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Aline (Athey) Austin, a wonderful school teacher, taught grades 5 through 8 at Central, Dr Powers and Dr Hawkins schools from 1949 to 1978. She attended PHHS with my mother, Jean (Micks) Clayton, eighty years ago.
In the course of my checkered career at the West Primary, Central and Port Hope High Schools, old and new, I had three outstanding teachers, all were at the Central School. I remember them with gratitude:
Miss Elda Launder, grade 3—Mrs Aline Austin, grade 6—Miss Elsie Thompson, grades 7and 8.
Mrs Austin kept a record of the names of all her home room students. It was my great good fortune to be in one of her home rooms. Lists of the names appear at the bottom of this page.

Austin family 1942
Pictures from Aline (Athey) Austin
Thanks to Ron Austin, Joan (Freeman) Little, Bob Fair, Beryl (Challice) Cruse and Fraser Carr
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Teacher group 1979
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Teachers of grades 7 and 8 at Dr Hawkins School, June 1959
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Mrs Austin saved these lists of the students for whom she was the homeroom teacher.
Central School

All the students in Mrs Austin's Home Rooms 1949-1978

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