PHHS Yearbook 1964/65
There's a good deal of confusion in the naming of the individuals in some of the classes, some names having been left out entirely, and often it's unclear which name goes with which face. Any help in putting the right names with the faces would be appreciated.
Any corrections are welcome, and I'd like to replace initials with names if I could.


Student Index
Class Photos:
9a   9b   9c   9e   9g   9j   9k   9l   9r   9s   9t
10a   10b   10c   10e   10f   10g   10h   10j   10k   10r   10s   10t
11a   11b   11c   11f   11g   11t
12a   12b   12c   12g   12t
13a   13b
Group Photos:
one   two   three   four   five   six   seven   eight
Thanks to: Mark Clayton, Ron Wakely, John Boughen, Bonnie Symons, Gary Etcher, Peter Abrams
Shari St. Louis and Jeff Coopman


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