Wesleyville United Church, erected in 1860

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from 'United in hope' church booklet (a selection from 'The Story of Wesleyville United Church and Its People')
There was a frame church building on lot 28, concession 1 before 1844, but there is no record of the founding of a congregation unless that of Rev. Anson Green's. A missionary report of 1845 calls the church, "Lake Shore" and in the fifties when a Temperance Society was formed there, it was called Crimea. This name had little recognition and when the present church was built in 1860, called Wesley, the community was known by the same name until the ville was added when the post office came in 1875. The new church was on lot 30, concession 1 on land donated by John Barrowclough. He, with Jonathan Brand were remaining trustees from the old church, parts of which were used in the building of the second school. Land was donated also for a cemetery with more purchased later. After the saddle bag preachers, the church was served from Cobourg and later from Port Hope, it was always Methodist. For a short period between old and new churches, service was held in the basement kitchen of a farm house. It became part of Canton circuit on its formation in 1860, not very convenient in horse and buggy days. An old diary tells of driving to Canton in a driving rainstorm to notify minister of a death. Part of the newly formed Welcome circuit in 1884 after that union, it continued until Presbytery re-alignment in 1969. Many families, scattered by the hydro's need for land, made considerable effort to keep their close knit fellowship in worship at Welcome. The building still stands in well-kept grounds overlooking the lake and the proposed site of a second power station.

In early years two ministers were on the charge, an assistant for the ordained man, and besides, they were helped by local preachers. One of the earliest here was William Mounteer, later his son, Charles, whose son, Hedley, became an ordained minister.

The cemetery backed by a 25 year old grove of white pine planted by a Sunday school class, is still in use and cared for by a local group. Centennial services were held in 1960 with Rev. A. W. Harding and Dr. C. C. Oke in charge for this very happy occasion.

The Story of Wesleyville United Church and Its People

Wesleyville Cemetery records

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