Jim Terbenche - Photographs of Port Hope
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Removal of Peter Street bridge

CN train wreck, Hayward Street

CN train wreck, Hayward Street

Idalia. Sliding at the Golf Course

Sly's Bridge, Nelson Street

Razing the old Post Office

Bandshell, behind the Town Hall

New Peter Street bridge

Hector Street

CN Station

CN trainwreck, Hayward Street

CN trainwreck, Hayward Street

Library. First Alteration

Old washrooms. Queen Street

Washrooms at the Town Hall

Removal of Peter Street bridge

Phillips Road apartments

View from King Street

Top of Jacob's Ladder

St Mark's Church

Footbridge. War Memorial

Corbett's Pond


These singular photographs were taken in 1970 by Jim Terbenche who was born and grew up in Port Hope. He's a friend of the family, and a close friend of my brother Mark.
1970 was a disastrous year for heritage structures in Port Hope.

Sly's Bridge initially carried vehicular traffic over the CNR tracks. The original was replaced with a footbridge, 4 feet wide, the remains of which lie rotting away in the Town Works Yard. It was torn down in the 1980s.
The bridge was probably named for the Aaron Sly 1845-1906 who once lived on Peter Street.


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