Tiger Roberts and three of his early hockey coaches. PHHS July 24, 2010
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from Gwen (Hyne) Magee
The weekend of July 24, 2010 revived fond memories for quite a number of PHHS alumni and former hockey players from a local 1949 Beaver Athletic Association All-star team as they gathered at the induction ceremony which named Jim 'Tiger' Roberts to the Wall of Honour at his alma mater in Port Hope. Saturday morning provided an opportunity for some photos, autographs and reminiscing—name tags were used to identify the 'Old Timers' to each other.

Jim Spencer, of the Wall of Honour Commitee, began by acknowledging Tiger's 5 Stanley Cup championships and 3 NHL allstar appearances after a successful period in the Junior OHA, AHL and CHL, where he honed his skills and showed he was a team-player. When the call came from the Montreal Canadiens to move to the big club, he was ready and made the most of his opportunity. He played for 15 years before stepping into coaching, achieving further success in his profession. Tiger accepted his award graciously, and spoke about his opportunities in sports and the many coaches and teammates along the way.

Three of his early coaches were on hand—Ken 'Coon' Medhurst, Jim Phillips, 95 and Tom Micks, 90. They and several of the guys who played minor hockey with him in Port Hope 60 years ago were there to show their support.

Bill Haynes left before the pictures were taken. Herkie Martin, Bill Wakely and Carl Baptist, who isn't in the 1949 photo below, didn't attend.
Mike Hay, if still living, could not be found. Garnie Harris died young.

Our thanks to PHHS Principal Stephen Truelove, Vice-Principal Allison Sadowski and Staff, and Jim Spencer for making it possible to use school facilities and providing support in many ways. Their gracious hosting of this special occasion provided future fond memories for all involved.

As Jim and his family return to their home in the US they will carry our warm wishes and the thanks of Port Hopers who followed his career while our 'small town boy' put Port Hope in the NHL record books.

Port Hope Barons Peewee All-Stars at the PCMR 1949
Picture from Jim Phillips
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Some of the 1949 Barons 60 years later. At PHHS July 24, 2010
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