24 Bedford
Joice, Clayton, electrician, 93 Mill
Joice, Mrs. Clayton, 93 Mill
Jones, Clifford, rimmer, 27 Smith
Jones, Mrs. Clifford, 27 Smith
Jones, Mrs. Hazel, 9 Hagerman
Jones, H., labourer, 12 Cavan
Jones, Mrs. H., 12 Cavan
Jones, Leston, labourer, 43 Bruton
Jones, Miss D. F., 43 Bruton
Jones, Lorne, machinist, 25 King
Jones, Mrs. Lorne, 25 King
Jones, Mrs. M., widow, 17 Bedford
Jones, R. A., mechanic, 3 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Jones, Mrs. R. A., 3 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Jones, Thos. Herbert, 64 Harcourt
Jones, Annie Elizabeth, 64 Harcourt
Jones, Delbert, labourer, 59 Harcourt
Jones, Mrs. Geo., widow, 59 Harcourt
Jordan, Howard, teacher, 162 Walton
Jordan, Mrs. Howard, 162 Walton
Jordan, John W,. retired, 144 Ontario
Jordan, Miss Alida, 48 John
Jurkovich, Victor, moulder, 18 Ward

Kalendick, Tom, labourer, 57 King
Katrenici, Stepan, labourer, Peter
Kearns, Joseph B., accountant, 56 Ellen
Kearns, Mrs. Laura, housewife, 56 Ellen
Kearns, Ross J., Eldorado worker, 56 Ellen
Keeler, A. O., inspector, 141 King
Keeler, Minnie, housewife, 141 King
Keeler, Mrs. Emma, widow, 5 Arthur
Keeler, Frank, retired, 38 Barrett
Keeler, Mrs. Frank, 38 Barrett
Keeler, John, labourer, 38 Barrett
Keeler, Miss Carrie, 38 Hope S.
Keeler, Mrs. Jordan, widow, 38 Hope S.
Keeler, Mrs. Jordan, widow, 38 Hope S.
Kells, Wm., labourer, 1 Choate
Kells, Mrs. Wm., 1 Choate
Kelly, C. B., physician, 76 John
Kelly, Mrs. C. B., 76 John
Kelly, Fred, lumberman, 38 Toronto Rd.
Kelly, Mrs. Fred, 38 Toronto Rd.
Kelly, J. H., labourer, 8 Bramley
Kelly, Mrs. J. H., 8 Bramley
Kelly, Norman, 75 Dorset E.
Kelly, Mrs. Norman, 75 Dorset E.
Kelly, Walter, smelter, 39 Ellen
Kelly, Mrs. Walter, 39 Ellen
Kelly, Jack, guard, 54 Charles
Kelly, Leo., police, 10 Armour
Kelly, Mrs. J. E., 59 Francis
Kelly, J. E., pattern maker, 59 Francis
Kembar, Geo., retired, 240 Ridout
Kemlo, A. James, file worker, 94 Pine S.
Kemlo, Mrs. James, 94 Pine S.
Kemlo, James B., machinist, 170 John
Kemlo, Mrs. James B., 170 John
Kemlo, Robert, file worker, 52 Ellen
Kemlo, Mrs. Mary, housewife, 52 Elle
Kennedy, Cyrus, moulder, 8 Ellen
Kennedy, Mrs. Gladys, 8 Ellen
Kennedy, L., retired, 18 Walton
Kennedy, Mrs L., 18 Walton
Kennedy, Thomas, retired, 11 Park
Kennedy, Marguerite, stenographer, 11 Park
Kennedy, Harry, labourer, 64 Alexander
Kernan, George, foreman, 29 Smith
Kernan, Mrs. George., 29 Smith
Kernan, John, clerk, 29 Smith
Kernan, Leland, clerk, 31 Smith
Kernan, Mrs. L., 31 Smith
Kerman, Charles, gardener, 55 Victoria
Kerman, Mrs. Charles, 55 Victoria
Kerr, Andrew, gardener, 22 College
Kerr, John, gardener, 111 Hope N.
Kerr, Miss Jane, 111 Hope N.
Kerry, J. G. G., retired, 138 Dorset W.
Kerry, Mrs. J. G. G., 138 Dorset W.
Ketchum, P. A. C., headmaster, T.C.S.
Ketchum, Mrs. P. A. C., T.C.S.
Kewley, Robert, operator, 60 Alexander
Key, Arthur B., teacher, 53 Hope N.
Key, Mrs. Arthur B., 53 Hope N.
Keyes, Wm. C., service station prop., 41 John
Keyes, Mrs. Wm. C., 41 John
Killian, C. Geo., labourer, 94 Hope
Killian, Mrs. C. Geo., 94 Hope
King, Douglas, brass worker, 168 King
King , Mrs. Douglas, 168 King
King, Ernest, 215 Walton
King, Miss Beatrice, 215 Walton
King, Frank, instructor, 35 Shuter
King, Oretha, housewife, 35 Shuter
King, Queenie, 157 Ontario
Kinsey, Percy, file worker, College
Kinsey, Mrs. Percy, 8 College
Kirby, Arnold Wesley, fisherman, 97 Dorset
Kirkconnell, Mrs. T. A., widow, 15 King
Kitegar, Mrs. Louise, 3 Toronto
Knapp, Mrs. Edith, widow, 62 Victoria
Knapp, C. K., file worker, 62 Victoria
Knapp, J. F., gardener, 62 Victoria
Knight, George, garage mgr., 128 Hope N.
Knight Mrs. George , 128 Hope N.
Knight, D., labourer, 88 Walton
Knight, Mrs. D., 88 Walton
Kondruk, William, labourer, 186 John
Kyle, Wm., labourer, 57 Bloomsgrove
Kyle, Mrs. Wm., 57 Bloomsgrove

LaBrash, Albert, hardware dealer, 25 Baldwin
LaBrash, Mrs. Albert, 25 Baldwin
LaBrash, John, 21 Park
LaBrash, Mrs. John, 21 Park
LaBrash, Mrs. John, 30 Julia
Lachapelle, Mrs. Margaret, housewife, 6 Toronto Rd.
Lacombe, Wm., labourer, 32 Margaret
Lacombe, Mrs. Wm., 32 Margaret
Lacombe, W., labourer, 83 Walton
Lacombe, Mrs. W., 83 Walton
Lajoie, Joseph, mailman, 98 Ward
Lajoie, Mrs. Joseph, 98 Ward
Lake, Ernest G., farmer, 4 Toronto Rd.
Lake, Mrs. Ernest G., 4 Toronto Rd.
Lancaster, Miss Helen, 81 Pine
Lancefield, H. A., engineer, 6 Balwin
Lancefield, Mrs. H. A., 6 Baldwin
Lane, George, 51 Bramley N.
Land, Miss Edith W., 79 Pine
Lang, Alex, garage man, 92 Hope
Lang, Mrs. Alex, 92 Hope
Lang, Fred, truck driver, 126 Bruton
Lang, Mrs. Fred, 126 Bruton
Lang, Mrs. John, widow, 126 Bruton
Langridge, Herbert, salesman, 79 Dorset W.
Langridge, Mrs. Herbert, 79 Dorset W.
Lapeer, Leonard C., mechanic, 246 Walton
Lapeer, Mrs. Leonard C., 246 Walton
Lapiene, J. C., labourer, 64 Alexander
Launder, John, Gardener, 190 Hope N.
Launder, Miss Elda, M., teacher, 190 Hope N.
Laurie, John, clerk, 79 Ward
Laurie, Mrs. Mildred, 79 Ward
Lauzon, Arthur, labourer, 80 Walton
Lauzon, Mrs. Arthur, 80 Walton
Lavigne, J., labourer, 50 Walton
Lavigne, Mrs. J., 50 Walton
Lawrence, Wm., labourer, 55 Smith
Lawrence, Mrs. Wm., 55 Smith
Lawrence, W. J., mechanic, 23 Walton
Lawrence, Mrs. W. J., 23 Walton
Lawrence, T. J., retired, 12 Harcourt
Lawrence, Mrs. T. J., l2 Harcourt
Lawson, Chas., guard, 98 Strachan
Lawson, Mrs. Chas., 98 Strachan
Lawson, Mervyn, clerk, 77 Sherbourne
Lawson, Mrs. Mervyn, 77 Sherbourne
Lawson, B. A., garage owner, 36 Bloomsgrove
Lawson, Mrs. B. A., 36 Bloomsgrove
Lawson, Bruce, clerk, 79 Mill
Lawson, Mrs. Bruce, 79 Mill
Lawson, June, 81 Shuter
Lax, Harry, 91 Bruton
Lax, Mrs. Harry, 91 Bruton
Lee, Bing, restaurant, 3 Walton
Lee, Georgia, bookkeeper, 153 King
Lee, Joseph, retired, 171 Cavan
Lee, Miss Dorothy, tannery worker, 171 Cavan
Lee, Roland, file maker, 140 Cavan
Lee, Mrs. Roland, 140 Cavan.
Lees, Charles, labourer, Pidgeon Hill
Lees, Mrs. Charles, Pidgeon Hill
Lees, R., trucker, 12 South
Lees, Mrs. R., 12 South
Lees, Kenneth, cartage, 12 South
Legros, Melville, mechanic, 66 Bramley
Legros, Mrs. Melville, 66 Bramley
Leith, N. B., agent, 48 Harcourt
Leith, Mrs. N. B., 48 Harcourt
Lemoyre, Mrs. Albert, 108 Hope S.
Lemoyre, Albert, printer, 108 Hope S.
Lenahan, Mervyn, T., upholsterer, 33 John
Lenahan, Mrs. Mervyn T., 33 John
Lennon, Robert, labourer, 12 Caldwell
Lennon, Mrs. Robert, 12 Caldwell
Lent, Abbott W., coal dealer, 35 Bloomsgrove
Lent, Mrs. Abbott W., 35 Bloomsgrove
Lepage, Ernest, file employee, 48 Catherine
Lepage, Mrs. Ernest, 48 Catherine
LeSage, Ernie, smelter worker, 16 Alexander
Le Sage, Mrs. Ernie, 16 Alexander
Leuty, Bruce, asst. foreman, 121 Bruton
Leuty, Mrs Bruce, 121 Bruton
Leuty, John G., Sr., 8 Hill
Leuty, Miss Madeline, postal clerk, 8 Hill
Leuty, J. G., clerk, 104 Walton
Leuty, Mrs. J. G., housewife, 104 Walton
Lewis, I. C., filemaker, 44 Walton
Lewis, Mrs. I. C., housewife, 44 Walton
Lewis, Miss G. F., factory worker, 44 Walton
Lewis, John, trucker, 159 Cavan
Lewis, Peter, schoolmaster, 74 Francis
Lewis, Mrs. Peter, 74 Francis
Lewis, T., moulder, 74 Cavan
Lewis, Mrs. T., 74 Cavan
Lewis, William, fisherman, 12 Mill
Lewis, Mrs. William, 12 Mill
Lewis, Mrs. Arthur E., widow, 30 John
Liggett, Percy, operator, 7 Smith
Linfoot, Mrs. G., widow, 11 Bedford
Ling, George, moulder, 159 Cavan
Ling, Mrs. George, 159 Cavan
Ling, George W. J., labourer, 63 Bruton
Ling, Mrs. G. W., 83 Bruton
Ling, Charles H., 159 Cavan
Ling, Robert John, 159 Cavan
Lingard, Edward B., 40 John
Lingard, Mrs. Edward B., 40 John
Lingard, Miss Helen J., clerk, 401 John
Lingard, Mrs. Emma, widow, 13 Walton Apt. 4
Lingard, Mrs. Eva B., widow, 26 Deblaquire N.
Lingard, Fred, 19 Queen
Lingard, Mrs. Fred, 19 1/2 Queen
Lingard, Muriel, 19 1/2 Queen
Lingard, Geo., section man, 53 Young
Lingard, Howard S., labourer, 40 Margaret
Lingard, Mrs. Addie, housekeeper, 68 Charles
Lingard, Cecil, factory worker, 54 Sullivan
Lingard, Mrs. Cecil, 54 Sullivan
Lingard, Mrs. Aletha, housewife, 40 Margaret
Lingard, W. Thos., 125 Elgin S.
Lingard, Mrs. W. Thos., 125 Elgin S.
Lingard, Ray, shipper, 68 Charles
Lingard, Geraldine, 68 Charles
Linn, Arthur, file foreman, 36 William
Linn, Mrs. Arthur, 36 William
Linton, Stanley, sports shop, 29 King
Linton, Mrs. Stanley, 29 King
Little, Mrs. Rachel, housewife, 6 Caroline
Little, Miss E., beauty parlour, 1 Walton
Little, Fred L., blacksmith 90 Mill
Little, Mrs. Fred, 90 Mill
Little, Fred, file cutter, 50 Ellen
Livesey, Harry, labourer, 42 Margaret
Liznick, Sam, labourer, 66 Harcourt
Liznick, Mrs. Sam, 66 Harcourt
Lloyd, Harold, 16 Seymour
Lloyd, Mrs. Harold, 16 Seymour
Lloyd, Mrs. Alfred, 16 Seymour
Lloyd, Fred, 16 Seymour
Lock, Albert, 9 North
Lock, Mrs. A F., housewife, 9 North
Lock, Mrs. A. H., 102 Cavan
Lock, R., labourer, 102 Cavan
Lock, Mrs. R., 102 Cavan
Lock, Richard, labourer, 1 Armour
Lock, Mrs. Richard, 1 Armour
Lockington, W. Donald, file cutter, 244 Cavan
Loevenmark, G., advertising, 244 Ridout
Loevenmark, Mrs. G., 244 Ridout
Logan, Wm., engineer, 23 Bloomsgrove Ave.
Lomas, James, factory, 51 Sullivan
Lomas, Mrs. James, 51 Sullivan
Long, Frank G., insurance, real estate, 77 Augusta
Long, Mrs. F. G., 77 Augusta
Long, Mrs. Alfred, widow, 71 Pine N.
Long, Robert, decorator, 63 Francis
Long, Herbert, ins. & real estate, 56 King
Long, Mrs. Herbert, 56 King
Long, Miss Myrtle, teacher, 75 Hope S.
Longhurst, Aileen, housewife, 158 King
Lonsberry, Elmer, operator, 6 Alexander
Lonsberry, Mrs. Elmer, 6 Alexander
Lonsberry, Milton, labourer, 254 Ridout
Lonsberry, Mrs. Milton, 254 Ridout
Lord, Mrs. Fred, widow, 1 Choate
Loveless, R., labourer, 73 Mill
Loveless, Mrs. R., 73 Mill
Low, John, Jr., mechanic, 37 Brown
Low, Mrs. John, 37 Brown
Low, Mrs. J. C., housewife, 37 Brown
Low, Mrs. J. D., housewife, 37 Brown
Low, R. H., mechanic, 37 Brown
Low, Mrs. R. H., 37 Brown
Lowe, Brinsley, retired, 85 Elgin N.
Lowe, Mrs. Brinsley, 85 Elgin N.
Lowe, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 63 Ellen
Lowe, William, hardware dealer, 37 Ellen
Lowe, Mrs. William, 37 Ellen
Lowes, Albert, ins. agent, 44 Bloomsgrove
Lowes, Mrs. Albert, 44 Bloomsgrove
Lowes, Albert, file worker, 49 Walton
Lowes, Mrs. Albert, 56 Charles
Lowes, Gerald, carpenter, 54 Charles
Lowes, Fred, labourer, McKibbon
Lowes, Lionel, laborer, McKibbon
Lowes, Cyril, file inspector, 14 Cumberland
Lowes, Mrs. Cyril, 14 Cumberland
Lowes, George, clerk, 102 Charles
Lowes Mrs. George, 102 Charles
Lowes, John H., filemaker, 11 William
Lowes, Mrs. John H., 11 William
Lowes William, 1 McKibbon
Lowes, Mrs. William, 1 McKibbon
Lowkidis, Mike, merchant, 55 Walton
Lowry, Lorrison, dyer, 122 John
Lowry, Mrs. Lorrison, 122 John
Lowthian, George, grinder, 113 Walton
Lowthian, Mrs. George, 113 Walton
Lowthian, Earl, engineer, 71 Walton
Lowthian, Mrs. Earl, 71 Walton
Lubben, Harm, file worker, 47 Croft
Lubben, Mrs. Harm, 47 Croft
Lucas F. S., labourer, 4 Brown Drive
Lucas, Mrs. F. S., 4 Brown Drive
Lucki, Steve, labourer, 12 Caldwell
Lucki, Mrs. Steve, 12 Caldwell
Lyall, Hiram, technician, 35 Ward
Lyall, Mrs. Hiram, 35 Ward
Lyne, Miss Harriette, 115 Dorset W.

