Port Hope 'Happy Town' Town Images
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'Happy Town', an ABC TV series expected to run in the US in the Spring of 2010 as a mid-season replacement for one of the inevitable failed new series of 2009, has become a fleeting part of the passing parade of Port Hope history.
A Toronto television production company called 'Stage 49 Ltd' has been in town filming (or taping) and re-filming part of the pilot episode. They were first here in March 2009.
There are two people in the cast whose names and faces are familiar to me - Sam Neill and Peter Outerbridge.
I thought the project interesting for the Port Hope connection, and the chance to see some of the technical part of the process relatively close up.
Ever since I began watching movies at the Capitol theatre in the long-ago days of Stuart Smart I've found the screen credits interesting, even when the rest of a film was not.
But company policy is that the local yokels be kept at arm's length, where you can't see anything. They and the Port Hope constabulary have long hairy arms.
I was invited three times, semi-politely, to move on.
The pictures I'd hoped to get were not to be had. I have only these instead.

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