Asa Choate and family on the porch of their home at Belmont, as the property was called
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'While the early origin of the Choates before the year 1500 is in obscurity, and while it is quite possible that at a still earlier period they were immigrants to Holland from France, it is highly probable that they crossed over from the Netherlands (now Belgium) into the easterly part of Britain with some of the numerous migrations of the sixteenth century, and were perhaps among those refugees who fled the Inquisition of the bloody court of Alva. There is no doubt that from Ipswich, England the immigrant, John Choate, came to Chebacco, Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1643. He was the forefather of Jacob Choate of Port Hope.'

from Early Families of Port Hope and Area  Volume VIII
Jacob Choate, son of Jacob and Hannah (Burnham) Choate, was born Jan 28, 1777 in Enfield, New Hampshire. He married, Jan 26, 1800, Fanny Marshall Burnham, daughter of Nathan and Hannah (Marshall) Burnham. She was born Sept 27, 1780 in Dunbarton, NH. Mr Choate died Nov 29, 1841. Mrs Choate died Sept 7, 1865.
In 1798, when twenty-one years of age, Mr Choate emigrated with his three brothers, Thomas, James and Nathan, to Canada and located in Glanford near the site of the present-day city of Hamilton, Ontario. Three years later he removed to Lot 35, Con 5 in Hamilton Twp on the east side of Highway 28 south of Rossmount. In 1812, he settled in Port Hope, where he engaged in the hotel business. This tavern was located on the site of the present Walton Hotel.
Mr Choate's next venture was the purchase of a large tract of timberland on Lot 4 , Con 2 of Hope Township where he built a sawmill and his home named 'Belmont'. He later acquired Lots 5 and 6 and farmed this property until his death in 1842.
On Feb 1, 1801, his sister Betsey Choate (b Dec 28, 1780) had married Zaccheus Burnham, son of Asa and Elizabeth (Cutler) Burnham. He was born Feb 10, 1777 in Dunbarton, NH and was a cousin of Jacob and Betsey Choate. The Hon Zaccheus Burnham, a senator for many years and a prominent citizen of the area, emigrated with the Choate brothers in 1797 and resided in Cobourg, Ontario. Mr Burnham died Feb 25, 1857. Mrs Burnham died June 27, 1863.

from The Evening Guide  August 28, 1901
A most dreadful fatal accident occurred this morning about 10:30. Mr Asa Choate, proprietor of "Belmont", was coming to town with a young horse, and when passing over the bridge at the Electric Light and Power House, the train going north whistled and frightened the colt. It backed against the bridge, which gave way; horse, buggy and occupant falling some fifteen feet on the rocks below. Mr Choate's hip was broken and a main artery severed. Despite immediate medical attention, Mr Choate died about 2:30 pm.
Mr Choate was a very energetic and progressive farmer, and a most successful breeder of horses and other farm stock. For many years he has acted as judge at all leading local and provincial exhibitions, and had been selected to act in that capacity at the present Industrial at Toronto. His sudden and untimely death will be much regretted by the stockmen and breeders of Canada.

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