MacDonald, Norman, crane operator, 1 Walton
MacDonald, Mrs. Norman, 1 Walton
MacEachern, Mrs. M., 26 Margaret
Mack, H. L., electrician, 203 Walton
Mack, Mrs. H. L., 203 Walton
Mackay, James labourer, 182 John
Mackay, Mrs. James, 182 John
Mackay, Andrew, 182 John
MacKenzie, Mrs. James, housekeeper, 63 Charles
MacMillan, William, decorator, 41 Princess
MacMillan, Mrs. William, 41 Princess
MacTaggart, W. R., harness maker, 36 Princess
MacTaggart, Mrs. W. R., 36 Princess
Madge, Miss Laura, 124 Bniton
Mady, Henry, section man, 30 John
Maidment, James, welder, 109 Strachan
Maidment, Mrs. James, 109 Strachan
Maier, R. G. S., teacher, 34 Deblaquire
Maier, Mrs. R. G. S., 34 Deblaquire
Malcolm, Frank, accountant, 31 John
Malcolm, Mrs. Frank, 31 John
Mallett, Mrs. W. G., 76 Cavan
Mallory, Mrs. James, brass maker, 51 Bramley
Manley, Ronald, labourer, 40 Sherbourne
Manley, Mrs. Ronald, 40 Sherbourne
Mann, Albert, clerk, 49 Walton
Mann, Mrs. Albert, 49 Walton
Mann, Mrs. A., widow, 11 Bedford
Mann, Charles S., retired, 95 Augusta
Mann, Mrs. Charles, 95 Augusta
Mann, R. C.. shoe repairer, 185 Walton
Mann, Mrs. R. C., 185 Walton
Mann, Ray, mechanic, 118 Bruton
Mann, Mrs. Ray, stenographer, 118 Bruton
Mann, Russell, machinist, 97 John
Mann, Mrs. Russell, 97 John
Mann, William, truck driver, 6 Caroline
Mann, Mrs. William, 6 Caroline
Margles, Irving S., merchant, 55 Walton
Margles, Mrs. Irving S., 55 Walton
Mark, Arthur, town clerk, 188 Walton
Mark, Mrs. Arthur, 188 Walton
Marshall, Chas., factory worker, 185 Walton Rear
Marshall, Mrs. Chas., 185 Walton Rear
Marshall, Mrs. D., widow, 57 Sullivan
Marshall, John A., 40 Mill N.
Marshall, Mrs. John A., 40 Mill N.
Marshall, Fred, labourer, 273 Ridout
Marshall, Mrs. Fred, 273 Ridout
Marston, E. F., engineer, 54 Bloomsgrove
Marston, Mrs. E. F., 54 Bloomsgrove
Martin, Earl, foreman, 58 Sullivan
Martin, Mrs. Earl, 58 Sullivan,
Martin, H. E., salesman, 37 South
Martin, Mrs H. E., 37 South
Martin, Joshua, machinist, 99 Augusta
Martin, Mrs. Joshua, 99 Augusta
Martin, Miss Esther, stenographer, 99 Augusta
Martin, Percy, enameller, 272 Ridout
Martin, Mrs. Percy, 272 Ridout
Martin, Mrs. P. H., 269 Ridout
Martin, W. H., retired, 104 Strachan
Martin, Mrs. W. H., 104 Strachan
Martyn, Albert, clerk, 2 Ward
Martyn, Jack, mechanic, 49 Walton
Martyn, Mrs. Jack, clerk, 49 Walton
Marvin, Gertrude, stenographer, 43 Mill
Mason, Miss Dorothy, clerk, 2 Ward
Massie, Mrs. James, widow, 70 Brown
Masterson, Cornelius, salesman, 38 John
Masterson, Mrs. Cornelius, 38 John
Matheson, Mrs. Vivian, 32 Bramley
Matchung, Tony, labourer, 126 King
Matte, Mitty, labourer, 132 Walton
Mattel, Mrs., 132 Walton
Matthews, D. L., engineer, 22 Bramley N.
Matthews, Mrs. D. L., 22 Bramley N.
Matthews, Miss Dora, bookkeeper, 22 Bramley N.
Matthews, Miss Pauline, clerk, 22 Bramley
Maximuk, Mrs. Helen, widow, 21 Hope N.
May, Gordon, labourer, 15 King
May, Mrs. Gordon, 15 King
May, Robert H., mail contractor 294 Ridout
May, Mrs. Robert H., 294 Ridout
May, R. W., Jr., labourer, 86 Strachan
May, Mrs. R. W., 86 Strachan
May, Russell, shipper, 5 Armour
May, Mrs. Russell, 5 Armour
Maybee, Edgar, file cutter, 47 Brown
Maybee, Mrs. Edgar, 47 Brown
Maybee, Gordon, labourer, 21 Hope S.
Maybee, Harry, labourer, 21 Hope S.
Maybee, Mrs. Harry, 21 Hope S.
Maybee, G., mechanic, 47 Brown
Maybee, Mrs. G., 47 Brown
McAvoy, Isaac, 53 Peter
McAvoy, Kathleen, housewife, 53 Peter
McAvoy, Margaret, clerk, 53 Peter
McAvoy, Carl, mechanic, 111 Hope S.
McAvoy, Nesta, housewife, 111 Hope S.
McAvoy, Miss Teresa, 61 King
McBride, Henry R., 102 Hope
McBride, Stephen W., barber, 112 Elgin S.
McBride, Mrs. Stephen, 112 Elgin S.
McBride, Miss Phyllis, cutter, 112 Elgin S.
McBride, Mrs. N., widow, 40 1/2 Walton
McBride, Wm., gardener, 11 Hill
McBride, Mrs. Wm., 11 Hill
McBride, Norman, draw filer, 102 Hope
McBride, Mrs. Norman, 102 Hope
McBride, Gerald, chauffeur, 39 Bloomsgrove
McBride, Mrs. Gerald, 39 Bloomsgrove
McCague, Mrs. George, widow, 30 John
McCallister, Stanley, clerk, 80 Hope N.
McCallister, Mrs. Marjorie, 80 Hope N.
McCann, James, operator, 68 Brown
McCann, Mrs. James, 68 Brown
McCann, Miss Mary, clerk, 68 Brown
McCann, Mrs. Mabel, 41 Hope
McCarthy, Denton, carpenter, 45 Ward
McCarthy, Mrs. Denton, 45 Ward
McCaw, Harry, draughtsman, 8 William
McCaw, Mrs. Harry, 8 William
McCrea, Miss L., 119 Walton
McGracken, M., labourer, Dorset E.
McCracken, Mrs., Dorset E.
McCracken, Roy, engineer, 9 Church
McCracken, Mrs Roy, 9 Church
McCreery, J. T., optometrist, 25 Bedford
McCreery, Mrs. J. T., 25 Bedford
McCullough, Jas., retired, 41 Ellen
McCullough, Mrs. Jas., 41 Ellen
McCullough, Norman, truck driver, 128 Ontario
McCullough, Mrs. Sybil, housewife, 128 Ontario
McCurdy, painter, 8 Deblaquire
McCurdy, Mrs. E., housewife, 39 Ward
McCutchen, Kenneth, plumber, 248 Ridout
McCutchen, Mrs. Kenneth, 284 Ridout
McDerment, R., physician, 136 Walton
McDerment, Mrs. R., 136 Walton
McDonald, A. B., foreman, 163 Walton
McDonald, Mrs. ,A. B., 163 Walton
McDonald, Miss Grace, clerk, 163 Walton
McDonald, A. L., operator, 91 Mill
McDonald, Edith, housewife, 91 Mill
McDonald, Wallace, mechanic, 18 Hagerman
McDonald, Mrs. Wallace, 18 Hagerman
McDonald, Jas., mechanic, Peter
McDonald, Mrs. Jas., Peter
McDowell, John, foreman, 9 Smith
McDowell, Mrs. John, 9 Smith
McElroy, Chas., factory worker, 15 Sullivan
McElroy, Miss Dorothy, teacher, 15 Sullivan
McElroy, Clifford, file worker, 112 Bruton
McElroy, Mrs. Clifford, 112 Bruton
McElroy, Herbert E., mechanic, 35 John
McElroy, Mrs. Herbert E., housekeeper, 35 John
McElroy, J. W. S., engineer, 85 Brown
McElroy, Mrs. J. W. S., 85 Brown
McElroy, Percy, machinist, 174 Walton
McElroy, Mrs. Percy, 174 Walton
McEwen, William, clerk, 96 Charles
McEwen, Mrs. William, 96 Charles
McGillis, Mrs. Daniel, widow, 78 Augusta
McGraw, Robert, retired, 76 Hope
McGregor, Mrs. David, housekeeper, 55 King
McGuire, Lawrence, file maker, 14 Caldwell
McGuire, Jane, housewife, 14 Caldwell
Mcllvenna, Martin, mechanic, 274 Ridout
Mcllvenna] Mrs. Martin, 274 Ridout
Mclntosh, Mrs. Patricia, 51 Caroline
Mclntyre, John, machinist, 36 Barrett
Mclntyre, Mrs. John, 36 Barrett
McKague, Elizabeth, widow, 75 Hope
McKay, Duncan R., guard, 73 Pine
McKay, Mrs. Duncan R., 73 Pine
McKay, Jas., labourer, 180 John
McKay, Mrs. Jas., 180 John
McKenny, Miss May, bookkeeper, 32 Hope N.
McKenzie, Vernon, labourer, 13 Smith
McKinley, Mrs. H. M., widow, 19 Pine
McKnight, Robert J., shipper, 19 John
McKnight, Mrs. Robt. J., 19 John
McLarney, W. M., hotel keeper, 91 Walton
McLarney, Mrs. W. M., 91 Walton
McLauchlan, John, labourer, 103 Walton
McLauchlan, Mrs. John, 103 Walton
McLauchlan, James L., 103 Walton
McLean, Miss Elizabeth, 97 Mill
McLellan, J. C., salesman, 53 Ontario
McLellan, Mrs. J. C., 53 Ontario
McLeod, Effie, 192 Hope N.
McLeod, George, 192 Hope N.
McMahon, Charles, retired, 25 Harris
McMahon, Mrs. Charles, 25 Harris
McMahon, E. J., waiter, 223 Walton
McMahon, Mrs. E. J., 223 Walton
McMahon, Gregory, printer, 268 Ridout
McMahon, Mrs. Gregory, 268 Ridout
McMahon, F. K., superintendent, 68 Thomas
McMahon, Mrs. F. K., 68 Thomas
McMahon, Mrs. James, widow, 190 John
McMahon, Joseph, steel worker, 30 Smith
McMahon, Mrs. Joseph, 30 Smith
McMahon, Howard, mechanic, 50 Ellen
McMahon, Mrs. Howard, 50 Ellen
McMann, Cecil, truck driver, 16 Ontario
McMann, Mrs. Cecil, 16 Ontario
McMillan, Goodwin, superintendent, 24 Smith
McMillan, Mrs. Goodwin, 24 Smith
McMillan, Mary, 24 Smith
McMillan, John D., retired, 58 John
McMillan, Mrs. John D., 58 John
McMillan, J. H., filemaker, 54 Young
McMillan, Mrs. J. H., 54 Young
McMunro, Ronald, labourer, 29 Shuter
McMunro, Mrs. Ronald, 29 Shuter
McMurray, Wm., labourer, 12 Mill
McMurray, Mrs. Wm., 12 Mill
McMurray, E. labourer, 14 Mill
McMurray, Mrs. E., 14 Mill
McMurray, Sher., labourer, Hope
McMurray, Dorothy, 10 Mill
McMurray, James, labourer, 121 Charles
McMurray, Mrs. James, 121 Charles
McQuade, Roger, mechanic, 11 Baldwin
McQuade, Mrs. Roger, 11 Baldwin
Meade, Mrs. Leo, widow, 109 Walton
Meadows, Mrs. A. E., 7 Pine N.
Meadows, Byron, retired, 53 Bloomsgrove
Meadows, C. R., 10 Little Hope
Meadows, Mrs. C. R., 10 Little Hope
Meadows, J. M., 10 Little Hope
Meadows, Wm. A., retired, 58 Brown
Meadows, Mrs. Wm. A., 58 Brown
Meeking, Mrs. Ethel, widow, 59 King
Meeking, Jack, clerk, 59 King
Meldrum, Mrs. Winnifred, teacher, 7 Pine N.
Meldrum, Miss W., 7 Pine N.
Meldrum, Wm., labourer, 7 Pine N.
Menaul, Reg., engineer, 34 Hope N.
Menaul, Mrs. Reg., 34 Hope N.
Mercer, Elizabeth, widow, 74 Mill
Mercer, George, fisherman, 74 Mill
Mercer, Harold, 74 Mill
Mercer, Harry, D., 82 Mill
Mercer, Mrs. Harry D., 82 Mill
Mercer, Robert, painter, 85 Mill
Mercer, Violet, 74 Mill
Mercer, Robert, straightener & stamper, 24 Shuter
Mercer, Mrs. Robert, 24 Shuter
Mercer, Herman, labourer, 7 Craig
Merkley, Roy E., machinist, 103 Walton
Merkley, Mrs. Roy E., 103 Walton
Meyer, Frank, mechanic, 65 Hope N.
Meyer, Mrs. Frank, 65 Hope N.
Michels, Mrs. Mary, l72 Walton
Micks, Joseph, truck driver, 30 Ontario
Micks, William, labourer, 211 Walton
Micks, Mrs. William, 211 Walton
Micks, Gerard, clerk, 211 Walton
Micks, Noreen, waitress, 211 Walton
Micks, Thomas, 211 Walton
Milco, Miss Olga, file maker, 182 John
Milco, Timothy, labourer, 182 John
Milco, Mrs. Timothy, 182 John
Millcott, Miss Mabel, nurse, 76 Ward
Miller, Bruce, retired, 57 Bloomsgrove
Miller, Mrs. Bruce, 57 Bloomsgrove
Milloy, John, broker, 53 Caroline
Milloy, Mrs., John, 53 Caroline
Millson, Mrs. Jas., widow, 3 Bloomsgrove
Millward, George, plumber, 1 Walton
Millward, Miss Romaine, 1 Walton
Millward, Miss Martha, infants' wear, 98 John
Millward, Miss Helen, plumber, 98 John
Milne, Miss Josie, file worker, 2 Martha
Milne, Mrs. Elizabeth, housewife, 2 Martha
Milne, Miss Alice, nurse, 2 Martha
Mlner, Mrs. Charlotte, housewife, 53 Hope S. ***********
Milnes, Miss J. M., 58 Walton
Minaker, Clarence, file maker, 163 Ontario
Minaker, Mrs. Clarence, 163 Ontario
Minaker, C. E., trainman, 14 Ward
Minaker, Mrs. C. E., 14 Ward
Minaker, Mrs .E. G., widow, 200 Walton
Minaker, Thilsemer. file maker, 161 Ontario
Minaker, Mrs. Annie, housewife, 161 Ontario
Minifie, George, mechanic, 227 Walton
Minifie, Mrs. George, 227 Walton
Mitchell, Harry, florist, 122 Walton
Mitchell, Mrs. Harry, 122 Walton
Mitchell, Harvey, druggist, 127 Walton
Mitchell, Mrs. Harvey, 127 Walton
Mitchell, Jack, fuel dealer, 49 Bloomsgrove
Mitchell, Mrs. Jack, 49 Bloomsgrove
Mitchell, Norman E., printer, 44 John
Mitchell, Mrs. Norman E., 44 John
Mitchell, Norma, 44 John
Mitchell, Miss Betty E., file worker, 44 John
Mitchell, Mrs. William, widow, 94 John
Mitchell, Miss Hilda, clerk, 94 John
Mitchell, A. J., labourer, 53 Hope S.
Mitchell, Mrs. A. J., 53 Hope S.
Mittay, Mrs. Francis E., widow, 77 Hope N.
Moise, Charles, retired, 18 Bramley S.
Moise, Mrs. Charles, 18 Bramley S.
Moise, Mildred, 18 Bramley S.
Moncrief, Leonard, fuel dealer, 27 College
Moncrief, Mrs. Leonard, 27 College
Montizambert, L. G. P., sec't'y B of T, 4 King
Montizambert, Mrs. L. G. P., 4 King
Montgomery, Mrs. Ian, widow, 31 Bedford
Moon, Mrs. Helen, widow, 19 Dorset
Moore, Jeannie M, nurse, 27 Ward
Moore, Mrs. Marcia, bookkeeper, 56 Bloomsgrove
Moore, William Henry, retired, Cobourg Rd.
Moore, N. W., accountant, 40 Barrett
Moore, Mrs. N. W., 40 Barrett
Moore, Thomas, labourer, 57 Peter
Moore, Mrs. Thomas, 57 Peter
Moran, L., labourer, 26 William
Moran, Mrs. L., 26 William
Morgan, Herb. S., decorator, 86 Strachan
Morgan, Mrs. Herb S., 86 Strachan
Morgan, John C., decorator, 86 Strachan
Morgan, Sam L., decorator, 86 Strachan
Morgan, Peter, labourer, 18 John
Morgan, Mrs. Thelma, 194 John
Morgan, John, labourer, Ontario
Morgan, Mrs. John, Ontario
Morrey, Bernice, 37 John
Morris, Andrew, teacher, 8 King
Morris, Mrs. Andrew, 8 King
Morris, Dennis, teacher T.C.S.
Morrison, Chas., seedman, 52 Sullivan
Morrison, Mrs. Chas., 52 Sullivan
Morrison, Stanley, labourer, 87 Mill
Morrison, Miss Ethel, housekeeper, 87 Mill
Morrison, Wm. foreman, 117 Ontario
Morrison, Mrs. William, 117 Ontario
Morrison, Wm., merchant, 43 Caroline
Morrison, Mrs. Wm., 43 Caroline
Morrow, Ronald A., clerk, 10 Queen
Morrow, Mrs. Charles, widow, 10 Queen
Morrow, Miss Amelia, 10 Queen
Morton, Ken, clerk, 25 Shuter
Morton, Mrs. Ken, 25 Shuter
Mosgrove, Miss Margaret, 5 Marsh
Moulder, Basil, clerk, 109 Hope
Moulder, Mrs. Basil, 109 Hope
Mulhall, Muriel, 149 King
Mulvey, Mrs. John, widow, 273 Ridout
Mulvey, Percy, farmer, 273 Ridout
Mumby, Harold J., teacher, 2 Hagerman
Mumby, Mrs. Harold J., 2 Hagerman
Munro, Mrs. E. R., widow, 10 Little Hope
Munro, Miss Helen, 10 Little Hope
Munroe, Gordon, foreman, 29 John
Murphy, A. J., merchant, 4 Bloomsgrove
Murphy, Mrs. A. J., 4 Bloomsgrove
Murray, Alexander, lumber mer., 31 King
Murray, Mrs. Alexander, 31 King
Murray, John, 31 King
Murray, Mrs. Chas., widow, 15 Victoria
Musgrave, M. G., hotelkeeper, 98 Bramley
Musgrave, Mrs, M. G., 98 Bramley
Mustard, Allan, foreman, 106 John
Mustard, Mrs. Allan, 106 John

