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from the Evening Guide  Monday April 23, 1984
by Doris Mitchell
The report on the history of Girl Guiding in Port Hope continues...
The First Port Hope Brownie Pack was registered on Nov 20, 1939, meeting at St John's Church, with Frances Jex as Brown Owl and Pat Chisholm as Tawny Owl. Helen Stephenson and Carol Watt were leaders from 1943 to 1947, when Nancy Bennett and Mrs M Goodman took over.
From 1948 Doris Mitchell was Brown Owl until 1950, when the pack had 66 girls. It was decided to make two packs, 1A and IB, both with Mrs Mitchell as Brown Owl.
The following ladies were Tawny Owls over the years: Penelope Ketchum, Dorothy Morgan, Mrs A W Soble, Mrs H Schroter, Bev Cheney, Mrs M Goodman, Mrs J R Scott, Mrs Len Elliott, Florence Thickson, Mrs T W Lawson, Mrs R Lee, Mrs R E Newman-Jones, Mrs K J Schroter, Shari Northam, and Joan Hepburn.
Florence Thickson became Brown Owl of Pack IB from 1969 to May 11, 1972, when this pack was cancelled. Tawny Owls were Edna Marie Scott and Mrs J W Lawrence.
Doris Mitchell resigned in 1978, when Joan Hepburn became Brown Owl and Judith Schroder was Tawny Owl. Nancy Lennan and Carol Simpson were leaders in 1981 and 1982, when Phyllis Fenton was Brown Owl and Heather Bunner Tawny Owl. In 1983 Jane Smith was Tawny Owl.
The First Port Hope Brownie Pack will be 45 years old this year.
The Second Port Hope Brownie Pack was registered on Feb 27, 1941, meeting in St Mark's Parish Hall. It was cancelled in 1945 and registered again on March 20, 1946, and is 42 years old
The following ladies were Brown Owls: Mrs W H Jordan, Madelon Jex, Doris Cork, Mrs W H Jordan, Nathalie Jordan, Mrs Gord Frederick, Ann Galbraith, Mrs E R Goucher, Olga Kershaw, Mrs J L Barr, Mrs G A Ryan, Mrs J F C Ham, Mrs D W Morris and Kay MacNutt.
The Tawny Owls were: Miss E Brown, Pauline Benn, Gladys Horsfield, Nathalie Jordan, Jean McCarthy, Gwen Churchley, Leslie Brown, Ann Galbraith, Fred Allen, Johanne Moffatt, Mrs G M MacKenzie, Shirley Brown, Mrs R M Burley, Mrs Victor Burke, Marg Bridges, Mrs G Moffatt, Miss F Spike, Florence Thickson, Mrs R Corney, Mrs L McKeen, Mrs D Peckham, Anne Hart, Judith Morris and Barb Horner.
Local News
On April 10 the Third Port Hope Guides enjoyed a tour of the Port Hope and District Hospital, guided by administrator Jim Dafoe. The Guides found the tour most interesting, especially the physiotherapy room, where they admired the skeleton and tested the wax bath.
On May 15 we expect to hold our annual mother and daughter banquet, at which time some of the Guides will be presented with badges which they have earned.
On May 26 we hope to visit Canada's Wonderland, and June 9 to 11 we will be camping for the weekend in Lakeport. Glynis Smerhy is captain and Jan Alford, lieutenant.

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