Colonel Eber Egerton Snider
Picture from Port Hope High School
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Eber Egerton Snider was born June 16, 1866, in either Belleville, Ont, or Ameliasburgh Township, an 'historic township in southern Ontario, one of the three original townships that formed Prince Edward County. The other two townships were Marysburgh and Sophiasburgh. Originally known as Seventh Town, it was renamed in 1787 after Princess Amelia, the youngest child of George III.'
Eber was the third of the four children of Willet Snider and Almira Howe, the others being Rufus Oscar, Florence Estella and Willet Hazard.
His father died when Eber was about four years old. His mother then married Samuel Jarvis Maybee and they had one child, Rosa Belle Maybee. Jarvis Maybee had six children by his previous marriage to Margaret Agnes Wimbles.
Maybee had a farm on Lot 33, Concession 2 in Hamilton Township. It was while living there that Eber attended Port Hope High School about 1879-1883.
After high school he went to Albert College in Belleville, but would have left there when it was downgraded from a college to a high school in 1884.
From Albert he went to Victoria College in Cobourg where he graduated in 1890.
From about 1891-1894 he was a science teacher at Mount Forest High School in Wellington County.
On Nov 12, 1891 he married Jane Dryden Cairns in nearby Harriston, Ont.
12 years, about 1895-1907, he was Principal of Arthur High School where he was also a cadet instructor.
He became Principal of PHHS in 1908. He lived on Bedford Street, and later, Augusta Street.
In 1916 he went to France as a Major with the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force, and in 1917 was appointed Town Major of the French village of Allouagne. In 1918 he was invalided home and resumed his job as Principal of PHHS until 1919.
'Retaining his connection with the militia, he was raised to the rank of full colonel in the Midland Regiment.'
He became Inspector of Schools for Durham & Northumberland Counties in 1920 and continued in this position until his retirement in 1940.
Eber Egerton Snider died of a coronary thrombosis Jan 16, 1945.
Jane Dryden 'Jennie' (Cairns) Snider died of a ruptured aorta April 23, 1952.
They are buried in St John's Cemetery, Port Hope.
from the Evening Guide  Thursday April 26, 1928
Popular Event Given in Home of Col. and Mrs. E. E. Snider On Wednesday
The spacious home of Col. and Mrs. E. E. Snider was the popular rendezvous for a very large number yesterday afternoon at a tea and talent table under the auspices of the Women's Hospital Mission. Mrs. Edgar, president of the Mission, and Miss Elliott, superintendent of the hospital, assisted Mrs. Snider in receiving guests. A home cooking table under the direction of Mrs. Geo. Ward, Mrs. C. Massie, Mrs. J. J. Fielding and Mrs. J. A. Winfield did a thriving business and a table of fancy work under Mrs. S. Dickinson, Mrs. C. W. Connop and Mrs Newman-Jones was well patronized. In the tea room, which was under the capable supervision of Mrs. J. L. Westaway, a delicious afternoon tea was served from a large table beautifully decorated with daffodils and marigolds. Mrs W. S. Bletcher, Mrs. E. J. Baird, Mrs. S. C. Bennett, Mrs. J. E. Smart, Mrs. J. MacBeth poured tea and coffee while Mrs. J. F. Thompson, Mrs. Wm. Lawrence, Mrs. S. Brickell, Mrs. J. H. Reid, Mrs. W. A. Russell, Misses I. Quinlan and G. Westaway assisted in serving.
A very large sum was realised for the benefit of the Mission.

from the Evening Guide  Tuesday June 19, 1928
Mrs. F. W. Anderson Honoured Before Taking Departure From Port Hope
Mrs. F. G. Orchard and Mrs. E. E. Snider, were hostesses at a delightful afternoon tea given at
'The Lodge' Ward Street, Monday afternoon, when Mrs F. W. Anderson was honoured before her departure for Nanaimo, BC. About forty guests were present and the function proved most successful.
Mrs. Anderson was the recipient of an appropriate gift and the guests expressed regret on Mrs. Anderson leaving town. Mrs. Anderson most graciously thanked the gathering for the presentation and assured them that she would always maintain a warm spot in her heart for Port Hope and her many friends here.
During the afternoon, the numerous guests conducted a tour of the beautiful flower gardens surrounding 'The Lodge.' Hundreds of iris were in bloom and the well-kept flower beds and flowering lilacs presented a most colourful scene. The flower garden was at its best, and many comments were heard on its appearance.
The guests were looked after by the Misses Ward and Messrs Robert Orchard and Robert Charles.
A number of gentlemen guests were also present and Rev. Dr. F. G. Orchard, who celebrated his birthday Monday, was the recipient of many good wishes and congratulatory remarks.