Nadeau, Mrs. Hilda, 18 Ward
Nantel, Mrs. G., widow, 69 Ellen
Nash, Edwin, superintendent, T.C.S.
Navin, G. W., labourer, 30 Ontario
Nelson, Cecil Henry, civil engineer, 60 King
Nelson, Mrs. Cecil Henry, 60 King
Nelson, George, machinist, 47 Harcourt
Nelson, Mrs. George, 47 Harcourt
Nelson, James, sweeper, 74 Smith
Nelson, Mrs. James, 74 Smith
Nelson, Muriel, 74 Smith
Nelson, Lloyd, operator, 59 Smith
Nelson, Mrs. Lloyd, 59 Smith
Nelson, William, file cutter, 5 Arthur
Nelson, Miss Gladys, 5 Arthur
New, John, filemaker, 14 College
New, Mrs. John, 14 College
Newman-Jones, Mrs. C. R., widow, 142 Walton
Newman-Jones, L., clerk, 130 Elgin S.
Newman-Jones, Mrs. L., 130 Elgin S.
Newton, Christopher, A., draughtsman, 66 Dorset E.
Newton, Mrs. Christopher, 66 Dorset E.
Nichol, D. M., electrician, 3 Brown Drive
Nichol, Mrs. D. M., 3 Brown Drive
Nicholls, Walter, carpenter, 72 Francis
Nicholls, Mrs. Walter, 72 Francis
Nichols, John, radium worker, 15 King
Nichols, Mrs. John, 15 King
Nichols, Harold, clerk, 33 Bloomsgrove
Nichols, Mrs. Harold, 33 Blomsgrove
Nichols, Mrs. E., widow, 59 Sullivan
Niles, Harold, presser, 52 Cavan
Niles, Mrs. Harold, 52 Cavan
Nind, Rev. T.  A., clergyman, 109 Elgin N.
Nind, Mrs. T. A., 109 Elgin N.
Nixon, Azel, file worker, 1 Hope S.
Nixon, Mrs. Azel, 1 Hope S.
Nixon, Percy, 1 Hope S.
Nixon, Ronald, decorator, 75 Ward
Nixon, Mrs. Ronald, 75 Ward
Nixon, Wallace, file straightener, 3 Hope S.
Nixon, Mrs. Wallace, 3 Hope S.
Noble, Emma E., 213 Walton
Noble, Bertha, 213 Walton
Noble, Miss Etta, 245 Ridout
Noble, Miss Georgina, clerk, 245 Ridout
Nolan, Mrs. Mathew, widow, Hayward
Norman, R., bank clerk, 17 John
Norman, Mrs. R., 17 John
North, V. C., ice merchant, 81 Dorset E.
North, Mrs. V. C., 81 Dorset E.

