PHHS Blue and White 1941

 To the principles of patriotism and education for which this school stands, we dedicate this issue

Port Hope High
Mr W J B Davison, Chairman
Mr W E Bonneville
Mr A E Fulford

Principal's Message
Major Bigelow
Blue and White Staff
Democratic Co-operation
About Cadets
The Valedictory
Special Features
French Club
Boys' Athletics
Shield Winners

School Board 1941
Mr F R O'Neill, Secretary-Treasurer
Mr R E Sculthorpe
Mr J T George

Teaching Staff
Active Forces
The Editor Speaks
The School in the Community
Junior Literary Section
Senior Literary Section
Excerpts from Letters
School Activities 1940-41
Girls' Athletic Society
Class Photos and News
Ads 1  2  3  4  5

Yearbook courtesy Madelon Irene (Jex) Kelley

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