The Lodge is the residence of the Head Master of Trinity College School.

from the Cobourg Sentinel-Star  Thursday Jan 25, 1945
Public school inspector for the counties of Durham and Northumberland for 20 years, Col. Eber Egerton Snider, 78, died Tuesday, Jan. 16, at his home in Port Hope from a heart attack. He had been retired for five years.
Col. Snider, who received his high school education in Port Hope, was for some years principal of the high school. He was born in Prince Edward County, of U.E.L. stock and attended Albert College, Belleville. After graduation from Victoria College in 1890 he taught on the staff of Mount Forest High School. Prior to becoming principal of Port Hope High School he was for 12 years principal of Arthur High School.
In the first Great War he was second in command of the 129th Battalion, Cobourg, going overseas in 1916. Attached to the Royal Canadian Regiment, he served in France as brigade camp commandant and was at Vimy Ridge. He was invalided home in 1918, and resumed the principalship of Port Hope High School, and soon received his appointment as inspector. Retaining his connection with the militia, he was raised to the rank of full colonel in the Midland Regiment.
Col. Snider won recognition for introducing teaching of music in schools of his inspectorship.
Surviving are his widow, Jane Cairns Snider of Port Hope; a son E. Cairns Snider, Reading, Pa.; a daughter, Mrs. A. M. Ferrah, Port Hope, and a brother, Willet Snider, Timmins. Another brother, Dr. Richard [Rufus] O. Snider, Toronto, died several years ago.
Funeral service was held at St. John's Church, Port Hope, Friday, with interment in St. John's Cemetery.

from the Cobourg World  Thursday Jan 25, 1945
The Late Col. E. E. Snider
Some citizens from Cobourg as well as from Toronto and other places attended the funeral of the late Col. E. E. Snider at Port Hope on Friday afternoon. A distinguished soldier and educationalist, Col. Snider was quite well know here. The funeral service was held at St John's Anglican Church and Rev. J. M. Crisall, Rector of the Church, officiated.
Representing the Department in whose service the late Col. Snider was an outstanding teacher and inspector, was C. F. Cannon, Asst. Superintendent of Elementary Education, who attended at the request of Col. Geo. Drew. Several Public School Inspectors were present, including W. H. Carlton, Cobourg, also representing the Department.
The pallbearers were: W. J. Helm, W. J. B. Davison, P. A. C. Ketchum, F. W. Bell, E. G. Britton,
C. P. Freeman.
Honourary pallbearers: Col. Bounsell, Maj. J. A. V. Fraser, Capt. W. E. Bonneville, Lt. R. B. Baxter,
Lt. H. C. Williams, Lt. R. H. Wickett, Lt. C. Haultain.
Interment took place at St. John's Cemetery.

from Town of Port Hope directory 1950

from the Cobourg Sentinel-Star  Thursday May 8, 1952
Mrs. E. E. Snider
The funeral for Jane Dryden, wife of the late Col. E. Edgerton Snider was held from St John's Anglican Church on April 25 with Rev J M Crisall conducting the service.
The deceased was born in Harriston and is survived by one daughter, Jean Ferrah, of Port Hope and one son Cairns Snider of Toronto. Three grandchildren also survive, John Snider of Port Hope, Phillips of Edmonton, Alberta, and Mrs. Edmonds (Kay) of Oshawa.
Interment took place at St. John's Cemetery with pallbearers, P. A. C. Ketchum, E. G. Britton,
E. Bonneville, F. H. Briden, J. A. Hume, and Col. H. T. Goodeve.

Principal, Major E E Snider, with the PHHS cadet corps and ladies' brigade in front of the school on Pine Street, 1909.
In the background, right, is the central part of Mayor Craig's fountain. This was before the gymnasium was added to the school.

Dr Rufus Oscar Snider and family 1909, in his 5-seater 1909 Overland tourabout Model 30 or 31
Rufus, elder brother of Eber, was a physician who lived in Toronto
Picture from Cobourg Public Library
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