O'Brien, John, foreman, 108 Ward
O'Brien, Mrs. John, 108 Ward
O'Brien, L., labourer, 128 Elgin
O'Brien, Mrs. L., 128 Elgin
O'Connor, Dan, Jr., clerk, 29 William
O'Connor, Mrs. Dan, 29 William
O'Connor, Daniel, file maker, 60 Bruton
O'Connor, Mrs. Daniel, 60 Bruton
O'Connor, Kathleen, 60 Bruton
O'Connor, L. W., labourer, 21 Smith
Odlum, Mrs. Thomas, widow, 58 Brown
O'Donoghue, C., R.C. priest, 155 Walton
Ogden, Correll, decorator, 92 Pine
Ogden, Mrs. Correll, 92 Pine
O'Heir, Mrs. William, widow, 12 Mill
Oke, Mrs. Wm., widow, 71 Brown
Oliver, Mrs. A. F., 37 South
Oliver, Chas., factory worker, 104 Elgin S.
Oliver, Mrs. Chas., 104 Elgin S.
Oliver, John, trucker, 37 Mill
Oliver, Isabel, housewife, 37 Mill
Olver, Ben F., retired, 152 Walton
Omer, S., labourer, 42 Margaret
O'Neill, Mrs. Delia, housekeeper, 79 Mill
O'Neill, Miss Mary, clerk, 79 Mill
O'Neill, Fred, accountant, 16 Bloomsgrove
O'Neill, Mrs. Fred, 16 Bloomsgrove
O'Neill, Geo., clothier, 27 Victoria
O'Neill, Mrs. Geo., 27 Victoria
O'Neill, Wm. A., file maker, 53 Harcourt
O'Neill, Miss Agnes, teacher, 53 Harcourt
O'Neill, William, bricklayer, 112 Charles
O'Neill, Mrs. William, 112 Charles
O'Neill, William, clerk, 17 Bloomsgrove
O'Neill, Mrs. William, 17 Bloomsgrove
O'Neill, Mrs. Wm., 59 Harcourt
Osborne, Mrs. Hazel, 186 Walton
Osborne, Bert, labourer, 94 Charles
Osborne, Mrs. Bert, 94 Charles
Oswald, Eric, public accountant, 277 Ridout
Oswald, Mrs. Eric, 277 Ridout
O'Toole, Bert, clerk, 31 Shuter
OToole, Mrs. Bert, 31 Shuter
Ott, G. E., guard, 34 Barrett
Ott, Mrs. G. E., 34 Barrett
Ott, Mrs. Edna, widow, 108 Victoria
Ouellette, James, labourer, 190 John
Ouellette, Mrs. James, 190 John
Ough, Charles, 16 Park
Ough, Mrs. Charles, 16 Park
Ough, Miss Dorothy, clerk, 16 Park
Ough, Frank, labourer, 65 Smith
Outram, Alfred, retired, 16 Bedford
Owens, John, gen. manager, 91 Walton

Paeden, C. H., trucker, 20 Cavan
Paeden, Mrs. C. H., 20Cavan
Paeden, Gordon, butcher, 2 Bramley
Paeden, Mrs. Gordon, 2 Bramley
Paeden, Mrs. James, widow, 2 Bramley
Paeden, Victor, hardener, 198 Yeoville
Paeden, Mrs. Victor, 198 Yeoville
Page, Miss Elsie, 9 Pine N.
Page, Mrs. Frederick, 9 Pine N.
Palmer, Dalton, 5 Dorset
Palmer, Elsie, housewife, 5 Dorset
Palmer, Roy, labourer, 5 Dorset E.
Palmer, Geo., dry goods dealer, 112 Ontario
Palmer, Mrs. Geo., 112 Ontario
Palmer, G. T., retired, South
Palmer, Miss V. M., housekeeper, South
Palmer, Wilbert, 12 Hagerman
Palmer, Mrs. Wilbert, 12 Hagerman
Palmer, Maud, 37 Bedford
Palmer, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 37 Bedford
Palmer, Bruce, labourer, 37 John
Parish, Frank, labourer, 18 Toronto Rd.
Parish, Mrs. Frank, 18 Toronto Rd.
Parish, Thomas H., retired, 66 Bramley
Parish, Mrs. Thomas H., 66 Bramley
Parish, William, enameller, 164 Yeoville
Parish, Mrs. William, 164 Yeoville
Parks, Sam, mechanic, Peter
Parks, Mrs. Sam, Peter
Passant, Arthur, foreman, 28 Margaret
Passant, Mrs. Arthur, 28 Margaret
Passy, Philip, retired, 16 Martha
Passy, Mrs. Philip, housewife, 16 Martha
Patterson, Miss Florence, reg. nurse, 18 Princess
Patton, Mrs. Eva, widow, 53 McCaul
Paul, Peter, gardener, 115 Elgin S.
Paul, Walter, moulder, 93 Francis
Paul, Mrs. Walter, 93 Francis
Paul, Frank, moulder, 104 Hope
Paul, Mrs. Frank, 104 Hope
Paxton, Mrs. Theadore, widow, 73 Dorset W.
Payne, Miss Violet, 52 King
Payne, Harold G., electrician, 21 Elizabeth
Payne, Mrs. Harold G., 21 Elizabeth
Peacock, Mrs. Eva, widow, 71 Charles
Peacock, H., file cutter, 79 Brown
Peacock, Mrs. H., 79 Brown
Peacock, Reg., file maker, 120 Bruton
Peacock, Mrs. Reg., 120 Bruton
Peacock, William, coal dealer, 71 Dorset W.
Peacock, Mrs. William, 71 Dorset W.
Peacock, Miss Vivian, stenographer, 71 Dorset W.
Pearce, Clarence, mechanic, Victoria
Pearce, Mrs. Clarence, Victoria
Pearce, Mrs. Chas., widow, 43 Mill
Pearse, Mrs. Lorne, widow, 43 Mill
Peck, Fred, labourer, 109 King
Peck, Lillian, housewife, 109 King
Pecore, Mrs. Roy, Mill
Pecover, Mrs. Adda, widow, 52 Harcourt
Peel, Harry, blacksmith, 9 Caldwell
Peel, Isabel, housewife, 9 Caldwell
Pemberton, Fred, file maker, 77 Strachan
Pemberton, Mrs. Fred, 77 Strachan
Pemberton, William, labourer, 113 Bruton
Pemberton, Mrs. Wm., 113 Bruton
Pemberton, Gordon, labourer, 113 Julia
Pencikowski, James, labourer, 73 Mill
Pennington, Wesley, contractor, 51 Ontario
Pennington, Mrs. Wesley, 51 Ontario
Pennington, Wm., contractor, 160 Bruton
Pennington, Miss Clara, tele. operator, 160 Bruton
Perkin, Mrs. M. J., widow, 17 Brown
Perkins, Mrs. H. W., widow, 28 Sullivan
Perkins, Wm., moulder, 31 Baldwin
Perkins, Mrs. Wm., 31 Baldwin
Perks, Miss Edith, l0 Little Hope
Perrin, Meredith, merchant, 190 Ontario
Perrin, Mrs. Charlotte M., housewife, 190 Ontario
Perry, George, filemaker, 16 Bruton
Perry, Mrs. George, 16 Bruton
Perry, Margery, 16 Bruton
Perry, Jack, labourer, 16 Bruton
Perry, A. E., labourer, 88 Walton
Perry, Mrs. A. E., 88 Walton
Peters, Arthur, farmer, Victoria N.
Peters, Mrs. Elva, widow, 49 Sullivan
Peters, Percy, foreman, 83 Hope S.
Peters, Mrs. Percy, 83 Hope S.
Pethick, William H., retired, 48 Charles
Pethick, Mrs. William H., 48 Charles
Pethick, William S., file maker, 48 Charles
Petrie, Joseph, foreman, 50 Ward
Petrie, Mrs. Joseph, 50 Ward
Petry, Miss Marie, 13 King
Philp, Roy, hardware merchant, 68 Francis
Philp, Mrs. Roy, 68 Francis
Philp, K. B., Rose Glen
Phillips, Edgar, clerk, 42 Brown
Phillips, Mrs. Edgar, 42 Brown
Phillips, Miss F., 30 Walton
Phillips, George, grocer, 70 Thomas
Phillips, Mrs. George, 70 Thomas
Phillips, James, file maker, 71 Sherbourne
Phillips, Mrs. James, 71 Sherbourne
Phillips, Percy, welder, 55 Smith
Phillips, Mrs. Percy; 55 Smith
Phillips, Percy, foreman, 9 Victoria
Phillips, Mrs. Percy, 9 Victoria
Phillips, Miss Viola, factory worker, 9 Victoria
Phillips, William, file maker, 69 Peter
Phillips, Louise, housewife, 69 Peter
Pidgeon, Andrew, market gardener, 198 Victoria
Pidgeon, Mrs. Andrew, 198 Victoria
Pidgeon, Mrs. Beatrice, widow, Lavinia
Pidgeon, M., gardener, Lavinia
Pike, Wm. H., engineer, 100 Pine
Pike, Mrs. Marylyn, 100 Pine
Pike, Perry, labourer, 93 Francis
Pike, Mrs. Perry, 93 Francis
Pillon, Victor, labourer, 100 John
Pinchowski, James, labourer, 73 Mill
Piper, Miss May, grinder, 24 Marsh
Pirie, William J., plumber, 121 Walton
Pirie, Mrs. Wm. J., 121 Walton
Plousos, Gus., restaurant prop., 57 Walton
Plousos, Mrs. Gus., 57 Walton
Plummer, Lorne, druggist, 179 Walton
Plummer, Mrs. Lorne, 179 Walton
Pochon, M. L., chemist, 108 Dorset W.
Pochon, Mrs. M. L., 108 Dorset W.
Pochon, M. L., Jr., chemist, 108 Dorset W.
Pointer, Thos., labourer, 61 Mill
Pointer, Mrs. Thos., 61 Mill
Pollock, Jerald, driver, 41 Mill
Pollock, Dorothy, housewife, 41 Mill
Polny, Peter, snackbar prop., 73 Mill S.
Polny, Kay, housewife, 73 Mill
Polny, John, retired, 73 Mill
Pomeroy, Albert, 1 Walton 2nd floor
Pomeroy, Mrs. Albert, 1 Walton 2nd floor
Pomeroy, Charles, labourer, 37 John
Pomeroy, Mrs. Charles, 37 John
Pomeroy, Harold C., 56 Cavan
Pomeroy, Mrs. Harold C., 56 Cavan
Pomeroy, L. S., accountant, 47 Ward
Pomeroy, Mrs. L. S., 47 Ward
Pomeroy, Reg., caretaker, Penryn Park
Pomeroy, Mrs. Reg., Penryn Park
Porteous, Mrs. Harvey R., widow, 61 Charles
Porter, Mrs. Reginald, 98 Pine S.
Porter, E . J., labourer, 248 Ridout
Porter, Mrs. E. J., 248 Ridout
Potts, Walter, hydro worker, 28 Sullivan
Potts, Mrs. Walter, 28 Sullivan
Potts, Miss Elsie, factory worker, 28 Sullivan
Potts, J. M.,. 28 Sullivan
Potts, William, moulder, 187 John
Potts, Mrs. William, 187 John
Powell, John, clerk, 11 Bloomsgrove
Powell, Mrs. John, 11 Bloomsgrove
Powers, Miss Jessie, 1 Julia
Pratt, Miss Jessie, phone opt'r., 1 Walton
Preston, J. H., 197 Walton
Pritchard, Mrs. B., widow, 67 Brown
Pringle, Jack, reporter, 80 Walton
Pryde, Mrs. Ann, 158 Bruton
Purdy, Ernest, police chief, 49 Ward
Purdy, Mrs. Ernest, 49 Ward
Purves, Mrs. William, widow, 1 Walton 2nd floor

Quantrill, Mrs. E. S., stenographer, 2 Cavan
Quemby, Oliver, retired, 42 Hope S.
Quemby, Mrs. Oliver, 42 Hope S.
Quemby, Reuben, moulder, 11 Harcourt
Quemby, Mrs. Reuben, 11 Harcourt
Quick, Thomas, printer, 9 Elizabeth
Quick, Mrs. Thomas, 9 Elizabeth
Quick, Ethel, Mrs., 60 Charles
Quinlan, Miss Frances, teacher, 33 Bedford
Quinlan, Miss Irene, 33 Bedford
Quinn, James , labourer, Hayward
Quinn, Mrs. James, Hayward

