N E Jennings, Clothier

Picture from Vivian Maude Jennings (Quantrill, Doggett)
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Norman Edgar 'Barney' Jennings (1877-1925) was a travelling clothing salesman who opened a men's wear store in downtown Port Hope in 1912. A 1916 booklet describing some Port Hope businesses includes the following paragraph: (follow links below for more information)

N E Jennings - Port Hope's popular clothing store under the above title, is well known to all citizens. This business was established by Mr Jennings four years ago. He enjoys a wide reputation for fair dealing and honest endeavor. The store occupied for business purposes is centrally located on Walton Street, and the stock comprises a large, choice and select line of men's, boys and children's clothing, hats, caps, and furnishings. A special feature is made of 'Fit-Rite' tailored clothes, and 'Jaeger' Sanitary Woollen Goods, also an endless variety of fashionable staples coincident to the clothing and menswear trade. The goods handled here are all warranted exactly as represented. Every garment in stock is manufactured from good materials, is carefully made up, trimmed and designed in the latest prevailing fashions. Nowhere else in this section can buyers obtain greater advantages or inducements. Mr N E Jennings, the proprietor of this establishment, will be found an experienced merchant and progressive business man. This enterprise is an important addition to the trade resources of Port Hope.

Mr Jennings married Maude Fleming of Port Hope, here and here.
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