from the Evening Guide  January 1928
Fifty Years Ago
Our review of the times when The Evening Guide was started has interested many of our readers as the following letter would indicate:

Omaha, Nebraska, Jan 9, 1928
Port Hope Daily Guide
Port Hope, Canada:

Dear Guide:
This week's issue of the Guide is the most interesting one to me in the 38 years that I have been away from the 'Prettiest Town in Canada' as it brings back the very familiar names and events of bye gone days when the writer was in the Grand Trunk (now Canadian National) freight office and while time has dealt very kindly to me since leaving Port Hope, some of the happiest years of my life were spent there and the contact with the Business men and others will always be a 'bright spot' on the Horizon of Life.

The old Town had at that time a wonderful lot of fine Business men with whom it was a pleasure to be associated. Another lot of fine fellows were the modest local 'transportation men,' better known in the old days as 'Carters.' Among them Edward Martin, Pat Curran, Edward Boyle, Charley Adamson, Frank McAvoy, Bill McConnell, Silas Winters, and others whose names have been forgotten. The writer was in daily contact for years with the men and I always found them good fellows and 'square shooters.' My connection with the Grand Trunk men of those days is a wonderful memory for they were also good fellows. W J Whiley, Tom Bell, Alf Mercer, H V Fairbairn, Billy Coulter, Ernie Billingsley, John Anker, Jack Driscoll, John McMullen and others come to my mind; as well as many others all of whom were considered as friends.

Have noted the nominations for the Town Council of 1878, among them Mr Gothwaite (my stepfather) one of the most conscientious men I ever knew, in fact, too honest to ever accumulate anything for old age, rainy days, etc. Well remember his action at that time in refraining from voting for himself for the Council, the consequence, he and Dr Corbett were tied for the office, and the Returning Officer cast the deciding vote for Dr Corbett. They have both long ago gone to the 'Great Beyond' and I trust are now in the 'Big Council.'

There are volumes that could be written about the days you speak of, but space in your paper forbids any more elaboration. You carry every week a short sketch of what happened 20 years ago and I have often been tempted to write and ask you, once in a while at least, to go back 40 years and reminisce for the edification of the 'Old Timers,' many of whom have been away a life time and many of them in the United States who I am sure would appreciate same very much.

Wishing the Guide, Port Hope and its Citizenship continued Prosperity and Happiness,

I am,
Very sincerely,

PS - 'The Daily Guide' could add much to its 'Jubilee' by sponsoring another 'Old Boys' reunion such as the one of 30 years ago, so successfully handled under the direction of our old and departed friend, Joseph Hooper.