Raby, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, 75 Hope N.
Raby, Mrs. Keith, widow, 18 William
Raby, R. D., agent, 62 Bramley N.
Raby, Mrs. R. D., 62 Bramley
Rae, Melville T., clerk, 127 Walton
Ralston, Mrs. George H., widow, 68 John
Ramsey, Miss Cora, 51 Bramley N.
Rand, Earl, labourer, 130 John
Rand, Mrs. Earl, 130 John
Randall, Mrs. Byron, widow, 107 Dorset W.
Randall, Miss Nancy, 52 Bramley
Randall, Miss Adelaide, 52 Bramley
Rathe, Wilfred, retired, 236 Cavan
Rathe, Mrs. Wilfred, 236 Cavan
Ray, Miss Caroline, 221 Walton
Ray, Miss Agnes, 221 Walton
Reave, Mrs. Belle, widow, 100 Bedford
Record, John, Jr., plumber, 49 John
Record, Mrs. John, Jr., 49 John
Record, John R., plumber, 27 Queen
Record, Mrs. John R., 27 Queen
Redburn, William H., moulder, 192 John
Redburn, John, file worker, 192 John
Reddick, Garnett, painter, 8 Caroline
Reddick, Mrs. Garnett, 8 Caroline
Reed, Arthur, chemist, 135 King
Reed, Mrs. Arthur, 135 King
Reedy, Miss Katharine, stenographer, 79 Pine
Reeve, Howard, 24 Baldwin
Reeve, Mrs. Howard, 24 Baldwin
Reisler, Sam, merchant, 45 Ontario
Reisler, Mrs. Sam, 45 Ontario
Renoix, Ray, labourer, 168 King
Renoix, Mrs. Ray, 168 King
Retallick, Austin, factory worker, 74 Dorset E.
Retallick, Mrs. Austin, 74 Dorset E.
Retallick, G. labourer, l32 Elgin S.
Retallick, Mrs. G., 132 Elgin S.
Revel, Reg., mechanic, 19 Shuter
Revel, Mrs. Reg., 19 Shuter
Reynolds, Ernest S., machinist, 188 Ontario
Reynolds, Mrs. Edith, housewife, 188 Ontario
Reynolds, Dr. J. B., retired, 93 Mill
Reynolds, Jas. A., agent, 36 Pine S.
Reynolds, Mrs. Jas. A., 36 Pine S.
Reynolds, William, labourer, 35 John
Rhines, Frank, fisherman, 28 Alexander
Rhines, Mrs. Frank, 28 Alexander
Rhines, J. C., fisherman, 20 Caldwell
Rhines, Adelaide, housewife, 20 Caldwell
Rice, Mrs. Lillian, 24 Bruton
Rice, Ed., labourer, 19 Brown
Rice, V. M., bank clerk, Harcourt
Rice, Mrs. V. M., Harcourt
Richard, Stuart, retired, 56 Bloomsgrove
Richards, H. C., superintendant, 28 Barrett
Richards, Mrs. H. C., 28 Barrett
Richardson, Clarence, 71 Strachan
Richardson, Mrs. Clarence, 71 Strachan
Richardson, R. E., chemical engineer, 87 Augusta
Richardson, Mrs. R. E., 87 Augusta
Rigby, Miss Ada L., 13 Armour
Rigby, Miss Edith, 13 Armour
Ritchie, Alex, labourer, rear 52 Sullivan
Ritchie, Mrs. Alex, rear 52 Sullivan
Roach, Mrs. Amy, widow, 53 Francis S.
Roach, Miss Gloria, bank clerk, 53 Francis S.
Roach, Miss Helen, 53 Francis
Roach, Hilton, metal worker, 102 John
Roach, Mrs. Hilton, 102 John
Roadhouse, Amos, Queen's Hotel
Roberts, C. J., foreman, 232 Cavan
Roberts, Mrs. C. J., 232 Cavan
Roberts, Mrs. C. M., 50 Walton
Roberts, E. E., poultry man, 8 Chestnut
Roberts, Mrs. E. E., 8 Chestnut
Roberts, John, porter, Queen's Hotel
Roberts, Lewis, teacher, 33 Bloomsgrove
Roberts, Mrs. Lewis, 33 Bloomsgrove
Roberts, Max, 42 Harcourt
Roberts, Ralston, grocer, 42 Harcourt
Roberts, Mrs. Ralston, 42 Harcourt
Roberts, Walter, grocer, 278 Ridout
Roberts, Mrs. Walter, 278 Ridout
Roberts, Wilfred, file cutter, 14 Margaret
Roberts, Mrs. Helen, housewife, 14 Margaret
Robertson, Mrs. E., 40 Harcourt
Robertson, Miss Doris Jean, 40 Harcourt
Robinson, Mrs. Annie, housekeeper, 98 Ontario
Robinson, F. B., plumber, 217 Walton
Robinson, Mrs. F. B., 217 Walton
Robinson, Luther, grinder, 29 Toronto Rd.
Robinson, Mrs. Luther, 29 Toronto Rd.
Robsons, Albert, labourer, 60 Mill
Robson, Mrs. Albert, 60 Mill
Robson, John, retired, 30 Mill N.
Robson, Miss Marion, clerk, 30 Mill N.
Robson, Miss Minnie, core worker, 30 Mill N.
Robson, Harry, labourer, 26 Ward
Robson, Mrs. Harry, 26 Ward
Roche, John, 32 Mill N.
Roche, Mrs. John, 32 Mill N.
Roche, Robert, labourer, 32 Mill N.
Roche, Wesley, 15 Seymour
Roche, Mrs, Wesley, 15 Seymour
Roche, Melville, merchant, 10 Ward
Roche, Mrs. Melville, 10 Ward
Roche, Wm., merchant, 10 Ward
Roche, Mrs. Wm., 10 Ward
Rock, Mrs. Augusta, clerk, 7 Hagerman
Rogers, Carl, clerk, 59 King
Rogers, Mrs. Carl, 59 King
Roper, Mrs. Ethel, widow, 18 Julia
Rose, Allen S., factory worker, 36 Victoria
Rose, Mrs. Allen S., 36 Victoria
Rose, Mrs. Arthur, 47 Ward
Rose, Gordon, garage operator, 17 Bramley N.
Rose, Mrs. Gordon, 17 Bramley N.
Rose, K. M., labourer, 79 Dorset E.
Rose, Mrs. K. M., 79 Dorset E.
Rosevear, Harry B., jeweller, 127 Walton
Rosevear, John, 180 Walton
Rosevear, Mrs. John, 180 Walton
Rosevear, Jacqueline, 180 Walton
Ross, A. H., refinery manager, 126 Hope N.
Ross, Mrs. A. H., 126 Hope N.
Ross, Wm., supt., 22 Barrett
Ross, Mrs. Wm., 22 Barrett
Ross, Wilfred, ins. agent, 66 Brown
Ross, Mrs. Wilfred, 66 Brown
Rowcliffe, James, file worker, 67 Walton
Rowcliffe, Mrs. James, 67 Walton
Rowcliffe, Mrs. John, 67 Walton
Rowden, Frederick, file maker, 15 Seymour
Rowden, Mrs. Frederick, 15 Seymour
Rowden, Miss Florence, core maker, 15 Seymour
Rowden, Gerald, file cutter, 50 Brown
Rowden, Mrs. Gerald, 50 Brown
Rowden, Harry, contractor, 90 King
Rowden, Blanche, housewife, 90 King
Rowden, Don, mechanic, 90 King
Rowden, Percy, plasterer, 43 Toronto Rd.
Rowden, Mrs. Percy, 43 Toronto Rd.
Rowden, June, 43 Toronto Rd.
Rowden, W. H, Cor. King and Ward
Rowden, Mrs. Wm. H., Cor. King and Ward
Rowden, Ken, draw filer, 33 Caroline
Rowden, Mrs. Ken, 33 Caroline
Rowden, Jack, labourer, 264 Ridout
Rowden, Mrs. Jack, 264 Ridout
Rowe, Delbert, engineer, 64 Elgin S.
Rowe, Mrs. Delbert, 64' Elgin S.
Rowe, Melville, truck driver, 251 Hope N.
Rowe, Mrs. Melville, 251 Hope N.
Rowland, Miss Annie, 6 Queen
Rowland, Jack W., insp. of files, 127 Ontario
Rowland, Mrs., Verna housewife, 127 Ontario
Rowland, Ward J., sales manager, 155 Ontario
Rowland, Mrs. Irene B., housewife, 155 Ontario
Rowlison, Arnott, 86 Strachan
Rawson, Carl, draughtsman, 261 Victoria
Rawson, Mrs. Carl, 261 Victoria
Rowson, Edgar, rimmer, 44 Margaret
Rowson, Mrs. Gladys, housewife, 44 Margaret
Roy, Fred, labourer, 170 Bruton
Roy, Mrs. Fred, 170 Bruton
Rusch, Henry, labourer, 184 John
Rusch, Mrs. Henry, 184 John
Rusch, E., labourer, 9 Hagerman
Rusch, Mrs. E., 9 Hagerman
Russell, Frederick, hydro operator, 41 Ward
Russell, Mrs. Fred, 41 Ward
Ruttan, Ruby, widow, 132 King
Rutter, Vernon, monument mfgr., Peter
Rutter, Mrs. J. W., 88 Mill
Rutter, James, factory worker, 12 Bramley
Rutter, Mrs. James H., 12 Bramley
Rutter, Wm., barber, 1 Sullivan
Rutter, Mrs. Wm., 1 Sullivan
Ryan, Charles, labourer, Pidgeon Hill
Ryan, Mrs. Charles, Pidgeon Hill
Ryan, Mrs. H. M., teacher, 236 Walton
Ryan, H. R. Stuart, lawyer, 18 King
Ryan, Mrs. H. R. Stuart, 18 King

