Port Hope's Second Public Hospital
"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt."—Shakespeare

Port Hope Hospital, opened at the corner of Ward and Hope streets in 1916

from The Evening Guide  Saturday April 29, 1911
The $20,000 Fully Subscribed—The Subscription List Still Open.
Building Operations To Begin Soon

Mayor Mulholland presided over a very representative gathering of ladies and gentlemen in the Council Chamber Friday evening.

The Mayor called the meeting to order and briefly explained that the amount aimed for had been fully subscribed, the total amount as published being $20,691.69, which has since been increased by the Seymour Power Co. by $250 and the Midland Construction Co. by $10, making the grand total subcribed $20,951.69.

On motion Mr. Chas. S. Mann was requested to act as secretary.

Mr. H T Bush introduced the Hospital plans prepared by Messrs. Prach & Perrine, architects and engineers, of Hamilton. These plans have been criticized by leading doctors, architects and experts in Montreal, Toronto, Pittsburg, Pa., and the advice and experience of all embodied in the perfected plans. The plans give the greatest accommodation, room and convenience that the money available could secure.

The Mayor commented on the generous response of the Port Hope Old Boys and Girls to the appeal for funds by the Committee. Those who have gone from us still cherish a love for the old home and their vision has been so enlarged by what they see of enterprise wherever they may be that they want to see Port Hope also advance. Now that the C.N.R is about finished and the C.P.R. to be built, the old town cannot help but be more progressive than it ever has been.

Mr. E J W Burton reported on sites. Beginning on the west was the old agricultural park property, 10 acres; the owner would sell 5 acres for $1000. The Quay property on Walton street now owned by the Roman Catholic Church, valued at $4000 would be sold for hospital purposes for that sum less a donation of $500. The athletic grounds, 2 acres on Ward and Hope streets, $750. The last and best site is the north-east corner of the Town Park and should be available from the town free of all costs.

Col. Ward called attention to the work done by the various committees and that their work had progressed to a point where it would be practical to begin construction. There is over §5,000 and there are large subscriptions available whenever required. He suggested the appointment of a committee empowered to handle financial matters and nominate sub-committees.

Moved by H A Ward, seconded by E J W Burton, That the following gentlemen be and they are hereby appointed an Executive Committee with full power to transact all business for the subscribers to the Port Hope Hospital:—Messrs. R A Mulholland, John Hume, J H Helm, H T Bush, A H C Long, H A Ward, J L Schwartz, E J W Burton, E M Thurber, G H Ralston, HH Burnham, A E Pipher, Barlow Cumberland, Robt. Grandy, Chas. S Mann, James Stephenson.

Moved by Canon Montgomery, seconded by Thos. Long, That the thanks of this public meeting is due and is hereby tendered to the members of the subscription committee and others whose labours have been so successful in bringing forward the preliminary work of the Hospital. Carried.

Mr. Long spoke of the great amount of labour done by the several committees.

Moved by Col. H A Ward, seconded by Rev. Father O'Sullivan: Resolved—That this meeting cordially recognizes and desires to place on record its appreciation of the work performed by the devoted band of ladies of the town, who instituted the movement for securing a Hospital for Port Hope, which in a larger measure has proved so successful. The nucleus of a fund provided by the efforts of these ladies was a source of great encouragement to those who have since taken up the work, and too much credit cannot be awarded to them. It must not be lost sight of that in the maintenance of such an institution in our midst the good offices of the ladies are ever a source of strength and can always be depended upon to uphold such a boon as this Hospital cannot fail to be to the suffering of the community. Carried.

Col. Ward called attention to the fact the men had not begun the work, but that the work had been going for years by the women whose example had been the inspiration, and the services of the mothers, wives, daughters and sweethearts would still be required to carry on the Hospital successfully.

Mrs. H T Bush asked if the subscription list was closed, for their appeared to be some doubt on that subject.

The Mayor said that the list was still open and no one would be deprived of having a share in the good work of the Hospital. More funds could be used.

Mr. Bush remarked that an isolation Hospital would be required and the "young lady" who asked that question need not fear that there would be too much money subscribed. He recalled the last public meeting in which cold water had been thrown on the enterprise by a pessimistic citizen and then referred to the encouragement given to all by the quotation from Shakespeare given by Rev. Father O'Sullivan (which appears in the heading of this report.)

Father O'Sullivan repeated the quotation and expressed his gratification that its influence had been so good. He hoped that the Hospital would be built right, convenient and appropriate to all its uses.

Moved by Thos. Long, seconded by E J W Burton,—That this meeting desires to express its appreciation of the splendid response made to the appeal of the Committee by the Port Hope Old Boys and Girls, who look back upon Port Hope as their home. They have given a noble answer to this appeal and it is in a large measure due to them that the Committee has been able to make so favourable a report and to accomplish its aim of raising $20,000.00.

Rev. Canon Daniel added his appreciation of the splendid work done by all, so that the point aimed at had not only been reached but passed. He had watched the steady rise of the thermometer with a great deal of satisfaction.

Rev. W G Clarice was present for a short time, and on leaving, expressed his hearty sympathy with the work and satisfaction with its remarkable progress, and regretted that owing to his removal from town he could not be more closely identified with the Port Hope Hospital.

Moved by E J W Burton, seconded by E M Thurber,—That a request be made to the Town Council for sufficient land in the hill portion of the Town Park for a suitable site for the Hospital. Carried.

Col. Ward had met Mr. Todd, of Galt, who was a resident for some time since, who stated that Galt began their hospital enterprise with only $8,000: have raised $65,000 since and $25,000 is soon to be spent in improvements. No trouble is experienced in obtaining the money required.

Mr. Garnett spoke of the objection of fencing part of the Park for Hospital purposes and was assured that it was not the intention to erect fences.

On motion the meeting adjourned.

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