Picture of Captain Alfred Hayward after a miniature painting by his son Gerald Sinclair Hayward
Alfred and his wife are buried in St George's Anglican Cemetery, Gores Landing
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Gerald Sinclair Hayward, son of Alfred Hayward
Gerald and his wife are buried in St George's Anglican Cemetery, Gores Landing
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Archives Canada outlines his career, his mother being;
"Caroline (Bartlett) Hayward (act. 1845/46) the wife of Captain Alfred Hayward. They lived at Ravenscourt between Port Hope and Cobourg and also near Rice Lake, Ontario. She was an artist who is known for her drawings, and prints after her sketches of Rice Lake. She also wrote and published poetry. Two sons, Gerald Sinclair Hayward (1845-1926) and Alfred Frederick William Hayward (1856-1939) were also artists born in Port Hope, Ontario. Her son Gerald Hayward was occupied in railroading and farming during his youth; served with the 10th Royals in the Fenian Raids in 1866; studied painting in England in 1870 where he painted principally as a miniaturist; he married Sophia Cawley, of Jersey; and later lived in New York and Boston with a summer home at Gore's Landing in Ontario 1904-08, where he died in 1926. He also painted watercolours in the Rice Lake district. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in London, and the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.The exhibition of his miniatures in New York in 1889 is said to have revived interest in the art in the United States. He painted portraits of English royalty and aristocracy and important statesmen in the United States and Canada. His brother Alfred Frederick William emigrated to England in 1875 and remained there except for trips to Canada coinciding with exhibitions. He painted portraits and later flower studies and still lifes and interiors. His wife Edith (active 1866-1929) was also an artist who painted watercolours in the Rice Lake area."

Gerald Hayward (1845-1926), along with his brother Alfred, were born at Ravenscourt, between Cobourg and Port Hope to Captain Alfred and Caroline Hayward. As a young man he held a number of jobs and was even station agent at Harwood for the Cobourg-Peterborough railway. He travelled west aboard a prairie schooner and in 1866 returned to Canada and served as a rifleman in the Feneian Raids. He was awarded 160 acres near Parry Sound but his attempt to farm his land ended when he was stricken by sunstroke. He left the life of farming to become an artist, travelling to England to study art. He enjoyed success exhibiting at the Royal Academy from 1879 to 1883. His miniatures were so superior that he became a great success in Europe and painted the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Czar and Czarina of Russia plus the Duke and Duchess of Buckingham. After a brief return to Canada, he made his home in New York, returning to Rice Lake, Ontario every summer. In 1902 he build The Willows, now Victoria Inn, in Gore's Landing. He contributed greatly to the community.

Christmas card with painting by Gerald Hayward

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