Sackville, Mrs. Mabel, widow, 158 Bruton
Sackville, Delbert, labourer, 20 McCaul
Sackville, Mrs. Delbert, 20 McCaul
Sadler, Hector, file maker, 158 Ontario
Sadler , Mrs. Winnifred, house wife, 158 Ontario
Sainsbury, Robert, painter, 122 John
Sainsbury, Mrs. R., 10 Julia
Sandercock, Wilbert, labourer, 73 Hope S.
Sandercock, Mrs. Wilbert, 73 Hope S.
Sanders, Harry, electrician, 30 Ontario
Sanders, Ernest, mechanic, 72 Ellen
Sanders, Mrs. Ida M., 72 Ellen
Sanders, Russell, mechanic, 3 Martha
Sanders, Mrs. Russell, 3 Martha
Sanders, Mrs. Muriel, widow, 46 Bedford
Sanderson, Leslie, file worker, 318 Ridout
Sanderson, Mrs. Leslie, 318 Ridout
Sanderson, Gordon, 318 Ridout
Sanderson, Mrs. Gordon, 318 Ridout
Sanderson, Reynard, machinist, 318 Ridout
Sang, Wo, laundryman, 21 John
Saunders, Amos, sectionmen, 58 Alexander
Saunders, Mrs. Amos, 58 Alexander -
Saunders, Miss Ellen, 16 King
Saunders, Miss Florence, 16 King
Saunders, Mrs. M. nursery school teacher, 322 Ridout
Sawyer, Charles, file maker, 66 Hope N.
Sawyer, Mrs. Charles, 66 Hope N.
Schroter, Harold W., Can. Tire Co., 8 Martha
Schroter, Margaret, housewife, 8 Martha
Schweickert, Karl, manufacturer, 28 Bedford
Schweickert, Mrs. Karl, 28 Bedford
Sckekleton J., labourer, 83 Walton
Scott, Charles, teacher T.C.S.
Scott, Mrs. Chas., T.C.S.
Scott, Mrs. Fanny, 3 Deblaquire
Scott, George, 204 Cavan
Scott, Mrs. George, 204 Cavan
Scott, Geo., labourer, 34 Bramley
Scott, Gordon, V., undertaker, 9 Pine S.
Scott, Mrs. Gordon V., 9 Pine S.
Scott, Constance, 9 Pine S.
Scott, Thomas, grinder, Pine
Scott, Mrs. Thomas, Pine
Scott, Victor, 79 Charles
Scott, Mrs. Victor, 79 Charles
Scott, Miss Violet, teacher, 57 King
Scott, Mrs. Gus, 34 Bramley S.
Scott, M. A., nurse, 80 Dorset W.
Scully, Lawrence, carpenter, 67 Hope N.
Scully, Mrs. Lawrence, 67 Hope N.
Sculthorpe, Fred E., drover, 200 Walton
Sculthorpe, Mrs. Fred, E., 200 Walton
Sculthorpe, H. A., merchant, 24 Brown
Sculthorpe, Mrs. H. A., 24 Brown
Sculthorpe, Robert E., Sr., garage owner, 36 Pine
Sculthorpe, Mrs. Robert E., Sr., 36 Pine
Sculthorpe, Robert, Jr., student, 36 Pine
Sculthorpe, Walker, moulder, 69 Dorset W.
Sculthorpe, Mrs. Walker, 69 Dorset W.
Seaman, Ralph, retired, 66 Dorset E.
Seaman, Mrs. Ralph, 66 Dorset E.
Sears, Mrs. John, widow, 117 Walton
Selvig, Arne, mechanic, 181 Walton
Selvig, Mrs. Arne, 181 Walton
Selvig, Archie, labourer, 181 Walton
Sharpe, William G., mech. eng, 45 Hope N.
Sharpe, Mrs. William G., 45 Hope N.
Sharpe, R. B., auto dealer, 38 John
Sharpe, Mrs. R. B., 38 John
Shaw, Thomas, painter, 18 Park
Shaw, Mrs. Thomas, 18 Park
Shaw, Kenneth, labourer, 18 Park
Shay, Duncan, insurance agent, 6 Brown Drive
Shay, Mrs. Duncan, 6 Brown Dr.
Sheehan, J., secretary, 104 Walton
Sheehan, Mrs. J., 104 Walton
Sheppard, C. D., 40 Sherbourne
Sheppard, Mrs. C. D., 40 Sherbourne
Sheppard, William T., painter, 54 John
Sheppard, Mrs. Wm. T., 54 John
Sheppard, Gordon, labourer, 54 John
Sheppard, Mrs. Gordon, 54 John
Sheppard, Ray, 54 John
Sheridan, Mrs. James, 21 Pine S.
Sheridan, James, clerk, 21 Pine S.
Sherrin, Mrs. Edna, nurse, 1 Walton
Sherry, Harry, foreman, 2 Chestnut
Sherry, Wesley, caretaker, 74 Bramley
Sherry, Mrs. Wesley, 74 Bramley
Sherry, Thomas, shipping clerk, 2 Chestnut Hill
Sherwin, Lance, operator, 34 Harris
Sherwin, Mrs. Lance, 34 Harris
Shortreed, Harold, baker, 11 Baldwin
Shortreed, Mrs. Harold, 11 Baldwin
Sidey, Bruce, merchant, 4 Ellen
Sidey, Mrs. Bruce, 4 Ellen
Silver, Wm., truck driver, 44 Young
Silver, Mrs. Wm., 44 Young
Silverthorne, Chas., labourer, 66 Bramley
Silverthorne, Mrs. Chas., 66 Bramley
Simmerson, Frank, decorator, 9 Little Hope
Simmerson, Mrs. Frank, 9 Little Hope
Simpson, Ernest, contractor, 14 Sherbourne
Simpson Mrs. Ernest, 14 Sherbourne
Simpson, Sidney, machinist, 142 Bruton
Simpson, Mrs. Sidney, 142 Bruton
Simpson, Wilfred, R., labourer, 25 Queen
Simpson, Mrs. Wilfred R., 25 Queen
Simpson, Wm., labourer, 25 Queen
Simpson, Mrs. Wm., 25 Queen
Sinclair, Eleanor, Mrs. Hope
Sing, Henry, postal clerk, 30 Barrett
Sing, Mrs. Henry, 30 Barrett
Sinnott, James, vendor, 268 Cavan
Sinnott, Mrs. James, 268 Cavan
Sinnott, John, grocer, 173 Cavan
Sinnott, Mrs. John, 173 Cavan
Sisson, George Milford, 124 John
Sisson, Mrs. George Milford, 124 John
Skinner, Alfred, file cutter, 39 Princess
Skinner, Mrs. Alfred, 39 Princess
Skinner, Mrs. A., widow, Queen
Skinner, Harry, machinist, 120 Peter
Skinner, Greta, housewife, 120 Peter
Skinner, William, sectionman, 132 Cavan
Skinner, Mrs. William, 132 Cavan
Skitch, Don, factory worker, 225 Walton
Skitch, Mrs. Don, 225 Walton
Slepovich, Joe, labourer, 126 King
Sleeman, George, waiter, 88 King
Smart, Miss Helen, 26 Bedford
Smart, J. S., theatre mgr., 30 Walton
Smart, Mrs. J. S., 30 Walton
Smith, Arthur, S., undertaker, 85 John
Smith, Mrs. Arthur S., 85 John
Smith, Arthur, labourer, 77 Hope S.
Smith, Mrs. Arthur, 77 Hope S.
Smith, Bev., student, 146 Walton
Smith, Mrs. Bev., housewife, 146 Walton
Smith, C. J., contractor, 19 Victoria
Smith, Mrs. C. J., 19 Victoria
Smith, Donald, barber, 8 Church
Smith, Mrs. Donald, 8 Church
Smith, Daly, sectionman, 97 Dorset E
Smith, Verna, housewife, 97 Dorset E
Smith, Mrs. George A., 98 Pine
Smith, George H., foreman, 68 Pine
Smith, Mrs. George H., 68 Pine
Smith, H. Gordon, labourer, 26 Ellen
Smith, Mrs. Vera, housewife, 26 Ellen
Smith, Harold Robert, engineer, 28 Smith
Smith, Mrs. Harold Robert, 28 Smith
Smith, Jack Wm., 28 Smith
Smith, H.S., inspector, 89 Brown
Smith, Mrs H. S., 89 Brown
Smith, Wm., 89 Brown
Smith, Donald, fur worker, 62 Ellen
Smith, Mrs. Phyllis, 62 Ellen
Smith, Hector, merchant, 75 Pine
Smith, Mrs. Hector, 75 Pine
Smith, Herman E., plantation mgr., 54 Dorset E.
Smith, Mrs. Herman, 54 Dorset E.
Smith, Horace, superintendent, 98 Dorset W.
Smith, Mrs. Horace, 98 Dorset W.
Smith, Paul, student, 98 Dorset W.
Smith, Mrs. Margaret, 14 Hill
Smith, Miss Mary, housekeeper, 50 Hope
Smith, Miss Edith, housekeper, 50 Hope
Smith, L., labourer, 4 South
Smith, Mrs. P. G., widow, 29 North
Smith, Miss Phyliss, teacher, 35 South,
Smith, Percy, labourer, 6 Mill
Smith, Mrs. Percy, 6 Mill
Smith, Robert, lineman, 56 Smith
Smith, Mrs. Robert, 56 Smith
Smith, Sidney, carpenter, 8 William
Smith, Mrs. Sidney, 8 William
Smith, Stephen, guard, 31 Walton
Smith, Mrs. Stephen, 31 Walton
Smith, Mrs. Thomas, widow, 26 Alexander
Smith, William, labourer, 22 Durham
Smith, W T., mechanic, 79 Mill
Smith, Mrs. W. T., 79 Mill
Smith, William, labourer, 14 Hill
Smith, Wilfred, mechanic, 20 Margaret
Smith, Mrs. Wilfred, 20 Margaret
Smith, W. F., foreman, 20 Durham
Smith, Mrs. W. F., 20 Durham
Smith, William, file worker, 52 Margaret
Smith, Mrs. Mary Ida, housewife, 52 Margaret
Smith, E. H., section man, 21 Harris
Smith, Mrs. E. H., 21 Harris
Smith, R., Jr., labourer, 264 Ridout
Smith, Mrs. R., Jr., 264 Ridout
Smith, Mrs. W., 14 Smith
Smith, Walter, file inspector, 52 Margaret
Smith, Mrs. Walter, 52 Margaret
Smith, Leo, mechanic, 2 Margaret
Smith, Mrs. Leo, 2 Margaret
Smith, E. A mechanic, 16 William
Smith, Mrs. E. A., 16 William
Smith, Robertus, policeman, 24 Shuter
Smith, Mrs. R., 24 Shuter
Smith, Robert, labourer, 120 Peter
Smith, Mrs. Robert, 120 Peter
Smith, Mrs. Jack, 28 Smith
Snelgrove, A. H. N., teacher, 41 South
Snelgrove, Mrs. A. H. N., 41 South
Snelgrove, Howard, teacher, 41 South
Snelgrove, W. G., market gardener, 79 Brown
Snelgrove, Mrs. W. G., 79 Brown
Snell, Elmer, stamper, 118 Bruton
Snell, Mrs. Elmer, 118 Bruton
Snell, Jack, 118 Bruton
Snell, Frank, 14 Julia
Snell, Fred, file maker, 62 Bramley
Snell, Mrs. Fred, 62 Bramley
Snell, Gordon, plumber, 12 Ellen
Snell, Mrs. Gordon, housewife, 12 Ellen
Snell, Wesley, foreman, 67 Walton rear
Snell, Mrs. Wesley 67 Walton rear
Snell, Wallace, 41 Hope S.
Sneyd, Frederick J., foreman 89 Mill
Sneyd, Mrs. Frederick J., 89 Mill
Sneyd, George, paymaster, 89 Mill
Snider, Mrs. E. E., widow, 77 Augusta
Solinski, Anton, sand blaster, 115 Elgin N.
Solinski, Mrs. Anton, 115 Elgin N.
Southby, Mrs. Frank, widow, 94 Bramley S.
Southgate, William, file worker, 25 William
Southgate, Mrs. William, 25 William
Sowden, Mrs. Susan widow, Sullivan
Sowden, Tom, factory worker, 32 Bramley
Sowden, Mrs. Tom, 32 Bramley
Sowden, C. C., clerk, 96 John
Sowden, Mrs. C. C., 96 John
Sparks, Fred, fireman, 71 Smith
Sparks, Mrs Fred, 71 Smith
Spence, A. C., mechanic, 37 Caroline
Spence, Mrs. M., 37 Caroline
Spencer, Mrs. Victor, widow, 13 Armour
Spicer, Allan, file maker, 217 Walton
Spicer, Mrs. Allan, 217 Walton
Spicer, Hilton, butcher, 8 Brown
Spicer, Mrs. Hilton, 8 Brown
Spicer, J. M., 15 Martha
Spicer, Cecil J., 15 Martha
Spicer, Minnie, housewife, 15 Martha
Spicer, James, carpenter, 15 Martha
Spicer, Clara, clerk, 15 Martha
Spicer, Mrs. Nina, housewife, 8 Ellen
Spicer, Robert, retired farmer, 144 Ontario
Spicer, Mrs. Olive, housewife, 144 Ontario 
Spicer, Eldora, 144 Ontario
Spicer, William, enameler, 112 Sherbourne
Spicer, Mrs. William, 112 Sherbourne
Spicer, Roland, 150 Cavan
Spicer, Mrs. Rowland, 150 Cavan
Spicer, B., labourer, 193 Victoria N.
Spicer, Mrs. B., 193 Victoria N.
Stacey, Vernal, railwayman, 40 Elgin N.
Stacey, Mrs. Vernal, 40 Elgin N.
Stanley, Thomas, musician, 22 Ellen
Stanley, Mrs. Edith E., housewife, 22 Ellen
Staples, John F., factory worker, 7 Little Hope
Staples, Mrs. John F., 7 Little Hope
Staples, Mrs. Lewis R., 56 Queen
Staples, Lewis R., caretaker, 56 Queen
Staples, Roy, E., bookkeeper. 5 Little Hope
Staples, Mrs. Roy E., 5 Little Hope
Staples, C. J., retired, 60 Sullivan
Staples, Mrs. C. J., 60 Sullivan
Stapleton, Mrs. Geo., widow, 3 Bloomsgrove
Stata, Lyle, labourer, 14 Alexander
Stata, Mrs. Lyle, 14 Alexander
Stechyshyn, Greta, 73 Mill
Steen, Mrs. Fred, widow, 43 Augusta
Steen, Miss Dorothy, operator, 43 Augusta
Steen, J. T., merchant, 88 Walton
Steen, Mrs. J. T., 88 Walton
Stephens, Elwin, clerk, 3 Dorset
Stephens, Edith, housewife, 3 Dorset
Stephens, John, 275 Ridout
Stephens, Mrs. John, 275 Ridout
Stephens, Miss Jean, factory worker, 275 Ridout
Stephens, Miss Ruth, 275 Ridout
Stephens, Mrs. William, widow, 10 Armour
Stephenson, C. E., M.P., 61 Brown
Stevason, Edward, operator, 16 Bramley N .
Stevason, Mrs. Edward, 16 bramley N.
Stevenson, C. W., laundryman, 112 Hope
Stevenson, Mrs. Annie, housewife, 112 Hope
Stevenson, Kingsley, laundryman, 112 Hope
Stevenson, Mrs. Kingsley, 112 Hope
Stevenson, Mrs. L. E., widow, 243 Ridout
Stevenson, Mrs. N., matron T.C.S.
Stinson, Stuart, factory worker, 11½ Little Hope
Stinson, Mrs. Stuart, 11½ Little Hope
Storr, Karl, pattern maker, 33 Ward
Storr, Elfrieda, housewife, 33 Ward
Stothart, Thomas, crate maker, 45 Toronto Rd.
Stothart, Mrs. Thomas, 45 Toronto Rd.
Stott, Albert, foreman, 33 Pine
Stott, Mrs. Albert, 33 Pine
Strathy, Mrs. Eliza, 178 Walton
Stratton, Mrs. Herbert, widow, 271 Ridout
Strickland, Miss Emma, 120 Elgin S.
Strong, Mrs. Beatrice, widow, 34 Pine S.
Strong, Norman, stationer, 34 Pine S.
Strong, Mrs. Norman, 34 Pine S.
Strong, Wilbert, labourer, 128 John
Strong, Mrs. Wilbert, 128 John
Strong, Harold, labourer, 128 John
Stubbings, W. G., labourer, 88 Walton
Stubbings, Mrs. W. G., 88 Walton
Sullivan, S., chemist, 122 Walton
Sutton, Earnest, labourer, 21 South
Sutton, Norman, chauffeur, 91 John
Sutton, Mrs. Norman, 91 John
Swann, Miss Agnes, 16 Seymour
Swanson, Mrs. Helen, housewife, 2 Martha
Sweanor, Geo., manager, 46 Ward
Sweanor, Mrs. Geo., 46 Ward
Sweanor, Trevor, electrician, 46 Ward
Sylvester, Leonard, plant manager, 74 Pine
Sylvester, Mrs. Leonard, 74 Pine
Symons, Ernest, seedsman, 97 Elgin S.
Symons, Mrs. Ernest, 97 Elgin S.
Symons, Wilfred, file packer, 77 Francis
Symons, Mrs. Wilfred, 77 Francis
Symons, J. H., retired, 15 Victoria S.
Symons, Mrs. J. H., l5 Victoria S.

