Port Hope Old Tyme Orchestra c1930

Port Hope Old Tyme Orchestra c1930
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from The Evening Guide  January 31, 1928
Port Hopers To Broadcast Over Radio Station CKCL
Old Time Orchestra from Port Hope will be on the air Tuesday afternoon 2:30-3:30 - exceptionally fine program will be presented

Radio owners in Port Hope and the general public as well will appreciate the fact that Port Hope's famous Old Tyme Orchestra will be on the air next Tuesday afternoon from 2:30 until 3:30. They will broadcast from Radio Station CKCL at Toronto and an exceptionally fine program has been arranged.
Citizens of Port Hope and others in the United States and Canada will remember the Old Time broadcast by the local talent last winter and since the many requests have been made for another appearance.

Following is the program:
Master of Ceremonies - Hugh J Bird
Port Hope Old Tyme Orchestra -
Mrs Lingard, piano
P Rowden, S Zealand, P Hawthorne, A Stagg, violins
C Doney, mandolin
G Urquhart, banjo
I Walters, drums.

  1. Quadrille. Stagg's Reel, Sailor's Hornpipe, Soldier's Joy
  2. Song. Selected, C Stephenson
  3. Quadrille. Haste to the Wedding, Hawthorne's Reel, Gilroy's Jig
  4. Quartette. Selected, Messrs C Stephenson, C Thompson, A Stagg and G Reid
  5. Quadrille. Buffalo Girl, Nellie Gray, Arkansas Traveller
  6. Song. Selected, J T George
  7. Violin solo. A Stagg
  8. Quadrille. Flowers of Edinburgh, Cuckoo's Nest, Irish Policeman
  9. Song. Selected, C Doney.
10. Quadrille. Zealand's Reel, Reel of Oak Hill, Turkey in the Straw

At the last broadcast presented by the Port Hope Old Time Orchestra, numerous requests and messages of congratulation were received by the station and next Tuesday, the party would appreciate any messages from Port Hope or elsewhere.

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