Port Hope Streets
Hope Street
Port Hope Laneways
Toronto Road to Julia St  2:32
Victoria St N to Julia St  1:55
Victoria St S to Little Hope St  1:42
Sherbourne St to Sullivan St  1:17
Sherbourne St to Strachan St  0:45

Via Rail Trains  0:30
Corbett's Dam Fish Ladder  2:54
1980 Flood - CHUC broadcast  6:08
Public laneways are not only convenient, they give a town character and charm. Port Hope's Englishtown has several lanes, or parts of lanes, still open to the public. For some reason, land belonging to all of us has been given to some private individuals who wished to add a few square feet to their own property. This never should have been allowed.
The lane that ran from Sullivan St to Durham St has been blocked off, even to people on foot. Part of the lane that ran from Sherbourne St to the Victoria St/Little Hope St laneway is now covered with grass. And someone has presumed to label the Victoria St/Little Hope St lane private.



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