Tada, Gimgi, labourer, 184 Cavan
Tada, Mrs. Gimgi, 184 Cavan
Tape, E. T., carpenter, 310 Ridout
Tape, Mrs E. T., 310 Ridout
Tappenden, John, groundsman, 28 Deblaquire N.
Tappendon, Mrs. John, 28 Deblaquire N.
Targonski, Stanley, hotel prop., 83 Walton
Targonski, Mrs. Stanley, 83 Walton
Tarrington, James, Hope S.
Tarrington, Mrs. James, housewife, 5 Walton
Tatham, John G., contractor, 50 King
Tatham, Mrs. J. G., 50 King
Taylor, Alman, foreman, 36 Durham
Taylor, Mrs. Alman, 36 Durham
Taylor, A. W., labourer, Queen
Taylor, Mrs. A. W., Queen
Taylor, Arthur, moulder, 12 Hill
Taylor, Mrs. Arthur, 12 Hill
Taylor, Bruce, inspector, 59 Ellen
Taylor, Mrs. Bruce, 59 Ellen
Taylor, Charles, labourer, Hayward
Taylor, Mrs. Robert, widow , Hayward
Taylor, Chas. S., retired, 59 Pine N.
Taylor, Mrs. Chas. S., 59 Pine N.
Taylor, Frank, retired, 330 Ridout
Taylor, Mrs. Frank, 330 Ridout
Taylor, Fred, file inspector, 82 Elgin N.
Taylor, Mrs. Fred, 82 Elgin N.
Taylor, Geo. W., retired, 204 Ontario,
Taylor, Harold, file worker, 163 Victoria
Taylor, Mrs. Harold, 163 Victoria
Taylor, Leslie, janitor, 94 Elgin S.
Taylor, Mrs. Leslie, 94 Elgin S.
Taylor, Robert, labourer, 86 John
Taylor, Mrs. Robert, 86 John
Taylor, Wm., labourer, 30 John
Taylor, James, labourer, 81 Smith
Taylor, Mrs. Jas., 81 Smith
Taylor, Alf., caretaker, 24 Queen
Taylor, Mrs. Alf., 24 Queen
Tempest, Miss Virginia, 78 Pine
Temple, Gilbert, accountant
Temple, Mrs. Amy
Terbenche, M., painter, 19 Bedord
Terbenche, Mrs. M., 19 Bedford
Terbenche, P. W., policeman, 108 Hope
Terbenche, Mrs. P. W., housewife, 108 Hope
Terbenche, Mrs. Annie, widow, 186 John
Terry, Mrs. Thos. C., widow, 42 South
Thickson, G. F., carpenter, 90 Cavan
Thickson, Mrs. G. F., 90 Cavan
Thickson, Wm. J., labourer, 25 Queen
Thickson, Mrs. Wm. J., 25 Queen
Thickson, Wm. John, Jr., section man, 28 Bramley S.
Thickson, Mrs. Wm. John, Jr., 28 Bramley S.
Thickson, Robert, draw filer, 25 Queen
Thomas, Edward, file worker, 190 Walton
Thomas, Mrs. Edward, 190 Walton
Thomas, Fred, gardener, 42 Ward
Thomas, Clarence, labourer, 42 Ward
Thomas, Gordon, truck driver, 4 Mill S.
Thomas, Mrs. Gordon, 4 Mill S.
Thomas, Gordon, labourer, 44 Young
Thomas, Mrs. Gordon, 44 Young
Thomas, Mrs. Ida, seamstress, 128 Ontario
Thomas, Morley, F., engineer, 63 Charles
Thomas, Mrs. Morley F., 63 Charles
Thomas, Richard, 63 Charles
Thomas, Mrs. Richard, 63 Charles
Thomas, Roy, labourer, 39 Ontario
Thomas, Mrs Roy, 39 Ontario
Thomas, Mrs. William, widow, 148 Walton
Thompson, Mrs. Bailey, 92 Ontario
Thompson, Mrs. J. L., widow, 92 Ontario
Thompson, J. Perry, 92 Ontario
Thompson, Brodie, shoe dealer, 29 Bloomsgrove
Thompson, Mrs. Brodie, 29 Bloomsgrove
Thompson, C. M., merchant, 44 Bedford
Thompson, Mrs. C. M., 44 Bedford
Thompson, Delbert, milling mach. opera'r, 7 Craig
Thompson, Mrs. Delbert, 7 Craig
Thompson, Mrs. Edward, 79 Sherbourne,
Thompson, J. Edward, mechanic, 79 Sherbourne
Thompson, Miss Elsie, teacher, 46 Bedford
Thompson, Frederick R., tanner, 19 King
Thompson, Mrs. Frederick R., 19 King
Thompson, George, engineer, 86 Brown
Thompson, Mrs. George, 86 Brown
Thompson, James, 91 Hope S.
Thompson, Mrs. James, 91 Hope S.
Thompson, Gordon, 91 Hope S.
Thompson, James, 67 Molson
Thompson, James, 116 Bruton
Thompson, Hugh Gordon, file worker, 116 Bruton
Thompson, Mrs. K., housekeeper, 83 Hope S.
Thompson, Miss Marguerite, salesgirl, 83 Hope S.
Thompsoni Wm. E., accountant, 90 Brown
Thompson, Mrs. Wm. E., 90 Brown
Thompson, Wm. E., Jr., mechanic, 90 Brown
Thompson, Rex, mechanic, 70 Thomas
Thompson, Agnes, clerk, 29 Ellen
Thompson, W. J., mechanic, 83 Dorset
Thompson, Mrs. W. J., 83 Dorset
Thompson, J. A., mechanic, 85 Dorset E.
Thompson, Mrs. J. A., 85 Dorset E.
Thompson, C. W., 16 Alexander
Thompson, Mrs. C. W., 16 Alexander
Thomson, G. A., Lakeshore Rd.
Thomson, Mrs. G. A., Lakeshore Rd.
Thorn, George, S., 22 Baldwin
Thorndyke, Mrs. E., widow, 59 King
Therot, John, labourer, 132 Walton
Therot, Mrs. John, 132 Walton
Throop, Miss Alma, 40 Charles
Throop, Charles, bookkeeper, 28 Durham
Throop, Mrs. Charles, 28 Durham
Thurber, Mrs. Edward, widow, 115 Dorset W.
Thurtle, Kenneth, foundry worker, 43 Dorset W.
Thurtle, Miss Violet, agent, 43 Dorset W.
Tickell, Albert, clerk, 1 Bloomsgrove
Tickell, Mrs. Albert, 1 Bloomsgrove
Tickell, W. P., merchant, 9 Bloomsgrove
Tickell, Mrs. W. P., 9 Bloomsgrove
Tink, Wm., janitor, 60 Francis
Tinney, Miss M., bookkeeper, 142 Walton
Tinney, Miss Pauline, stenographer, 23 Bramley
Tinney, T. W., retired, 23 Bramley
Tinney, Mrs. T. W., 23 Bramley
Toms, Mrs. Doris, 68 Cavan
Torrell, Kenneth, 9 Brown
Torrell, Mrs. Kenneth, 9 Brown
Tottenham, C. G., teacher T.C.S
Tottenham, Mrs. C. G., T.C.S.
Towes, Gordon, maintenance man, 95 Charles
Towes, Mrs. Gordon, 95 Charles
Toye, James., teacher, 18 Walton
Toye, Mrs. James., 18 Walton
Tozer, Harold, clerk, Apt. 7, 71 Pine N.
Tozer, Mrs. Harold Apt. 7, 71 Pine N.
Tozer, William, messenger, 46 Hope S.
Tozer, Mrs. William, 46 Hope S.
Trawin, Harold, filemaker, 38 Bloomsgrove
Trawin, Mrs. Harold, 38 Bloomsgrove
Trawin, W. H., inspector, 11 Brown
Trawin, Mrs. W. H., 11 Brown
Trenbeth, Miss Carrie, 67 Charles
Trenouth, John, salesman, 48 Bramley
Trenouth, J. T., salesman, 53 Francis
Trenouth, Mrs. W. R., widow, 96 Cavan
Trenouth, A., labourer, 96 Cavan
Trenouth, Mrs. A., 96 Cavan
Trew, Mrs. Georgina, widow, 80 Bramley
Trew, Dwayne, machinist, 78 Bramley
Trew, Mrs. Dwayne, 78 Bramley
Trew, Harry, printer, 19 Dorset W.
Trew, Mrs. Harry, 19 Dorset W.
Trew, Gerald, labourer, 93 Francis
Trew, Mrs. Gerald, 93 Francis
Trolley, Mrs. Gerald, housewife, 12 Mill
Trott, Herbert, 105 Dorset W.
Trott, Mrs. Herbert, 105 Dorset W.
Trotter, Alfred, engineer, 36 Hope S.
Trotter, Mrs. Alfred, 36 Hope S.
Trotter, Austin, station attendant, 200 Ontario
Trotter, Mrs. Irene, housewife, 200 Ontario
Trotter, Mrs. George, widow, 71 Smith
Trumper, Mrs. Sadie, housewife, 150 Hope
Trumper, George, file maker, 158 Cavan
Trumper, Mrs. George, 158 Cavan
Tucker, Wilfred, physician, 25 John
Tucker, Mrs. Wilfred, 25 John
Tucker, Arthur, mechanic, 59 Charles
Tucker, Mrs. Arthur, 59 Charles
Tuer, Miss Jessie, 22 Ward
Tuer, Miss Margaret, 22 Ward
Tuer, William, clerk, 22 Smith
Tuer, Mrs. Milton, 22 Smith
Turck, Mrs. Annie, widow, 57 Mill
Turck, Mrs. Victor, secretary, 57 Mill
Turck, Raymond, merchant, 44 Walton
Turck, Mrs. R., 44 Walton
Turner, Jas., electrician, 168 Bruton
Turner, Mrs. James, 168 Bruton
Tutton, Frank, waiter, St. Lawrence, Hotel
Tweed, J. G., machinist, 16 Hill
Tweed, Mrs. Jack, 16 Hill
Twilley, Mrs. widow, 109 Walton
Tychanski, Mike, labourer, 17 Young
Tychanski, Mrs. Mike, 17 Young
Tyson, Bryan, clerk, 5 Bloomsgrove
Tyson, Mrs. Bryan, 5 Bloomsgrove

Uglow, Charles, 69 Smith
Uglow, Richard, watchman, 73 Smith

Vader, A. Mrs. widow, 152 Walton
Van Allan, Everett, mechanic, 125 Elgin
Van Allan, Mrs. E .M., 125 Elgin
Van Alstine, Herbert, merchant, 61 Hope N.
VanBrocklin, Miss Betty, operator, 4 Mill
Vendenbelt, William, supt., 150 Dorset W.
Vandenbelt, Mrs. William, 150 Dorset W.
Vandermeer, W., file cutter, 49 Brown
Vandermeer, Mrs. W., 49 Brown
Vandervoort, Mrs. Maria, 42 Barrett
Van Everdingen, Hendrick, estimator, 72 Augusta
Van Everdingen, Mrs. H., 72 Augusta
Vanhinsberg, Arthur, filemaker, 1 Chestnut Hill
Vanhinsberg, Mrs. Arthur, 1 Chestnut Hill
Vanhinsberg, Arthur, file worker, 34 Princess
Vanhinsberg, Mrs. Arthur, 34 Princess
Vanhinsberg, Louis, factory worker, 47 Ontario
Vanhinsberg, Mrs. Louis, 47 Ontario
Vannatto, Shirley, labourer, 138 Ontario
Vannatto, Mrs. Edna, housewife, 138 Ontario
Vansickle, George, tract. operator, Wellington
Vansickle, Mrs. George, Wellington
Varcoe, Jack, setup man, 14 North
Varcoe, Mrs. Jack, 14 North
Velic, Andrew, sand blaster, 119 Walton
Velic, Mrs. Andrew, 119 Walton
Vick, Walford, mgr. Canners, 6 Bedford
Vick, Mrs. Walford, 6 Bedford
Videon, Henry, trader, Pine
Vilkinos, John, labourer, 83 Walton
Vivian, Reginald Percy, physician, 33 King
Vivian, Mrs. Reginald Percy, 33 King

Waern, H., retired, 150 Dorset W.
Waern, Mrs. H., 150 Dorset W.
Waghorn, Frank T. G., sales mgr., 2 Baldwin
Waghorn, Mrs. Frank T. G., 2 Baldwin
Waghorn, Miss Joan, 2 Baldwin
Wagner, Mrs. Bertha, widow, 10 Baldwin
Wakelin, W. H , foreman, 27 Victoria
Wakelin, Mrs. W. H., 27 Victoria
Wakely, Forrest, file worker, 204 Ontario
Wakely, Mrs. Olive, housewife, 204 Ontario
Wakely, Frank G., truck driver, 147 Bruton
Wakely, Mrs. Frank G., 147 Bruton
Wakely, H. L., plumber, 9 Bedford
Wakely, Mrs. H. L., 9 Bedford
Wakely, Harry, moulder, 178 Bruton
Wakely, Mrs. Harry, 178 Bruton
Wakely, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, 13 Church
Wakely, Sid, trucker, 29 Victoria
Wakely, Mrs. Sid, 29 Victoria
Wakely, Victor, file maker, 164 Ontario
Wakely, Mrs. May, housewife, 164 Ontario
Wakely, Rex, blacksmith, 82 Hope
Wakely, Mrs. Rex, 82 Hope
Walden, D. H., dentist, 71 Brown
Walden, Mrs. D. H., 71 Brown
Walker, Howard, agent, 22 Armour
Walker, Wm. F., 22 Armour
Walker, Mrs. Howard, 22 Armour
Walker, J. H., 47 Bloomsgrove
Walker, Philip, 24 Bramley N.
Walker, Mrs. Philip, 24 Bramley N.
Walker, Mrs. Jennie, widow, 5 Bloomsgrove
Walkey, T. G., 17 Bramley
Walkey, Mrs. T. G., 17 Bramley
Wall, Albert, file cutter, 274 Cavan
Wall, Mrs. Albert, 274 Cavan
Wallace, Chas., file inspector, 60 Bruton
Wallace, Mrs. Chas., 60 Bruton
Wallace, Harold, file cutter, 23 Mill
Wallace, Mrs. Harold, 23 Mill
Waller, Wm., 44 Thomas
Waller, Mrs. Wm., 44 Thomas
Walsh, Cyril, Eldorado worker, 165 Ontario
Walsh, Mrs. Ruth, housewife, 165 Ontario
Walsh, Don, trucker, 48 Margaret
Walsh, Mrs. B., housewife, 48 Margaret
Walsh, Elizabeth, housekeeper, 53 Young
Walsh, Robert, labourer, 53 Young
Walsh, Mrs. Robert, 53 Young
Walsh, Gordon, welder, 10 Mill
Walsh, Mrs. Gordon, 10 Mill
Walsh, Harold, mechanic, 14 Seymour
Walsh, Mrs. Harold, 14 Seymour
Walter, Milton, labourer, 27 John
Walter, Mrs. Milton, 27 John
Walters, Ike, hotel clerk, 91 Walton
Walton, George, painter, 14 Park
Walton, Arthur, painter, 14 Park
Walton, Miss Margaret, clerk, 14 Park
Walton, Frank G., decorator, 124 Charles
Walton, Mrs. Frank G., 124 Charles
Wanner, David, ins. salesman, 16 Baldwin
Wanner, Mrs. David, 16 Baldwin
Wanner, Mrs. Angelina, widow, 16 Baldwin
Ward, Geo. F., bookkeeper, 24 Ellen
Ward, Mrs. Rita E., housewife, 24 Ellen
Ward, Arnold, 3 Ward
Ward, Mrs. Arnold, 3 Ward
Ward, Miss L., clerk, 30 Walton
Ward, Miss M., clerk, 30 Walton
Ward, Gerald, mechanic, 11 William
Ward, Mrs. Gerald, 11 William
Ware, Roy, engineer, 55 Caroline
Ware, Mrs. Roy, 55 Caroline
Warren, Albert, policeman, 58 Walton
Warren, Mrs. Albert, 58 Walton
Water, Miss Phyliss, 122 John
Watson, Adam, dentist, 52 Francis
Watson, Miss Ella, 52 Francis
Watson, Mrs. C., stenographer, 2 Sherbourne
Watson, C. H. D., dentist, 238 Walton
Watson, Mrs. C. H. D., 238 Walton
Watson, Miss Dorothy, stenographer, 238 Walton
Watson, John, labourer, 11 Smith
Watson, Mrs. John, 11 Smith
Watson, R. D., druggist, 35 Baldwin
Watt, Alex, enameler, 62 Elgin S.
Watt, Mrs. Alex, 62 Elgin
Watt, Mrs. Alma, 61 Ellen
Watt, Mrs. Dorothy, widow, 85 Strachan
Watt, John, labourer, 42 Elgin S.
Watt, Mrs. John, 42 Elgin S.
Watters, James, 150 Bloomsgrove
Watters, Mrs. James, 150 Bloomsgrove
Watts, Fred, labourer, 130 Walton
Watts, Mrs. Fred, 130 Walton
Watts, Edmund, butcher, 87 Hope S.
Watts, Mrs. Edmund, 87 Hope S.
Watts, Mrs. Myrtle, widow, 44 Thomas
Weatherilt, Miss Hannah, housekeeper, 25 William
Weatherup, Clarence E., carpenter, Howard
Weatherup, Mrs. Jane, houswife, Howard
Weaver, Wilfred E., sales mgr., Peter
Webb, Clifford, mechanic, 70 Bramley
Webb, Mrs. Clifford, 70 Bramley
Welch, Alfred, fish dealer, 188 John
Welch, Wm., machinist, 37 Bloomsgrove
Welch, Clarence, machinist, 37 Bloomsgrove
Welch, Mrs. Clarence, 37 Bloomsgrove
Welch, Delbert, truckdriver, 75 Strachan
Welch, Mrs. Delbert, 75 Strachan
Welch, Mrs. Tizah, widow, 63 Thomas
Welch, Robert, fisherman, 188 John
Welch, Mrs. Robert, 188 John
Welde, Olaf, mechanic, 32 1/2 Bramley S.
Welde, Mrs. Olaf, 32 1/2 Bramley S.
Wells, Fred W., insurance agent, 34 North
Wells, Mrs. Fred W., 34 North
Wells, John, 36 Princess
Wells, E., labourer, 49 Mill
Wells, Mrs. E., 49 Mill
Welsh, Cecil, clerk, 148 Cavan
Welsh, Mrs. Cecil, l48 Cavan
Wendland, Carl, electrician 220 Walton
Wendland, Mrs. Carl, 220 Walton
West, Gordon, clerk, 41 Ellen
West, Mrs. Gordon, 41 Ellen
West, Robert, 176 Walton
Wesenger, E. S., bank accountant, 23 Sullivan
Wesenger, Mrs. E. S., 23 Sullivan
Westaway, Mrs. Jane, widow, 79 Pine
Westaway, Mrs. Jack, 106 Augusta
Westhead, Miss Sarah, 29 North
Westington, Miss S. T., 93 Ontario
Wheeler, Charles, factory worker, 8 Margaret
Wheeler, Mrs. Emily, housewife, 8 Margaret
Wheeler, Robert C., file maker, 8 Margaret
Whetstone, John R., retired, 149 Bruton
Whetstone Mrs. John R., 149 Bruton
Whetstone, Arnold R., clerk, 149 Bruton
Whetstone, Mrs Arnold, 149 Bruton
Whimsett, Geo., retired, 90 King
White, Mrs. Bert, widow, 154 Walton
White, Miss Edith, librarian, 48 King
White, F. S., 5 Bedford
White, Miss Freda, housekeeper, 5 Bedford
White, Geo., labourer, 73 Mill
White, Miss Lillie, 40 Victoria
White, Miss Fanny M., 40 Victoria
White, William, craneman, 8 Alexander
White, Mrs. William, 8 Alexander
White, B., merchant, 112 Walton
White, Mrs. B., 112 Walton
White, Allan, merchant, 112 Walton
Whitton, Mrs. Greta, 20 Ward
Wickett, Mrs. Charles, widow, 55 King
Wickett, Claude, W., 28 Baldwin
Wickett, Mrs. Claude W., 28 Baldwin
Wickett, E., John, clerk, 28 Baldwin
Wickett, Mark P., retired, 3 Ward
Wickett, Miss May, 71 Augusta
Wickett, Robert H., tobacco grower, 52 King
Wickett, Mrs. Robert H., 52 King
Wickett, Miss Stella, 150 Walton
Wickett, Mrs. Thos., widow, 98 Ontario
Wickett, Geo. G., seed dealer, 44 Pine N.
Wickett, Mrs. Geo. G., 44 Pine N.
Wicklund, Andrew, barber, 54 Pine S.
Wicklund, Mrs. Andrew, 54 Pine S.
Wilby, Mrs Minnie, widow, 220 Yeoville
Wilby, John, labourer, 220 Yeoville
Wilby, Ormund, 220 Yeoville
Wilby, Allen Douglas, 220 Yeoville
Wilby, Allan, baker, 84 Hope S.
Wilby, Mrs. Allan, 84 Hope S.
Wilcox, Mrs. Harold S., housekeeper, 18 John
Wilkin, Mrs. J. F., dietician, T.C.S.
Wilkin, Miss Edith, matron, T. C.S.
Wilkins, Ernest, fireman, 19 Shuter
Wilkins, Rose, housewife, 19 Shuter
Wilkins, William, painter, 19 Shuter
Wilkins, Albert, labourer, 19 Shuter
Wilkins, Mrs. William, 19 Shuter
Wilkins, Wm., waiter, 19 Shuter
Wilkinson, E. L., labourer, 1 Brown Drive
Wilkinson, Mrs. E. L., 1 Brown Drive
Wilkinson, J. A., merchant, 1 Brown Drive
Wilkinson, Miss F. E., stenographer, 1 Brown Drive
Wilkinson, Harry, file maker, 45 Bloomsgrove
Wilkinson, Mrs. Harry, 45 Bloomsgrove
Wilkinson, Percy, 43 Walton
Wilkinson, Mrs. Percy, 43 Walton
Williams, C. J., labourer, 100 Walton
Williams, Mrs. C. J., 100 Walton
Williams, Miss Charlotte, 103 Mill
Williams, Harold, labourer, 44 Brown
Williams, Mrs. Florence, housewife, 44 Brown
Wiliams, J C., clerk, 44 Brown
Williams, H. C., laundry prop., 61 Bramley
Williams, Mrs. H. C., 61 Bramley
Williams, W. G., retired, 93 Ontario
Williams, Mrs. Eva, 93 Ontario
Williams, Beryl, 82 Pine
Williams, Mary, widow, 112 Sherbourne
Williamson, W. C., stationer, 103 Mill
Williamson, Miss Florence, 103 Mill
Willis, Jas., linesman, Hope
Willis, James, electrician, Hope
Wilson, Miss Alma, 25 Ward
Wilson, Archie, foreman, 91 Walton
Wilson, Arthur, janitor, 129 Elgin S.
Wilson, Mrs. Arthur, 129 Elgin S.
Wilson, Miss Violet, sorter, 129 Elgin S.
Wilson, Miss Beatrice, 86 Charles
Wilson, Mrs. Bertha, widow, 9 Hope S.
Wilson, Miss Fern, stenographer, 9 Hope S.
Wilson, E. T, C., labourer, 84 Cavan
Wilson, Mrs. E. T. C., 84 Cavan
Wilson, Edward, file maker, 252 Cavan
Wilson, Mrs. Edward, 252 Cavan
Wilson, Miss Emma, 64 Brown
Wilson, F. J., trucker, 53 McCaul
Wilson, Mrs. F. J., 53 McCaul
Wilson, Bert, 53 McCaul
Wilson, Harold B., retired, 20 King
Wilson, Mrs. Harold B., 20 King
Wilson, J. H., auctioneer, 30 Martha
Wilson, Mrs. J. H., 30 Martha
Wilson, Mrs. Leslie widow, 25 Mill
Wilson, Max, clerk, 25 Mill
Wilson, Mrs. Max, housewife, 25 Mill
Wilson, Miss Ruth, journalist, 35 South
Wilson, Samuel H., enameller, 84 Strachan
Wilson, Mrs. Samuel H., 84 Strachan
Wilson, William, file cutter, 152 Ontario
Wilson, Robert, bank clerk, 52 Harcourt
Wilson, Mrs. Robert, 52 Harcourt
Wilson, Mrs. Burt, 53 McCaul
Wilson, Ralph C., publisher, 42 Bedford
Wilson, Mrs. Ralph C., 42 Bedford
Wilton, C. R., labourer, 88 Walton
Wilton, Mrs. C. R., 88 Walton
Winfield, Mrs. John, widow, 80 Dorset
Winfield, Herb., sales manager, 82 Brown
Winfield, Mrs. Herb., 82 Brown
Winn, Mrs. Bert, widow, 49 Walton
Winter, Delbert, machinist, 320 Ridout
Winter, Mrs. Delbert, 320 Ridout
Withers, S. C., retired, 21 Dorset E.
Withers, Mrs. S. C., 21 Dorset
Wood, Stanley, file hardener, 100 John
Wood, Mrs. Stanley, 100 John
Wood, Miss Lenore, clerk, 100 John
Wood, Mrs. Alice, widow, 100 John
Wood, Clarke clerk, 83 Charles
Wood, Mrs. Clark, 83 Charles
Wood, Lawrence D., elctrician, 148 Walton
Wood, Mrs. Lawrence D., 148Walton
Wood, Russell D., 148 Walton
Woodcock, Reuben, retired, 155 Bruton
Woodman, Lawrence, labourer, 79 Francis
Woodman, Mrs. Lawrence, 79 Francis
Woods, Wm. A., mechanic, 134 Elgin
Woods, Mrs. W. A., 134 Elgin
Woods, John, filemaker, 54 Thomas
Woods, Mrs. John, 54 Thomas
Woods, Thomas, file cutter, 44 Charles
Woods, Mrs. T., 44 Charles
Woods, Harold, labourer, 44 Charles
Woods, Samuel, 44 Charles
Woodman, R. B., filemaker, 12 Deblaquire
Woodman, Mrs. R. B., 12 Deblaquire
Woodward, Joseph, 47 John
Woodward, Mrs. Joseph, 47 John
Woolacott, George, file maker, 22 College
Woolacott, Mrs. George, 22 College
Woolacott, W. J., caretaker, 24 North
Woolacott, Mrs. W. J., 24 North
Woolacott, Martha, 24 North
Workman, Arthur, grocer, 20 Baldwin
Workman, Mrs. A., 20 Baldwin
Wrathall, E. L., physician, 91 Mill
Wrathall, Mrs. E. L., 91 Mill
Wright, Henry, forger, 83 Ward
Wright, Mrs. Jessie, widow, 12 Bramley
Wright, Harold, agent, 64 Alexander
Wright, Mrs. J. S., widow, 25 Deblaquire
Wright, Wm. V., labourer, 49 Caroline
Wright, Mrs. Wm. V., 49 Caroline
Wright, Jack, mechanic, 33 Hope
Wright, Mrs. Jack, 33 Hope
Wright, Oscar, mechanic, 267 Ridout
Wright, Mrs. Oscar, 267 Ridout
Wright, Mrs. Florence, widow, 267 Ridout
Wright, Annie, 267 Ridout
Wynn, Earl, draughtsman, 231 Ridout
Wynn, Mrs. Earl, 231 Ridout

Yeo, Harry, labourer, 20 Bloomsgrove
Yeo, Mrs Harry, 20 Bloomsgrove
Yeo, Harvey, labourer, rear 52 Sullivan
Yeo, Malcolm, file worker, 84 Charles
Yeo, S. M., 84 Charles
Yeo, Mrs. Florence, 84 Charles
Yeo , Norman, file worker, 166 Yeoville
Yeo, Mrs. Norman, 166 Yeoville
Yeo, Mrs. Stanley, 9 Victoria
Young, Arthur, operator, 21 Park
Young, Mrs. Arthur, 21 Park
Young, Miss Florence, operator, 21 Park
Young, Charles, 81 Dorset W.
Young, Mrs. Charles, 81 Dorset W.
Young, Mrs. Florence, widow, 17 Hope N.
Young, Victor, 168 King
Young, Ruth, housewife, 168 King

Zobec, Matthew, labourer, 73 Mill
Zufelt, John, photographer, 80 Walton

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